Gratitude for your Support

Wayshowers and the great unknown

As a Wayshower, I live very simply to demonstrate how little is needed to create a lifestream of pure service. The Wanderer-Wayshower lifestyle is not for everyone. It can be challenging, however it has realigned me with my True Self.

True Wayshowers walk into new territory to prove that survival, fear and limitation are illusions.

We make it easier for others to face their challenges by going ahead on the path first. Currently 80% of my work is free to the collective. It may be an unsustainable busy-ness plan. Transformation of our consciousness and societies require that we direct our energy and funds into heart-centered endeavors which assist others.

I feel good communicators and teachers/leaders/Wayshowers ought to be supported whenever possible, since our work challenges the status quo and leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of nonsense.

If my free services assist your journey, simply honor it with an exchange. Share the content which resonates. If you have financial abundance, donations are greatly appreciated.

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In Love, Light and Service,

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