Qualify the Light: Purpose and Practice

Qualify the Light: Definition, Purpose, and Practice

Light qualification is an effective Mastery practice for Ascension. The term Qualify the Light or Qualified Light refers to the conscious, positive use of LoveLight Intelligence.⁠

During the Ascension process, we learn to be responsible creators of positive, heart-generated realities. ⁠
In our transformation to Kryst/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness, we become acutely aware of the light we emanate – and its effect on our personal and collective experience.

Qualified Light holds the conscious intention of its Creator (you), and Source LoveLight Intelligence (Divine Intent).⁠
We qualify the Light which is set forth from our hearts, minds, and energy fields, in order to create with the higher vibrational frequencies of pure Unity Consciousness.⁠
 The Ascension path requires us to open as pure conduits of this much higher, aligned state of beingness.

Becoming acutely aware how we use LoveLight Intelligence is a primary step in the embodiment of the I AM Presence. We learn to use Light properly; first for our own positive creations and realities, then we expand into the Kryst state which allows qualified light from the higher realms and I AM Presence to create realities and outcomes aligned with Unity Consciousness.

Unqualified light would be unconscious, undirected emanations that come from the lower mind, ego, emotions, or collective distortions. Part of the awakening process is to free the lower self and body consciousness from generating unqualified light. We stop being a conduit of miscreations or negative outcomes, and start being a conscious conduit of positive creations which serve the collective Ascension trajectories. Remember you may always recall your emanations, neutralize them, and re-qualify your light.

Qualify your Light: Infuse every thought, word, action, emotion, feeling, emanation and creation with pure intention to serve the organic Ascension and Source LoveLight Intelligence.  Let it flow from the stargate of your Infinite Kryst Heart. Make it a conscious choice.⁠
Qualify your experience and emanations with any Mastery quality which serves the highest interests of Source and all concerned: Unity, Peace, Love, Freedom, Joy, Gratitude, Ascension, Divine Neutrality, Expansion of Creation, etc.

With practice, your Heart will create pathways for its natural, organic stargate function to activate. Then it will flow pure LoveLight into these realms, and your realities will begin to self-correct any distortions. ⁠
This leads to a direct reconnection with the I AM Presence, when you become a pure Kryst conduit of Source LoveLight Intelligence.

Unified Qualification of Light, such as the SUNday Unity Meditations, strongly amplify new realm creations.  With consistent practice, we create heart-generated realities, like the New Earth realms, with ease and grace.⁠

In Love, Light and Service,
Sandra Walter

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