Symptoms, strange phenomenon and preparations

The center of our galaxy - Photo by Nasa

The center of our galaxy - Photo by Nasa

We’re in the final five weeks leading up to the first wave of ascension, and the final days of the Mayan Calendar as well. Just 3 weeks until the October 28, 2011!

Symptoms and phenomenon of the October energy Shift

Some days may feel like suspended animation; a side effect of the collapse of time and the impending arrival of zero point time on the 11/11/11. It can be disorienting on certain days – or even for a few hours – when it seems everything has stopped in your ascension process. REmember the Blue Kachina metaphor: this is showing us more of ourselves. The need for dramatic change, constant tingles and jingles, or proof of the Shift are egoic constructs supported by the mind and emotional bodies. Let it go. 4D and 5D are about neutrality. Drop the emotional attachment to outward drama and do something new; those old habits and trusty-rusty meditations or methods may have done their work already. You may have outgrown their effectiveness. Try not to judge it; you may need to mix it up a little. Do some yoga, get in nature, journal your sensations or do something you have never done before. Be very aware of your expectations and feelings. Tap into the finer vibrations, the subtler energies that are working on us during this window. Activate the super-sub-atomic and watch how it affects your lifestream.

The sensation of deep spirituality and Unity consciousness

You may be experiencing the collective consciousness more often that the individual, 3D physical you. As our emotional, mental and physical bodies are cleared, our spiritual body is revealing the integration of our Higher Self into our physical form. This integration of higher and lower levels is becoming very apparent through sensations of deep connection to all that is: HUmanity, our Dear Mother Earth and her inhabitants, the galaxy, the Universe, the Multiverse, and Source. Activations are now showing the results of their work; we are experiencing our multidimensional selves and pure consciousness – that glorious neutrality of creative service – more often than not.

Multidimensional dreams, visions and experiences

This is one of the wilder experiences happening. Seeing multiple versions of you, where you merge or cross timelines, is a widespread phenomenon now. Seeing beings, guides and energy fields has been a common occurrence, but we are beginning to see what the collapse of the astral planes of consciousness truly means. The thinning of the veils reveals a LOT of information, dimensions, agendas, and off-world support. You can ask for interaction if you desire; they will show up – and not just in your third eye anymore. While it may be easier to see the crowd with your third eye, there is a subtler, finer vibration emerging as the astral planes collapse. Have fun with these wild dreams, visions and experiences. The less fear you associate with the new, the more is revealed to you. Be grateful for the weirdness!

Integrating the lessons of Unity consciousness

This topic is better served in a longer post, but in short: we need to let go of anything which doesn’t support the new crystalline/Christ/Unity consciousness if we are to get through this transition smoothly. It’s not about judging people, things or situations as good or bad.  Expand your awareness of Unity into every aspect of your lifestream. The lesson  of no separation is to be genuine in everything. Your lifestream will reveal what is holding you back from Unity, be it close relations or strangers. Every relationship, every encounter with another being – Human, animal, plant, mineral, oceanic, ET – is an opportunity to activate your crystalline structures.

Bandwagon efforts and personal choices

We’re going to see a lot of political and economic change in the next year. Now that off-world support is crushing (literally) dark infrastructures in this planet, the efforts above ground are left for humanity to decide. The powers that were will try and recreate status quo as long as possible. But despite massive efforts of the dark, we continue to awaken. Isn’t that remarkable in itself?

For some, the Shift will be about revolution, protests and camping out on Wall Street until people pay attention. These actions are fantastic signs that the US is finally awakening to collective empowerment. The days of waiting for someone else “more powerful than us” to fix things is over. Support them if you like, or step out of the political/economic reality altogether. It’s your lifestream, play it however you like.

When it comes to the ascension process, be sure you’ve made choices about what you want out of this window. If you want to yell at bankers, or peacefully camp out on the street, go for it. It is important to be genuine – be sure to tell your truth whenever people ask. Lower vibrations will fall away from you – either they’ll criticize and disappear, or not be able to understand you at all. Make that OK. Make it okay to express your truth, and be sure you’re not expressing someone else’s version of the truth. No more following, this is Unity. If you’re repeating someone else’s words or agendas, step back and look at the situation. Is this truly what you want to be reality? Are you being controlled? Are you being heard? Choose your agendas and lightwork wisely. We get exactly what we desire in this process. Use discernment.

Fear no failure or retribution. You are infinite, experience whatever you like. Get on with creating exactly what you want out of this window.

If you desire support for the ascension process, I will be available for counseling sessions this week, and then unavailable after Saturday 10/8 for an indefinite time.

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