What do we do with the sadness?

what do we do with the sadnessAny lightworker living up to their title has experienced sadness this year – from occasional blues to deep, dark depression. That may surprise people. The stereotype of lightworkers being in a constant state of light and love is just that – a stereotype. To those who think we’re blissed out and blinded by the light all the time, I ask you to step out of polarity and take a look at how many predictions have been undone this year. This light and love camp is dedicated to Gaia and humanity, and has changed the course of many disasters. Unless you’ve had to stand in neutrality in the face of downright scary beings while Source works through you, you really don’t understand what has been going on in the lightworker camp.

What is causing the sadness:

Living in two paradigms at once

While we understand our role as wayshowers, the experience of it can be intense and disheartening. Try not to spend too much time or effort on “Why aren’t they waking up?” or “This isn’t happening fast enough for me.” That’s your ego fighting for its existence; the survival levels thinking they are still in control. What if someone announced that the Shift will take ten more years? How does that make you feel? Does it change things for you if everyone doesn’t experience what you have opened up to? This is about commanding our own reality. Obviously, many different expressions of reality are already co-habitating on this planet. Creating your own life, as you like it, without waiting for a go-ahead, is key to stepping into your power.

The application of light to the body brings about a myriad of symptoms.

The fatigue of transformation should not be underestimated. Those who are willing to evolve at this time have been taking on more photonic light, which is an intense substance that pushes out everything which is uncomplimentary to the evolutionary process. Choosing to rewrite your body is no easy task, and the level of integration needed can leave our bodies exhausted. Your old-paradigm defenses won’t work anymore, because they don’t match your vibration any longer. The quick fixes or habitual things people use to do in order to resist dealing with themselves (food, sex, shopping, TV, internet, alcohol, etc) have become undesirable. There is no low-vibe replacement for this kind of behavior because you’ve outgrown it. We cannot suppress our emotions and experiences the way we used to, because our structure has evolved beyond it.

There is no room for suppressed or repressed baggage in a higher vibrational state.

Because of this, everything is brought up to the surface to be transmuted (dissolved). The consistent re-surfacing of everything: old loves, family issues, friendship disputes, relationship re-examination, can be an exhausting process for the mind, emotions and ego. Remember they (the mind, emotions and ego) are not the true you. You can take a lifetime to process a lifetime. Or you can drop the baggage immediately. Done. Thanks for the lessons, I no longer need you. Then don’t re-embody it.

If it comes back, you need to clear it. Take responsibility for it. Identify and choose to learn the lesson: Is it learning to be a Creator? Abandoning an old coping mechanism? Letting go of disempowerment (a big one for most)? Accepting all that you are experiencing? Unconditional love of Self? Love of others? Accepting the decision to be on Gaia? Embracing the cosmic perspective of the larger operation of the Shift (as long as Source needs me here, I AM here)? Faith in the Divine Source (our main lesson)?

Loss and goodbyes

This is a big one for many. The isolation of experiencing absolute truth in a matrix of false beliefs can be frustrating. Okay, frustrating is too soft a term. It is disheartening, maddening and soul-wrenching at times. Losses that I see regularly in my sessions include: Family members who think you’re in a cult or crazy, friends who disappear when you speak authentically, jobs that don’t fit anymore, and relationships in massive stages of change or just ending altogether.

It is no small task to be awake, but I agree that it is far more dangerous to be asleep during this time. Everything up until the Shift was designed and built to limit the human experience, to keep people unwaveringly faithful to the systems and beliefs created by those who don’t have humanity’s best interests in mind. It’s heartbreaking, and worse yet, there is little compassion or understanding from the unawakened for how difficult it is for us to live in a reality surrounded by such systems and constructs. Many would rather criticize than face the possibility that anything different exists. That is their choice, and honoring their journey is part of our substance now. But it doesn’t make it easy to see old companions dropping out of our life.

Dear ones, know that lower vibrations will continue to drop away. Realizing that a friend, boss, or family member is in a “lower vibration” isn’t judgment. It is just what that person is choosing to experience. All of us are facets of Source. The ones who are the most angry, the most polarized about defending their paradigm will teach us the most in this journey. That is their role. Thank their Higher Self for playing it so well. They have been trained to label you as self-righteous. Just let it be, don’t blind them with your light. There is no need to convince or chastise them – but please speak your truth. If they are hurting your feelings, tell them so. Tell them you cannot participate in their polarization. Tell them you hear them, ask them to consider hearing you. Then drop it. You don’t have to please everyone; love yourself enough to learn that lesson, then love them for that role even more. The game is to get someone in the soul group to wake up in the most challenging way possible, so that a breakthrough is made during the ascension window. Congratulations, you made it. Show some gratitude for that sibling, parent or boss who has made it so hard for you that you had to push your boundaries.

Gaia’s journey

Being aware of the planetary experience can be another source of sadness. It is extraordinary that despite massive efforts to keep the Ascension of Mother Earth a secret, that millions are tuned in and assisting with her process. The Shift of a planetary body from 3D to 5D is an amazing event to witness first-hand from her surface. She still has SO much to accomplish prior to the birth of New Earth, but we are speeding up the delivery process by leaps and bounds now.

I cannot stress enough how healing it is to connect with Gaia. Get outside and get your hands on the ground.

Activism as antidote for sadness

Service to others is the name of the New game. Nothing trumps the blues like doing something creative or assisting others. If you can combine your creative mind with some service work, fantastic! You will feel much better, and you make yourself available for new friends, colleagues and builders of the New Earth to start showing up.

Do something in your community to speed up the awakening:

  • Promote or suggest free or clean energy systems (they are HERE, go get ’em!)
  • Lead a community group to clean up your neighborhood; recycle, reuse, refuse (the big one – don’t buy it in the first place, vote with your purchases)
  • Plant some trees, plan a community garden
  • Give the business leaders some viable community-based solutions for those empty storefronts. Our children could use some safe places to learn about themselves.
  • Put some pressure on your grocery store to order and stock organic produce – speak up!
  • Make anything – bake, cook, crafts – and visit some old folks. Raise their vibration, show some compassion.
  • Assist anyone who is having a hard time with whatever talent you possess.


I had an unusual message from Gaia earlier in the week. She asked me to see what she has accomplished, the glorious being she has become … rather than crying over the casket. It’s a birth, not a funeral.

Be thankful you’re awake and consciously experiencing the Shift. Sometimes the overwhelming amount of information, predictions and channels can leave us numb – or worse yet, frightened – to what is occurring on our planet. Remember you are infinite. If you are on your last incarnation on Earth, why not have some fun with it?  Speak your heart. Take the risk. Why spend it in sadness?  Raise the vibe. Celebrate the birth!


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  1. Much love and light to you, Lynne. The “vibrational flu” and emotional clearing have been intense for many. I stay in gratitude for being awake, aware of what is happening, and releasing everything that I am not. Thank goodness I hit this step early and am able to guide people out of the darkness now. I sense it will be ongoing through May of 2012, but for those of us who realize that it is evolution presenting us with a choice, we can move through this stage with clarity and grace.


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