Creativity as a bridge during thinning of the veils

Anyone who has experienced the Creator State of consciousness – that portal which transcends space and time, when you lose connection to the 3D world and surrender to the life of your art – has seen a glimpse of their own multidimensionality.

As the veils become their thinnest through the 11/11/11, we can utilize creativity as a way to connect which the multidimensional parts of ourselves, our Divine entourage and our Higher levels.  We can create a bridge between 3D reality which we have become very accustomed to, and the multidimensional self which exists outside of this realm.

How to engage our Creator State

Artists have a leg-up on this process because we exercise our creative muscles regularly.  We know how to expand our perception. Rather than repeating habitual behavior and action, we stretch, we reach, we strive for the grander, higher, wider perspective in order to create the New.  When we expand our consciousness in this way, we connect with the higher parts of ourselves and begin to create threads which connect us to the expression of the higher realms.

Expressions of the soul, expressions of our higher levels, creator levels, and manifest levels are pure in intention.  This occurs when we create from a point of purity, innocence, enthusiasm and clarity and don’t attempt to copy, repeat, please, sell, or serve the ego at all.

We are reflections of Source itself.  These reflections of source come through in many different expressions – there is no right or wrong way.  It is the intention and direction of our consciousness behind our creations which give it power.  Especially as the masses begin to wake up, authenticity is going to literally be the only route to connecting with people.  This is both from a success point of view – economically successful – as well as a reaching people with your art.  Creations from the purity of the heart, for the highest good of all concerned, will be all that is acceptable in the New Earth. Service-to-self, conceit and deceit are dying off. Authenticity will be the only norm, so let’s be sure to tell our Higher levels that we are ready, willing and able to create from our truth.

20 days of Creative thoughts, actions and light grounding

While the veils are at their thinnest, try to engage in Creator State consciousness as often as possible.  A lot of us get caught up in the speculations: When is that going to happen? When is this going to happen? When is it going to be evident to everyone? Preoccupation with what is going on globally, or in your own country, can distract you from focusing your consciousness on connecting with our Higher selves during this most opportune time.

Earth changes and economic breakdowns are expected. As I’ve said before, let’s not watch it all burn. Let us take advantage of this window as the awakened creative beings which we are.  There are literally as 20 days left until the 11/11/11 as of this post, during which we have the opportunity to get closer and closer to our high 4D/5D selves if we choose to do so.  But we must choose.  Remember that you are in charge of your Ascension process. We’re not waiting for a go-ahead, rescue or permission. Step into your Creator Self NOW.

Building bridges

What would get you closer to Source, your soul, your Higher self (who is already a masterful creator), then the act of creativity during this window?  If we want to create absolute Oneness, it is best to experience and connect with that essence, vibration or frequency and create out of a harmonious state. Paint the world in its beautiful 5th dimensional state. Anchor the New light in your creations. Use your art as a catalyst for connecting with those other dimensions.

Remember that this is a beautiful time. Doing things which bring you joy and help anchor the new light are excellent ways to show your higher levels that you are ready to cross that bridge. Welcome in your Higher levels through the act of creation.  Being a creator amplifies the vibration of source both on the planet and within your being.  Create as big and as beautiful as you can.

All of those ideas you have, all of those plans – even if you don’t have the means to manifest them right now – write them down, sketch them out, sing that song, dance the dance, compose a piece of music. Even if it sounds weird, looks strange or doesn’t make any sense; these are the expressions of something New stepping in.  If you make it OK for new light to come straight into your life-stream, you give permission for these Ascension codes to activate you. You create that divine reunion of your own Higher and Lower selves at last.

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4 comments on “Creativity as a bridge during thinning of the veils

  1. As a composer, I was very pleased to read your latest post on artistic creativity helping to bridge the divide between what was, what is now and what will be. To me, honesty and truth in the music I write as well as honesty and truth in the creativity process are essential. If my music pleases, I am convinced that honesty and truth are the reason why. Beethoven said (of his Missa solemnis) that it should go ‘from the heart to the heart’ – my interpretation is that art should go ‘from the soul to the soul’. How is that possible unless the artist ‘bares their heart, bares their soul’ first? Answer: it isn’t. This will be the great artistic ‘litmus test’ of those who choose the higher path. As you put it: the key will be artistic integrity.

    It would be nice, therefore, if all those who espouse the same or similar views on art had a forum in which to exchange ideas.


  2. Thank you , Chris. I’ve noticed in the last few years that I am fatigued and disinterested in seeing/hearing art which presents nothing new. This regurgitation of old ideas for money, fame, control, power, fear, anxiety and keeping people satiated in the familiar will not be supported in the new paradigm. We’ve explored the conventional, the shocking, the knee-jerk response quite enough. Onto the new, the expansive, the truthful in any way we can express it. Most of the new energy doesn’t fit into conventional art forms, and it is absolutely up to creative minds to bridge that gap. It is obvious that “the system” will not support the Shift. We must create the new ourselves.

    You have a good idea to ground by creating that forum – I would happily participate in those conversations!

    In love and light,

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for your reply. I think you sum up quite nicely my own feelings regarding contemporary (i.e. classical) music composers. You make an interesting comment saying: ‘Most of the new energy doesn’t fit into conventional art forms, and it is absolutely up to creative minds to bridge that gap.’

    This is interesting for me as I have just finished writing something, having had a long ‘fallow period’ which ultimately made me convince myself I couldn’t write music any more. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I mention this because, for some years (before the ‘fallow period’), I used a ‘stream of consciousness’ to write music – I suppose you can call it ‘music channelling’. Often, I would have no idea how the music arrived or even if I could claim it as my own. Yet, there it was on the page in my handwriting or on the computer.

    The piece I have just written was conceived like this although the old ‘practised hand’ took over at certain points. I thought I’d lost that skill, too! No, it seems both the ability to compose and the ‘technical’ facility were just lying dormant. What triggered their return was someone who inspired me to attempt what I thought I could no longer do. An inspiration emanating from a soul of beauty and truth. I mention this as I believe it is the purest antidote to crass and self-serving art. The music will be a gift to the one who inspired it. If we all did this as often as we can, we can manifest our ‘heaven on earth’ so much faster since their is nothing that the ‘dark side’ has to counter it. Of that I am very, very sure.

    Beethoven was nobody’s ‘mug’, believe me. He knew what he was talking about. Let it all come from the heart and soul and go straight to the soul! It is amazing how ‘unfettered’ and free you feel when you do this. And every time you/we do it, you/we ‘amplify the vibrations from Source’ like crazy!

  4. Engaging in creative action strengthens or ability to return to our natural Creator State. As facets of Source, we are amplified in our process every time we tap into that flow of consciousness – the Source Field. It’s an effective training tool for REmembering who we truly are, what it feels like, and apparently is important in opening our multidimensionality. The Universe is a creative place, let’s stretch those creative muscles regardless of the outpicturing world and the moods it puts us into at times.

    Glad to hear that a mirror appeared for you; a lovely soul contract to honor with a work inspired by the heart. The Essenes say that vibration appears suddenly and strongly in another to “remind us of something we thought we had lost.” So it is!

    In love and light,

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