Intensity in the Field: Prep for the First Gateway

Blessings Beloveds ~

Most of you are feeling the first influx building this week. Sacred Season has been full of choice-points, clearing, and heart alignment. The entire collective is becoming more sensitive to the whole as Unity Consciousness amplifies; expect heart openings amidst the rapid-fire revelations this year.

Sacred Season ends after the first Gateway aligns January 23-27. The past six weeks of Sacred Season (one more to go) involved a lot of shedding of what was, and a clear focus on moving forward into the reality we desire.

Sometimes we feel heaviness as density leaves our realities. Revelation of distortion is a main theme during this passage, and it affects the entirety across the realms. Owning your heart and your expression as a responsible creator helps to release these dense sensations. Hold the core truth of unwavering love, kindness, and compassion as we shed the old way of creating our realities.

The influx next week strengthens our inner SUN; the internal generator of Source-informed realities and experiences.

As preparation for this, many OverSoul groups are being lifted to a new harmonic. You have probably seen this in the field; I keep seeing timelines bursting into radiant doves. This new harmonic (frequency combination) is received through the Sacred circuitry of the Kryst Heart and Crystalline DNA.

It is a very refined frequency of Mother Plasma, which can be tough on the lower mind, emotions, ego, and body. Self-care, hydration, zero point meditation and unified co-creation (gate and gridkeeping, meditations, positive creativity) balances this harmonic in the body.

Activation of the Inner SUN is a gift from these OverSoul groups, which affects millions. More preparation for collective DNA activation, and for walking through these gateways with more ease and grace.

Zero-point experiences become more profound. A true blessing in the flurry of non-stop higher level visions, visitation, higher realm dreams, and stargate activity surrounding the realm shift right now. Zero point meditation dissolves the illusion so we may see clearly, and feel the Divine Presence of Source within.

So much of our service is about becoming a conduit of Presence right now. It creates stability, peace and inner truth as the external is blasted by the demands of photonic order. It also opens the Kryst field for others to feel their own heart and presence; a true gift when hearts are feeling confused or anxious about rapid change.

Our consistent personal and collective practice of holding and intensifying the Infinite Kryst Heart and Crystalline field is revealing the purpose of being a clear conduit. This is the key to walking through the doorways opening next week. All hearts on deck.

See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations. Please spread the word and encourage others to participate … Unity Consciousness is our strength through this passage. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Sandra Walter Ascension Path

PRESENCE Collective
Online Events & Community

I AM honored to create the Presence Collective this year as a supplement to our Presence events. The private community space is already active with many topics and cocreations. Gratitude to everyone taking advantage of this space. Feels like a perfect Now for this level of connection.

Presence Collective includes:

– Eight live online Presence Events in 2024
– Eight new Guided Meditations and Ebooks for each event
– Presence Collective private community
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Walk with us through these transformational events and heart-based community. The Presence Collective includes everything above for $444. Payment plan available.

Individual Presence event registration is still available, without the community and bonus materials. There is also a budget-friendly Replays-only package.

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