Using the 11/11/11 gateway

portalAs mentioned in my previous articles Reaching Zero Point and Experiencing the Multidimensional Self, we are entering an alignment which will fully support our Ascension process in a whole new way. It may be wise to prepare, as the results of passing through this gateway are predicted to be intense.


  • Meditation: As much as you can handle. Quiet the mind, emotions and ego. Be in stillness.
  • Christine Day: This Pleiadian transmission (free on Blog Talk Radio) is designed to open the heart center and activate the high heart/thymus as a preparation for the influx of your divine love. Please do this a couple of times before Friday.
  • Children of the Sun: Final rite of passage and Full Moon transmission – Fire the Grid 11/10 and special invocation on the 11/11/11. Great article here.
  • Arcturian Corridor: Susan Carroll, aka Suzanne Lie PhD,  has an excellent website at which explains in detail the 11/11/11 alignment with the Arcturian Corridor. This technology is specifically engineered to assist in the personal and planetary Ascension process. To summarize, the corridor removes all of the lower frequency selves, timelines and journeys that do not support ascension to 5D. Then it connects us with divine transmissions of light from our Higher Levels and Divine Entourage. There is a wealth of information on Susan’s site, youtube channel and blog if you’d like to explore that option.
  • Anrita’s 11/11/11 invocation and Divine Love messages are on YouTube.
  • Eat light-filled, conscious foods. Drink water. Sleep well, rest and be in nature.

Portal overview

During this window we may take advantage of the portal openings to the Fifth dimension. Yes, many are supposed to appear to those who have expanded their consciousness enough to interpret the frequency. I wouldn’t recommend driving around searching for a portal (just saying…) You open these portals from within, with your pure intention to welcome in the higher frequency of unconditional love. Build it within, or prepare a space to welcome it onto the planet. Punch a hole through the astral to let in the light. It’s your expression, your creation for your journey. Get creative, make it uniquely yours. This is about embracing your power, not walking onto a lightship.

Tips for the big moment

Get outside on the Earth.  Sit on the ground and meditate. Open up your cells with gratitude. Connect your heart with Gaia’s heart.  Visualize light and love flowing into the Earth’s core through you. Be at a peace.  Be the stillness which dissolves all that is not love, both within yourself and on the planet. Then be still from (at least) 11am – 11:30am and see what presents for you. If it’s going to be bigger than the 10/10/10, we are in for some fun. Be available.

Going or not going

According to my research, unless you are one of the 144,000 original souls, or a clear starseed whose mission is accomplished, or your service to the Ascension of Gaia is complete, you’re probably not going to use this portal for a complete Ascension to the Fifth dimension. I do hope to hear of complete transitions, that would be beautiful.

Instead of making a full transition, the corridor/portal/stargate may present you with all of the aspects and timelines of yourself that hold you back from a higher frequency.  You have the chance to surrender these lower vibrational selves in the corridor if you’re willing to surrender them.  This is an important step as we enter zero point, where instant manifestation and amplification of our thoughts occurs.

Folks who have done their homework will be better prepared to see the uncomplimentary selves arise to be transmuted.  The jealous, envious, conceited, deceitful, angry, sad, competitive, fearful aspects of ourselves from all incarnations, timelines and parallel realities have the chance to be released at last.  If this happens for you, ask  for assistance if you need it. Give the energies permission to remove these aspects of yourself. Breathe through the process, it may be intense. Just keep breathing.

After these lower expressions of self are released in the corridor, a great infusion of Divine Love can enter.  This may present as light beings, your higher levels, guides, star family, light or a feeling of overwhelming love. It has been a long time since any of us have felt the full force of unconditional love.  This is your 5D self taking a huge step in merging with your 3D self.

You may experience your chakras merging into a pillar of golden or crystalline light.  You may feel blissed out for a while afterward. Take the day to integrate and celebrate!

Those who want to go

For those who want to dash through the corridor and leave the planet, it is entirely up to what your soul wants to experience. Chances are if you’re wishing to leave Gaia and humanity because you are afraid of what the Shift will bring, you may have to face that fearful part of yourself.  The amplification of thought may assist you in that process.  Please don’t spend the week wishing to leave the planet. That may turn up in a different way as we move into instant manifestation. Be wise about your thoughts and choices. I am unaware of any manipulative agendas for the gateway (despite a lot of rumors, which I sense are started by the dark), let’s be centered and use discernment.

I hear the pull to go home inside the corridor is incredibly strong, because it is the closest we’ve come in a long time. If you are here to assist Gaia in her Ascension, you’ll stay. If you’re an awakened starseed who was just visiting, you might be going home. If you are one of the original 144,000 souls, you may be headed for New Earth. You might embody some tremendous frequencies in order to be a wayshower for this transition and walk between worlds without disappearing to the Fifth dimension just yet. Be patient with yourself and stay in neutrality. Trust your heart.

Find a way to be alert on Friday

If you have to work, at least take the morning off.  If you’re still a closeted spiritualist, invent a doctor’s appointment or errand.  Even if you’re not into the gateway scenario, find a way to be outside and quiet from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM in your time zone.  If it’s dreadful weather were you are, sit inside or in your car.  Be still. Fill your heart with love and hold a space for the millions of lightworkers to do their thing. Thank you for doing this, your contribution to assisting with this gateway is greatly appreciated.


Performers understand the importance of rehearsal.  Make it is easy as possible for yourself on the 11/11/11 to receive whatever is coming in for you.  Do the invocations, clear any emotional attachments to outcomes, and get yourself into stillness as often as you can this week.  Connect with the planet, she will show you the truth. If you are gathering with others, be mindful of your own journey. Dance, drum and chant your way through the 11:11 moment if you want – just take some time to meditate in the morning.

If a portal begins to open for you prior to Friday, go with the flow.  Don try to control the experience.  Use your discernment; if the experience disturbs you in any way, disconnect.

We all want the Shift to speed up. Most of us desire a huge wave of Divine Love to catapult us out of this madness and into the New Earth. By embodying the high 4D/5D frequency, you anchor and amplify our journey to the New. This is the week to take that into your heart and participate fully in this Divine REunion.

Many blessings to everyone during this amazing time. Have a wonderful and transformative week!

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