Solstice and the Kryst Codes

Blessings Beloveds ~

Solstice brings us a powerful alignment of the organic Ascension stargates and Mother Plasma flows.

This June passage delivers Kryst Code activation through the stargates, truly a unique gift for all Ascending hearts. You may be feeling the opening of magnetic fields within Solaris and Gaia already, connecting us with the Grand Central SUN.

With the new Mother Plasma already in the field from last month’s geostorms, we now open our hearts, DNA, and the organic stargates to receive these celestial influxes of Supreme Source LoveLight Intelligence.

Kryst Codes directly affect our DNA, create a quickening of our process, and amplify heart-generated realities.

DNA creates our experience in form. We literally ‘play’ our DNA with harmonic frequency combinations to create a form experience for our Souls. Crystalline DNA with activated Kryst Codes activate an organic way of creating reality, connected to the I AM Presence level. We learn Heart-generated creation with this light-encoded plasma and Kryst Codes. A Divine gift straight from the Heart of the Grand Central SUN and Cosmic Mother.

Kryst Code activation creates widespread shifts in perception, consciousness, and new sensations in form. Faster, purer plasma flows through Gaia’s multidimensional Crystalline core. Intense cosmic forces are mingling in these realms, right through our Hearts, Crystalline DNA, and energy fields.

Remember that many realms are active in Gaia’s fields during the shift. Heart-generated realities, like the multiple layers of the New Earth realms, are available and increasing in collective strength. These vibrational experiences are gathering energy and plasma LoveLight Intelligence. When we can create in the same vibration, we experience them. This is your active, intentional realm choice.

Magnetic shifts at the core of Gaia and Solaris are palpable. Notice how different our realities feel since the late April stargate shift? Mother Plasma has new pathways, including open Kryst Hearts and Crystalline DNA.

Serving as an open conduit of these new frequencies changes our personal magnetics. We feel the cosmic energies quickening our process. Our activated Hearts and DNA now organically respond to new Cosmic information. The magnetic veils drop from our Hearts, and a new way of creating our realities is revealed – and must be practiced.

Kryst Codes dissolve the magnetic bonds with denser creations, as well as the old methods of creating and perceiving reality itself. This is why so many feel rapid dismantling of the old self, paired with spaciousness, blankness, or sensations of dissolving into Infinite LoveLight.

Maintain balance through this transformation with your Inner Wisdom. Resistance to the Soul’s higher path causes suffering as the energies intensify their Divine purpose. Do the good work, moment by moment.

Starseeds and Hearts in Service: Remember we are walking Gaia and HUmanity through this transformation to a Crystalline-based Celestial expression. Flow the peace and compassion of Cosmic Mother through the Kryst Unity Field. Prepare, stay focused, create from the Heart, and make this influx easier for the entire collective.

Solstice peak is Thursday June 20th at 1:51PM Pacific Daylight Time. Join us in unified meditation at SUNrise your time, and during the peak, holding the Crystalline field open for widespread Kryst Code DNA activation.

June PRESENCE Replays

Our June PRESENCE event took us to the etheric Kryst Temple spaces for a full 12-field/strand activation of the Kryst Codes.

 Many reported miraculous healings, dramatic shifts in heart perspective, rejuventation, and accelerated realm choice.

We focused on a major activation in our Crystalline DNA, preparation for the Solstice influx of Kryst Codes, and the shift to heart-generated realities. Replays available HERE.

See you in the field for our SUNday Unity Meditations and Solstice unified meditations. More in the LightLetter.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,
Sandra Walter


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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.