Plasma Influxes, March Presence & New Video

Blessings Beloveds ~

This week’s energy shift is indeed a LEAP in realm-shifting plasma. We are bathed in the Cosmic Mother Plasma, which can make us feel like we are dissolving into the Kryst field. Mind, emotions, body, and even the spiritual levels may feel like they are transfiguring into something unknown.

For the moment, be present with these sensations, calm the nervous system, and focus on Source LoveLight Intelligence within. Extra rest, hydration, quiet time in nature, creativity, and meditation in zero point support integration. It is especially strong for open conduits of this new plasma.

This isn’t a reshuffling of the old deck into something new; this is dismantling the old creation (3D/4D), and the acceleration is evident. As always, focus on your role in co-creating unity and the new Gaia realms, and your Ascension will unfold with more ease and grace.

March 10th PRESENCE: Cosmic Mother Plasma

Building on last month’s Star Presence activation, we open to the Divine dispensation of Mother Plasma, a powerful cosmic force flowing in these realms, and our galaxy, since last year.

This pristine harmonic substance affects our realities, DNA, hearts and consciousness, allowing a Divine Union with pure creation. Cosmic Mother Plasma is engulfing our planet at the moment, rising through Gaia’s core and Sacred waters, and fully supporting transformation of consciousness through the I AM Presence.

Saturday March 9th
9AM – 11AM PST
Live + replays

Our March event topics and unified activations:

  • Cosmic Mother Plasma: what it is, how it affects our Ascension, and how to connect with this Divine dispensation
  • Plasma Physics for newbies
  • Oceanic Realm awakening
  • Sacred Water activation: Supporting Plasma transformation
  • March Equinox, Lunar Eclipse, & the April USA Solar Eclipse
  • The Vega Stargate shift
  • Expanding our Kryst Presence through plasma field infusions

Presence Collective: You will receive the new Mother Plasma guided meditation MP3 and the Mother Plasma guidebook with this event.

Register for the March 9th event + replays HERE

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February Excerpts on YouTube

I released a few excerpts from the February PRESENCE event on YouTube, to support those who aren’t aware of our online events. This video includes some of the 2024 themes, and the intro to the Star Presence activation. A little guidance to help everyone keep up with the leaps in frequency and consciousness in these first few months of 2024.

Please share with anyone who may benefit from this Ascension perspective. Thank you!

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See you in the field for the synchronized SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PST. Please spread the word and encourage others to participate. Unity is our strength through this passage.

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Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

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