Reaching Zero Point on 11/11/11: amplification of thought

mayan pyramidThe end of the Mayan calendar brings us to the top of the pyramid. The gateway at the top of the structure represents the last step in our evolution out of this realm: the doorway to higher dimensions.  The gateway is activated on 11/11/11, which means humanity has the opportunity to walk right through into a higher dimensional existence.

We’ve heard the 11/11 is when we reach Zero Point. The Zero Point Field is the absence of time and space, which are 3D constructs that produce the illusion of linear time. The Zero Point Field, Unified Field or Source Field, is the state in which all of creation is manifest.  Absolute Zero Point.  As the illusion of time collapses into this Zero Point state,  you – as creator incarnate – will receive an amplification of your thoughts. When the stargate is activated on 11/11, it will begin to put us in a state of speedy manifestation. It is a boost to creation, to our unification with Source, and a step on our return to embodying Higher Selves.

An instant return of energy

Thought is energy.  Way back, when we began to experience separation on a planetary level, the karmic grid system was established in order for experiences, thoughts and manifestations – forms of energy – to be returned to our planetary experience.  This acted as a shield, so your lessons would not be lost from incarnation to incarnation.  The karmic grid system has been dissolved since 1987, since the Harmonic Convergence.  As part of our evolution to embodying our divine HUman state, the astral planes of consciousness are collapsing (a.k.a. global warming) as well as the illusion of time and space.  The energy of thought is now returned directly to us as we go through this gateway.  You begin creating your own experience in the Zero Point Field, which is your birthright as a divine HUman and citizen of this Universe.

The amplification of thoughts

The energy of thought will return to you at an  accelerated rate. Of course, this also means you will receive an amplification of any negative thoughts, and the consequences which negative thoughts bring about in one’s life stream.  Some soul-searching will be needed by those in a state of fear, doubt, competition or anger, as the effects of these thoughts will take their toll on the body vehicle and life. Remember your body is attempting to maintain a new frequency in order to keep up with the increases in planetary frequency.  Vibrational mis-match is what is exposing those in service to lower frequency (greed, control, deceit, conceit). Vibrational mis-match of lower frequency thoughts in a body attempting to exist on a higher frequency planet will cause a myriad of dis-ease and discomfort in many lives.

Understand where we are going. There is nothing to fear. Understand your own thoughts are what is being amplified.  If you see disharmony and continue to serve the old systems you will amplify that mis-match in your body and life-stream. This is why authenticity is key. Be honest with yourself about what you want to create.

Use the “So It Is”

Become very aware of all that you are telling yourself about you, the world, the people in your life, your country.  After every thought or opinion you have, add “So It Is.”

Example: I am sick.  So it is. The world is falling apart.  So it is. I hate my hair, my face, my body.  So it is. My job sucks. I can’t do this. I am poor. So It Is.

Do you see what you are creating? You are a master creator already, and as we move into this realm where your skills are being amplified, be very selective about what you are manifesting. This works very well in the subtle subconscious beliefs we have lingering in our minds. Think you are disempowered, think you are better than, less than, hate anything – it will boomerang right back to you as your reality. Such is the nature of Zero Point. The mind must be trained to create exactly what compliments the New Earth if it is to keep up with the accelerations.

A few suggestions

Unless you have mastered neutrality of emotion, mind, and ego, you may want to avoid TV, films of a violent nature, and mainstream media. They can be influential to an unfocused consciousness.

If you haven’t done emotional clearing – what the heck have you been doing, darling? Get on it today.  The new frequencies do not support family troubles or relationship woes.  If you dislike any one – a parent, a boss, a roommate, a lover, a friend, a group, an organization, a country – it is time to get into neutrality about these petty grievances.  They have nothing to do with the Higher You attempting to step in. You create disharmony in your life and your body by clinging to these egoic constructs.  Take the higher road to forgive and transform all of it to love.

Hoist the repressed nonsense up and out. Most of us have had 600+ incarnations at this point. It makes no sense to cling to an event or belief established about yourself in this lifetime.  Change your thoughts about these beliefs and situations You are a divine human. Nothing less will do.  Demand it.  Command it with love and service to the Higher Source.  Treat everyone with love and respect, for they are also masters. Even the dark; darkness is simply light that resonates with too much fear. Have mercy, forgive them, transform everything in your life to resonate with love.

Enough judgment

Find those creating the New and let the folks who are confused or angry go on their path.  Trust me, lower vibrational folks will drop away.  Meet anger with love, light and neutrality (they are all one in the same).  Do for the highest good of all concerned – not just you, that is service to self. Please don’t get obsessed with trying to create money, material things, or attempt to control people. Step out of that vibration altogether. Let it be. Let the ego be gone.

Creative Consciousness

Focus on the thoughts which create light and love; the New Earth vibrations.  Love every part of yourself, even the things you used to judge as bad.  It neutralizes the emotion and stops creating these things in your body and life.  Love that we’re changing, Love the unfolding of our new existence. Love the phenomenon, the weirdness, the confusion.  The more people we have amplifying how easy and beautiful the Shift is, no matter what occurs, the faster we get our collective humanity up and running with the New Earth.

Food for thought

While it would be amazing for all to be revealed and for all of us to experience the Shift together in an open and loving way, there is still an honoring of what some souls wanted to experience. Some chose the difficult role of deceit – the conceit, greed, sex, money, power route – to play in this awakening.  Humans stuck in service-to-self will attempt to maintain the dying paradigm, and will see that energy boomerang right back at themselves. it will not be easy for them. It won’t be easy for anyone stuck in inflexible beliefs, habits or fearful states of consciousness. Be sure you’re not clinging to old habits, waiting for something to drag you out of the lower vibrations.

I am very joyful that it is now up to us as individuals –  just humanity – to awaken, amplify the lesson of higher love, and embody our new multidimensional selves. It is a beautiful gift we are being given, and a vibration which will be permanently anchored by the 12/12/12. Choose wisely, it is your unique journey; make it exactly what you desire.

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