Awakening your family, friends and colleagues

My view from the Lake on Monday

My view from the Lake on Monday

When it comes to the yearning to awaken the people around us, especially those we care about, and expose them to what is happening on the planet, we must use discernment. By stepping into your own power, your own true self, you are already acting as an amplifier for those around you. Higher vibrations always raise the frequency of lower vibrations. But the frustration with the unawakened can be challenging for some, so I offer a simple idea.

Please do not get frustrated with why people aren’t waking up

They have innumerable factors working against them. Remember that the unawakened are part of the balancing act as we move to a higher frequency.  While we need the unawakened to balance and ease the impact of these energies being blasted into the planet (the planet as well as individual humans would explode if everything embodied a high 4D/5D frequency all at once), we are reaching a peak in the amplification window. This is a divine opportunity for humanity to awaken.  Lower vibrations are quite literally being removed from the collective consciousness and the planet. We can assist in this process by opening the minds of those around us to the possibility of something new.

The “how to awaken my family, friends and colleagues” question comes up a lot. The spiritual route just doesn’t work on some folks. They literally cannot interpret this frequency; their brains are not wired to carry that kind of information just yet (if ever).  That’s not judgment; there’s no good or bad way to experience the Shift or the Ascension Process. We want to honor the soul journeys of all humans. But the urge to create awareness can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to those close to us.

The awakening/ascension process has become very intertwined with the global conspiracy and manipulation which has been going on for millenia. While it is amazing to see these dark structures being removed and their agendas being dissolved as of late, there are still plenty of challenges to awakening the collective consciousness. We are witnessing humanity awakening to who they truly are.

Not many lightworkers want to talk about conspiracy, myself included, because there is so much outdated material on the internet that it tends to get people stuck in researching plans and programs of the past. The truth changes every moment – and there is no need to waste your awakened consciousness on yesterday’s news. So this is probably the last you will read about anything specifically related to Illuminati/Illuminara agendas on my site. If you need to know what happened, or what is happening in the battle over your consciousness, book a session with me and we’ll talk about it. A need for clarity is always honored.

An idea for opening the consciousness of unawakened

If you cannot resist the urge to share something that is going on with your unawakened friends, here’s a simple thing you can share – with a HUGE helping of discernment when it comes to delivery. One very basic 3D in-your-face “proof” that something is amiss is the activity of chemtrailing. This is the one thing that you can point to – literally – in the sky as as evidence that someone else’s agenda is being played out all over the planet. The activity of chemtrailing – cloud seeding, aerosol spraying, whatever you want to call it – is happening in every NATO country. So chances are if you’re reading this post you’ve got them.

Chemtrailing activity is an easy way to prompt awareness, because it is literally happening right over your head. It’s right there. A blatant, obvious, often frustrating reminder that collectively we’re not completely out of the shadows just yet.  It’s a way to get people to realize that something else is going on besides the reality that the are presented with via the media, society or church.

Pushback and denial

Once you teach them the difference between contrails and chemtrails (point them to the documentary What in the World are they Spraying? for details), they’re going to start looking up. They are going to start watching the sky a little bit more. Even if they insist on explaining it away (“Those are just clouds”) or try to prove you wrong, you have set some wheels in motion. And that little bit of doubt planted in a 3D-saturated mind can being to grow light. When you invite people to pay attention, you open doorways in their consciousness for something new to get inside.

It’s difficult for people to hear that there is a network of people on the planet carrying out a plan to keep people asleep during the Shift. It’s not our business to explain the galactic drama of the last 6,000 years (unless you’re an Ascension Guide or similar, and are asked directly). It is unwise to make assumptions about the intentions and future agendas of the dark. So let’s not even go there, we are keeping it simple and being Socratic about awakening a few colleagues.

Keep it clean, simple and casual

From your authentic voice, from your divine compassion, mention it in conversation. Or stop in a crowd and take photos of them – it gets people to look up in curiosity. Or post a photo of the trails over your home on your Facebook page with something subtle like “The chemtrails are bad today.” Ask people how the sky is over their place. Ask them what they think it is. Get them to THINK and question, rather than engaging in any preaching.

Speak your truth when (if) they ask you what it is. You don’t need to go into the agendas behind this activity. It’s as simple as getting them to see the planes spray. If they really want to dig, they can go online to the airline tracker for their area and see that those planes are not on the radar. If they Google chemtrails at all, they’re going to get bombarded with information on this activity. You do not need to get obsessive about proving the technical aspects of this. All that is needed is get them to look up and see it. The fact that much more is happening on this planet then what is being presented in the status quo will unfold for them at their own pace.

Trails in Chicago were constant and heavy

Trails in Chicago were constant and heavy

Before you jump to preaching about conspiracy, understand the basics

Chemtrailing attempts to keep people from awakening in a few ways.  What I asked my higher levels about this activity last year they presented me with a dream where the plane sprayed a trail that was shaped like a DNA helix.  When I investigated some other channels about this scenario,  they concurred that there are a couple of agendas behind Chemtrailing.  The spray solution contains may materials. The heavier elements fall to the ground. This is the aluminum, barium and other chemicals which poison the water, soil and air (see What in the World are they Spraying? for documentation, soil testing, water testing, and information on the ingredients of that solution). The heavier chemicals and metals are intended to prevent – over time – the ability for us to grow crops in a natural way, increasing farmers dependency on Monsanto and other GMO-type products in order to grow things in metal-laced air, soil and water. They also lower the defenses of the body and cause various diseases.

DNA activation

Air, water and soil quality have a huge effect on our physical being. Our body vehicles, in order to wake up, must be able to activate our DNA. Our DNA is a carbon-based structure fighting to evolve into a crystalline-based structure in order to hold more light/the higher vibration of this new dimension that is unfolding.  Carbon-based DNA can only go so far if the cells of our body hold metals like aluminum and barium and other toxins. Higher resonance cannot occur if denser, lower frequencies are held back by metallic buildup in the cells. This is a huge part of why so many people have not been able to sense or activate the new frequencies.

There’s no avoiding it at this point

Everyone’s water, soil  and air contains these chemicals and metals. Even if you eat organic and avoid the addition of pesticides and other growth-promoting fertilizers, the metals and chemicals from the chemtrails are still a challenge. No one is free from this activity. Even here in the mountains of North Carolina, on what was supposed to be a clear, 84 degree day, the sky is being adulterated with trails. The silvery-blue shield from the spraying is beginning to fan across the sky.

Picture 2

Trail fanning out into coverage on Monday morning in NC

The second aspect of spraying

Many channels have confirmed that another layer of the spraying creates a shield in the upper atmosphere. While the metals float down, other metals/ chemicals cling to the upper atmosphere and create a barrier between us and the new frequencies coming at us during this evolutionary alignment.  We’ve officially entered the photon belt, which means the energies – the light intelligence- being broadcasted to our planet is stronger than ever.  These energies gradually increase the frequency of our planet (see Global Coherence Initiative for information on our ever-increasing Schumann resonance). This is what awakens the evolutionary process within humans to transform the carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based structure. The chemtrail “DNA activation shield” prevents people from receiving the full intensity of these activations, which means people who are on the border of waking up – or not paying attention at all – will not be able to experience the beauty and activations of the Shift. For those eating processed food, taking meds, getting flu shots and other agenda-based immunizations, drinking tap water and other substances that deaden the ability of the body to hold light, it becomes near impossible for them to awaken.

There is always a way to create a new reality

It would be wonderful if there were more awareness of this simple activity that is going on all over the planet. It would open people up to question what is going on. Not from a fear-based They are going to kill us all point of view. That isn’t happening.  But the speed at which we cleanse this planet and humanity of these manipulative lower vibrations, the faster we all can get through these adjustments into a higher frequency.

You may encounter some polarity

That’s pretty much a given, because at first people cannot accept that humans would spray other humans with chemicals.  It sounds absurd. It’s downright psychopathic.  It sounds impossible that there would be a global conspiracy to cause them harm.  But at least they will begin to question.  And if you stay in neutrality and speak from the heart about this subject – be a living shining example of the ascension process – you will automatically raise their vibration a notch, which will allow a little bit of that photonic light to get into their consciousness.

What about the guys doing the spraying?

The people carrying out these agendas are stuck in a service-to-self reality.  The money it takes to buy the chemicals, fill the planes, fly the planes, create structures in which everybody who surrounds that program is paid enough and manipulated enough that they haven’t said anything for 30 to 40 years, is a vast fortune. But the 3D ship is sinking fast, and these agendas are being dissolved quickly. Know that, share that this is not going to succeed. There is no fear to be spread here – just awareness.

A plane spraying over my NC home on Monday

A plane spraying over my NC home on Monday

Showing up and supporting movements like Occupy Wall Street can speed up the process of exposure. Peaceful people creating awareness that something is terribly wrong with the financial system is a huge threat to the pyramidal structure of the world economy.  The money to carry out programs like Chemtrails is literally being funded by the worker bees at the bottom of the pyramid. If you expose and break apart the economic system which supports the large corporations that feed these Illuminati/Illuminara/Reptilian-Draconian structures, these manipulative activities will no longer be funded.  When the Military and private personnel who are carrying out these agendas are no longer paid, when the money runs out, they will be faced with the same three choices that the dark structures have been given: Step into integrity, step into incarceration; or step off the planet.

Don’t get obsessed with it

You may have to do some soul-consulting over whether or not this is right for your friends. Use your own discernment, this is merely a suggestion for satisfying that urge to say something about what you have learned. Do not spend more time on awakening friends to conspiracy than your ascension process. But don’t be afraid to speak your truth either – just deliver it from the heart, and with a loving intention to share, not to convert.

Sprinkle some awareness where you can

Be neutral and casual about it. Nobody likes a hothead conspiracy nut, and that’s not your job. Know that these agendas are crumbling, there is no need to preach.

When it comes to frustrations with the unawakened, have some compassion. See the challenges their soul is facing by choosing to be asleep. Don’t get sucked into lower vibration arguments over what does and doesn’t exist in 3D. Plant seeds for light to grow. Walk away from those who absolutely cannot hold a different reality. At the very least, they will have witnessed a stripe or two of a dying paradigm, which may open a window in their consciousness for something new to get in. A glimmer of awareness can become a doorway to the New.