Experiencing the Multidimensional Self

sandrawaltermultiselfI am a overjoyed to share this article with you. The experience of accessing other dimensions and Unity Consciousness is here.  No. More. Waiting. Feel into this information; take what resonates and store the rest for later.

The 11/11/11 has been heralded as a gateway, an amplification of the planetary and human ascension process. Portals are supposed to present on/around the 11/11/11 marker which will transform many of us. These portals are activated by us; they exist within our own perception. The sensation of seeing them and walking into their energy is the by-product of an alignment, which some refer to as the Arcturian Corridor. It strips away everything we are not, and amplifies what we truly are.

Regardless of your emotional attachments to whether ETs are good/bad or do/don’t exist, the alignment is happening and the veils which kept us locked in this reality are thinning. Consider opening your consciousness to the higher realms of you – we are all races, beings and expressions of Source, both on and off planet. Those who have shaken off a few veils and are awake enough to expand into a higher state of being can utilize this marker to embody/access more of their multidimensional selves.

Using your internal portal to experience Ascension

We’ve often heard the third eye referred to as a stargate.  As we raise and amplify our own vibration, open our heart center and activate our high heart chakra, we gain access to the higher dimensions. Our pineal gland (third eye) is now able to reveal the higher expressions of ourselves. This is what the Ascension process is all about – awakening to all that you are, holding that higher frequency in your cells, activating your dormant DNA and reuniting the higher and lower aspects of the self. Rather than the physical stargates and wormholes of the past, we are now utilizing the great power within.

In late September/early October I was shown a portal to my own Ascension and experienced the sensation of being in several dimensions at once.  I was stunned by the simplicity of it. Me here, me there, in the same perceived space. Remarkable. I realized that this change in frequency we desire in the Ascension process was already here; we don’t need to build it somewhere outside of ourselves. It’s a matter of expanding our consciousness to become aware of levels of the self which already exist, then tune in to that frequency at will.

In the last two weeks, I’ve had vivid experiences in my meditations.  When connecting to Gaia, I feel the tremendous vibration of unconditional love amplifying at a faster and faster rate. Putting my hands on the Earth strengthens this connection.  Ask her to show you what is happening – it is quite incredible.

When my portal presents, I’m able to go through much easier than before. Sometimes it is shaped like a vesica pisces, sometimes it appears in the classic stargate tunnel of colors, stars and rushing movement.  My journeys have shown lightships, beings, views of different parts of space, geometry, larger expressions of different consciousness and interaction with other races who feel like good friends. I’ve spent some time on discerning between journeys of the mind and journeys of dimensional nature. It is valuable to learn the difference; the energy feels much different when the mind is not adding content or comment. It no longer feels like watching a film, or imagination when I focus my consciousness. It is direct, lucid and vibrates in all of my cells.

New access to the multiple me

In the last few days, I have become very aware of simultaneous realities – the different expressions of me co-existing as one.  My journeys allow me to feel, see and experience a portion of my complete consciousness. Some of these expressions include:

Without meditation:

  • My other incarnate expressions on Earth at this moment (we have 11 expressions of this incarnation playing out simultaneously): 3D/4D experience of time/space and multiple timelines, some of which are experiencing a higher fourth dimension. It’s getting to the point where I see myself across the room, or multiple versions of myself inhabiting the same dream or deja vu. I pick up on flashes of other timelines, two of which seem to be aware of me looking back. Talk about getting to know oneself!

Through the portal:

  • 5D New Earth: Gaia is beautiful at this frequency. Everything feels alive, interactive; all of the kingdoms communicate freely. Creation is much easier, and creative thought is very unified with the elementals, kingdoms and Gaia herself. I have yet to see another Human during my visits to New Earth, but I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature’s expression there. Unconditional love abounds.
  • A 6D (or higher?) expression amplifying the New Earth: a lightbody self, in a room of many others. We’re all standing, palms facing simulations of the New Earth as a sparkling, vibrant crystalline orb with a crystalline grid around it. There is a huge room full of us, silent, smiling, holding space for Gaia’s ascension process.
  • 6D – 9D expressions on lightships and other worlds.  These feel more collaborative.  No drama, no big “Welcome home, Sandra.”  My star family and friends are not cheering that I came back, because to them I have never left. I am simply experiencing parts of me in the lower astral plane living on a 3D planet.  They are aware that my lower levels are ascending, and there is compassion and support as part of me goes through this process. The Ascension of Earth seems to be our main focus in this team-like atmosphere. I’m aware in that dimension of countless other ships and forms of consciousness who are tuned in to assist the planetary shift.  It seems to be a big event that must be accomplished during specific alignments, so everyone is very attuned to their role in the task at present. In this dimension I see my hands on a control panel a lot. There’s no sense of looking at myself in these journeys, it’s more being in myself. There are a lot of knowing glances from my companions on this level.
  • A consciousness of a different expression – not a body.  A magenta silk scarf-like being that floats and sails through the universe like a graceful dance.  It feels like pure love, pure peace.  I was startled to hear Susan Carroll describe the same being recently.

While I know there are many more expressions of consciousness happening for me, these are the ones I am becoming aware of right now.

Integration in the body vehicle

When coming back from these portal visits, I feel very aware of being here and there at once. It is quite different from the being everything-all-at-once sensation that you get with a good meditation.  It’s a heightened awareness, and the vibrational amplification can leave me feeling disoriented for hours. Somewhat like waking too fast from an extremely lucid dream. Don’t drive!  I also must note that my body is completely fatigued the next day. It balances out by the second day if I am diligent about sleeping and taking it easy.  Apparently the frequency needed to experience the higher dimensional selves takes some integration.

It’s the feeling, not the visions

From an Ascension point of view, multidimensionality is about discovering these other aspects of ourselves.  It is the complete realization and sensation of being all of these expressions simultaneously.  By abandoning the notion of identity altogether, and asking to experience the truth, we begin to ascend in vibration within the cells of our bodies. The feeling, the vibration of higher dimensions amplifies our DNA, cells and light body. By holding these higher vibrations little by little, we may expand our consciousness to its full potential. We control our rate of ascension, we master our awareness, and eventually we shed the lower density expression of self.


My 798 incarnations – just gone?

I now have a higher understanding of non-attachment.  Despite all the perceived drama, lessons, and work in linear time on this planet, at the very end of these incarnate journeys there is nothing but a return to Unity. The game is over when we learn this. Yes, some will choose to experience more-o-the-same, and there are other 3D realities in which to play out those scenarios. All choices are honored. These incarnations were an experience, a challenge, a group lesson, a way to know the lower aspects of ourselves. It was a way to experience a state of density and separation in order to express everything that consciousness has to offer.  It is time to get over the idea of ego and identity as an individualistic all-consuming frequency.  Attachment to that expression only delays the lesson to be learned, which is to awaken and return to our higher dimensional self. I hope this inspires people to appreciate their lifestream, open to love, and know that there is much more fun being had already – by you. One of the lessons here is shedding the shadow construct of choosing self-importance over the collective good.

The planet

Mother Earth is an amalgamation of consciousness expressing as a planet.  She has supported our civilization, and many before us, as a place to experience third and fourth density.  Everything you have learned here is because of her ability to maintain a platform upon which to learn.  Many events, galactic dramas and expressions have been explored here – from dark/fear to light/love.  Please recognize that the only reason you’re able to express these incarnate journeys here is because of her.  We are intimately connected to her consciousness and collectively experiencing the Ascension process because she is Ascending.  Many pure hearts are focused on Earth – it is remarkable for a planet to transform from 3D to 5D.  Enjoy the experience.  Love it, explore it, there is so much here for us to feel and learn. We have an opportunity to walk right through with her to 5D if we embrace the vibrational amplification process. No more fear, no more waiting. Choose your expression and run with it.

Walking between Worlds

Admittedly, I asked for this. I thought it would assist others in seeing that ascension is not something to fear or doubt any longer. I’m working on how to teach this; it may be helpful to hear from those who are walking through the gates. So many are saying, “When is it going to happen?” as if the process were an external thing being imposed on your lifestream. Earth changes are one thing, but focusing on external factors ignores the higher part of “Project Ascension.” This is about your return to mastering your own consciousness.

I sense that many of us will have to walk between worlds for a while.  It is best to remain in neutrality, centered in the heart, rather than panic about what is or isn’t happening in your process.  Integrating these higher frequencies is remarkable, but it is also quite uncomfortable and not exactly water cooler conversation. Express these ideas and experiences as often as you can, and support those who are being boldly authentic by sharing what they know. Love your lightworkers, counselors and teachers – it’s still a polarized reality in which to express these things.

These markers and frequencies expose the parts of us which we no longer need. You might be exposed to aspects of yourself which you may or may not want to experience right now.  Let your Higher Levels take command of your consciousness, surrender to the guidance which presents, and interpret everything with the heart.

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10 comments on “Experiencing the Multidimensional Self

  1. Kia ora Sandra,

    This article is truly extraordinary, as if I had written it myself. It’s exactly what I have been experiencing. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Love Kx

  2. Thank you, Karyn! Wonderful to hear you are having similar experiences. So often we hear about what we may be presented with along the way; it’s always good to have confirmation as this access starts to unfold! oxoxox

    In love and light,

  3. Hello Sandra,
    Recently, I have been very interested in ascension and have read alot about the rise in frequency of earth. I do believe that we are going through changes but I am skeptical of alot that I read on the internet. I appreciate your authenticity and personal experience that you bring to this space. For me, I am looking for someone that is going through this and want to learn how I can too. I believe I have felt signs but nothing like a portal which you described. Lately, I have had dreams of waking up in the morning in a different life but with the same cast of characters. Once I woke up with my exhusband and had to tell him I married someone else. He was very confused. I have also had moments throughout the day where I feel off-balance or slightly dizzy, and I am definitely not pregnant and my ears are fine. I have been doing some of the meditations that I resonated with to increase my vibration. If you have advice on this process, I would appreciate it. Are what I described signs? How can I find my portal? Thank you again for taking the time to serve the highest good.

  4. Blessings, Kim. Meditation will assist, as well as energy balancing and emotional clearing to connect with your Higher Levels. If you’re new to my site, you can read the “Ascension” category of articles, or feel free to schedule a session with me if you need some clarity on the Ascension process. The portals will continue to appear throughout the next year, but the alignment occurring on and around the 11/11/11 causes specific gateways to open within our own lightbody, and amplifies the vibration of divine love in the awakened. You may enter them with your own focused consciousness through your third eye stargate. It’s an amazing journey! If you can meditate outside right now, it intensifies the effect. The dizziness is wild, huh? Photonic light waves hit us at the sub-atomic level. The body vehicle tries to adjust & integrate, but it can cause dizziness, fatigue, nausea.

    In love and light,

  5. Thank you or sharing your personal experience and sound advice. It is very encouraging. I’m a very grounded person and haven’t really experienced anything. These past 2 weeks, I’ve been feeling off balanced and slightly dizzy too but I assumed it was from some new TCM herbs I’ve been taking. And intermittent fatigue/sleepiness this past year. Actually this past Thursday, I prayed when I woke up, reflected on how we have free will and can choose the reality we want and suddenly felt awake and clear, but on Friday, I reverted to my unconscious, grumpy self because I had agreed to give someone a ride at the end of the day, someone who has a history of bailing on me and sure enough, after rushing all day to be available for her, she called me at the last minute to tell me she didn’t need a ride afterall. She knew this the day before but kept me hanging anyway. I was so pissed and didn’t want to have anything more to do with her and it made me question just how evolved I was if I didn’t want to help someone just because they are selfish and inconsiderate. Do I have the right to tell her no the next time she asks for a favor? This morning (Sat), I had an unually bad headache when I woke up. Then I attended my local Occupy and marched in solidarity with the Bank Transfer Day. It felt great to be among so many like minded people but I crashed when I got home. Please continue to share your personal experiences, it is encouraging to think that something might actually be happening and I might wake up and stay awake, sometime soon.

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey, Willow! Many blessings for your work with Occupy; persistence is the path now – whether it be a movement or your own evolution.

    Everyone is ascending according to their soul’s choice for this incarnation. Up and downs are necessary as we integrate the New, that makes it take hold for good. It’s wonderful that you are aware of your choices. Be sure to be authentic with your friends. I wouldn’t resent her for her behavior. That’s just her way. If you don’t want to be available, don’t be. If you are willing to to take the risk of the last-minute cancel and be fine with it, so be it. The judgment of other people’s journeys, as well as our own, fade as we become more open to all of the experience. Eventually we learn discernment from the heart.

    In love and light,

    p.s. I’m dizzy too! Try some kundalini yoga, it balances out the energy a bit.

  7. Thank you, Sandra, for this helpful article which so clearly describes how you are opening to your multidimensionality.

    A few months ago, I wasn’t even aware of having other aspects in other dimensions, living simultaneous lives.

    Then I was drawn to a coffee shop in a train station, to sit and write there. There was something soothing about the place, watching travelers come and go. In a subsequent dream, I saw myself as a business owner with a book shop in a train station! Talking to travelers as they passed through. It looked like New York (I currently live in Montreal).

    I think it’s important to open to the possibility of different lives/different timelines so we can allow the information to flow through.

    LOVED your article!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for the awesome article and the validation it gives me for my own experience! For me, it happened on this past Christmas day. My father who passed to the Other Side in 1994, always made a point of popping in for a visit on Christmas, but this year he was a no-show so instead I reached out to him. He appeared immediately in my mind’s eye smiling and pointing to his side and there was a portal next to him! Once he made sure I saw it, he left but the portal stayed. For a couple of weeks after, I could feel it near me, a little above me and to the right, about the size of a quarter or the full moon when it is at the highest point in the sky. I really didn’t pay much attention to it; I was just grateful for my Dad showing it to me, that it is real. On January 8th, I had just turned out the light to go to sleep and as I relaxed, the little portal blinked on & off like a lightbulb, then stayed lit with the purest white light. As I focused on it, I realized my eyes were stilled closed but I was seeing it clear as day right in front of me. It was rimmed in amethyst purple and the white light was very bright but didn’t hurt my eyes at all. All of a sudden, I found myself inside the portal! I could still feel myself lying down in bed at the same time. Inside the portal, the white light felt alive & had tangible presence to it that radiated pure happiness. I felt very excited & I drifted closer to the purple wall to examine its crystal-like quality. I noticed movement behind me and turned to see words & formulas flying around me like insects. When I tried to read the words, I whooshed out of the portal and back to bed. The next morning, I noticed the portal was now centered in front of me and larger, about the size of my face. I wondered how I could share this with others, & I began to visualize the portal as encompassing the planet with the amethyst portal wall arcing across the sky & the white light visible above the horizon. I also send that amazing light to everyone I meet, everywhere I go so that we are all traveling in light through the portal together. If I experience negative thoughts or feelings, I fill myself with the light & release my participation with that negativity, sending it into the light with unconditional love. I also have found much valuable guidance from Suzanne Lie’s websites & blog on ascension which led me here! I look forward to reading your articles.

    Sharing the Light,

  9. Blessings, Charlotte. Thank you for sharing your portal experiences! Ultra violet – that amethyst color – is the highest vibration of light we can experience. It is very prominent in portal experiences. I am so glad to hear of your intuitive method of sending it out. Yes, yes, yes! The formulas – oh, I hear that – I had an experience of receiving all the codes, all the formulas of the Universes, then coming out of the experience elated… “I know the truth!”…only to have them fade into a few symbols. I’m holding onto those for later use 😉

    Lately it has been rings of light appearing randomly; in meditation, at night, or outside. One has descended around me and I was on a ship again. This is after asking that blinking lightship in the night sky (stars don’t blink in many colors like that) to connect with me.

    So much to explore, I love it! Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find articles which serve your journey.

    In love and light,

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