Hey Venus: Part Two – Cosmic Alignments in the DNA

All in the Cosmic Timing If you’ve been awake for a while, or involved in the Shift movement, you’ve probably heard enough This is the big moment predictions to last another Great cycle. And yet, here we are in June 2012, with Venus about to make its transit across the Sun, and all kinds of […]

The I Reply stream: clairaudient metaphors

A message stream, this time in question-response format. Asterisk are used instead of quotes, mostly because quotes are too often used to imply mockery. As with the Gratitude stream and I AM streams, it’s nice to put these messages together once in a while. Feel into these; some of them are really loaded and some […]

Hey Venus: Part One – Decision time

A quick thank you to the transmutation teams Blessings to every lightworker/wayshower/lightserver/healer taking one for the team this week as we readjust in the aftermath of the Solar eclipse. Welcome, REturn of the divine feminine; way to blast the heck out of the masculine density and transmute it through many a gridworker. Ouch, my aching […]

Alcyone, Solaris and Gaia: the eclipse on May 20

Blessings from Mount Shasta! The energy here is amplified and intense, not only due to the high number of lightworkers who were called here this weekend, but also because the 26,000 year alignment of Earth, Moon, Sun and Alycone, the giant star/central sun of the Pleiades, is upon us on Sunday, May 20. The eclipse […]

Egoic restructuring and writing vs radio

Yesterday’s radio broadcast on the dissolvement of egoic density was a very good show. The last three broadcasts were sequential, covering how and why Source created fear and love, and the present rewriting of what has been created. I covered the death of the lower egoic structures and how it loosens the deities’ grip on […]

May perspective: Alignments and Jump Time

There is a lot available to stir up the awakened this month. The grand sorting out of paradigms continues, however the amplification our choices get a cosmic blast in May. The energy scatters us – quite purposefully – to dispel egoic density and prepare those ready for a surge of fifth dimensional frequency. Let’s take […]

What is fear, where did it come from?

If we are truly love, then why is there so much disharmony here? Why do we create this – beyond the typical answer of “the game” or “the experience”? Join me for a discussion of fear energetics, the races it influences, our galactic entanglement with this energy and why we continue to agree with its […]

Lightserver Dreams and the Convergent Loop

We’ve often heard the Universe referred to as a dream. The Tao references reality as a dream of the Creator; change the dream, change the reality. Our dreamtime is a workspace for integration of knowledge from higher dimensions. Our dreamtime journeys are very active now; sometimes a lucid 4D experience, sometimes far beyond that realm. […]