What do we do with the sadness?

Any lightworker living up to their title has experienced sadness this year – from occasional blues to deep, dark depression. That may surprise people. The stereotype of lightworkers being in a constant state of light and love is just that – a stereotype. To those who think we’re blissed out and blinded by the light […]

Experiencing the Multidimensional Self

I am a overjoyed to share this article with you. The experience of accessing other dimensions and Unity Consciousness is here.  No. More. Waiting. Feel into this information; take what resonates and store the rest for later. The 11/11/11 has been heralded as a gateway, an amplification of the planetary and human ascension process. Portals […]

Reaching Zero Point on 11/11/11: amplification of thought

The end of the Mayan calendar brings us to the top of the pyramid. The gateway at the top of the structure represents the last step in our evolution out of this realm: the doorway to higher dimensions.  The gateway is activated on 11/11/11, which means humanity has the opportunity to walk right through into […]

Creativity as a bridge during thinning of the veils

Anyone who has experienced the Creator State of consciousness – that portal which transcends space and time, when you lose connection to the 3D world and surrender to the life of your art – has seen a glimpse of their own multidimensionality. As the veils become their thinnest through the 11/11/11, we can utilize creativity […]

Awakening your family, friends and colleagues

When it comes to the yearning to awaken the people around us, especially those we care about, and expose them to what is happening on the planet, we must use discernment. By stepping into your own power, your own true self, you are already acting as an amplifier for those around you. Higher vibrations always […]

Message from Sitting Bull

I was deeply moved when George Kavassalis mentioned his encounter with Sitting Bull earlier this year, wherein the great Native American leader said, “Do they realize this is about creativity?” For me, the Shift is indeed about creating new realities, and the massive expansion of our skills as creative beings. I saw a postcard with […]

Paying attention to the Divine Plan

The moments leading up to the Higher Self stepping completely and fully into our body vehicle are both exciting and – for some – remarkably calm. So many sources, as well as my own, have noted this window when the photonic energy will be at its peak, DNA activation earns its jump time, and the […]

Final days of the calendar and the 11-11-11

The last days of the Mayan Calendar are here. Day 7 lasts from October 11 – 28, 2011, and then is quickly followed by the 11/11/11 gateway. October 11 – 28: DNA window Many teachers and leaders of the ascension process have mentioned that the gates for DNA encoding will close at the end of […]

Symptoms, strange phenomenon and preparations

We’re in the final five weeks leading up to the first wave of ascension, and the final days of the Mayan Calendar as well. Just 3 weeks until the October 28, 2011! Symptoms and phenomenon of the October energy Shift Some days may feel like suspended animation; a side effect of the collapse of time […]