Upcoming Accelerations and Possibilities

We’re about to enter another acceleration next Monday, and I wanted to update everyone on what this may or may not mean for our lifestreams. As always, Light Intel may or may not affect the general populace, but this one feels a little different.  Let me dig into this from the Ascension tribe perspective.

Last weekend I experienced a major jump in my process and path. As I mentioned on my radio show, cosmic timing must be honored. So there are aspects of it I cannot share just yet. One of the visions which presented last weekend was a huge portal opening up above Gaia. Through a golden flower of life type geometry (which looked more like a lightship or stargate),  an electric blue lighting crashed through and connected into the planet. It was very galactic in nature; constant bolts of very intense energy. The portal was shown to me by two humpback whales (they have been with me for a over a year) who watched over either side of the vision. The electric energy was cosmic in nature and I took the metaphor as symbolic of the Orion Reiki energetic, mainly because of the whales (Orions) and the blue lightning of healing energy (Orion Reiki modality). This time however it did not reflect a calm easy healing. It appeared demanding and very intense. Note: Please let go of any judgments about Orion because of the planetary agendas that stepped through there, it does not reflect all of the inhabitants of that system.

That vision, combined with other many others and some direct encounters last weekend, gave me clear evidence of a major change about to unfold on this planet. The timeline presents the point where things start to come apart. Take a look: Wow, this is when that happens? We’re there already? Okay, here we go.

We really have to keep our realities flexible and discerning as we move into this acceleration. I do sense that certain layers of conscious awareness – levels of light – will be able to integrate and discern what is or isn’t occurring. For some still caught up in the external projection of fear, it may appear chaotic and it may become manipulated by service to self agendas. Even though that game is still trying to play out, those still obeying the dark might get their own wake-up call next week. It seems an elimination of the root of the problem – the parallel universe from which the darkest of the dark came from – may be occurring.

I know how that sounds and all the judgment that comes with it. How can Source just collapse an entire Universe? Please understand that not all Universes are expressing like ours. The multiverse is a vastly multidimensional expression of Source. No two Universes are the same, just as no two expressions of anything are the same. As I have mentioned many times, our Universe is getting a rewrite, and parallel Universes are not untouched by the request of Source for an upgrade. A big change in the lucid dream of Source expressing as Universes. This is the moment when I get to repeat the truth is changing.

We’re experiencing this on a planetary level because of our location in the galaxy. The Universes aren’t reversing magnetics because of us, or for us, they are in the process of changing and we get to feel the rewrite on a planetary level now. This doesn’t mean total destruction, so don’t let anyone throw you into fear after all the work you have done. Gaia is a Master of balance and she’ll do what she has to in order to keep up with her own ascension. Just as we are learning to do. This upgrade is about consciousness, and the physical follows its demands.  It does mean letting go of attachment to what was, is or will be. Your expression – your lifestream – is whatever you choose to manifest as we encounter these vast energetic changes. We’re vulnerable now to photonic amplifications with the magnestosphere so thin, and that is a very good thing. Use the exercises we’ve talked about on the webinars or sessions to rebalance your magnetics. When things get completely reversed in the external, it is bound to have an effect on your internal, because you are a part of Source in this magnificent Shift-dream.

Magical things are unfolding right now. Feel into the possibilities available for you. An ascending consciousness demands responsibility and surrender to the highest expressions of yourself. As we begin to in-carnate the Higher Self – if you choose to command this – the Unity/Christ consciousness kicks into full speed. It’s time to eschew the loneliness and grasping of the search and step into knowing. Your wisdom is the wisdom of Source, if you give up all of the mind’s assumptions on what is or isn’t happening.

As we move into this acceleration of Mastery, expect action. That isn’t external actions changing things or telling you what is the truth. It’s YOU taking action on the requests of your Higher levels and Source. More of the 3D/low 4D won’t fit or make sense anymore. That is a good thing; let it go already. Make the big leaps in surrender that bring magic.

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  1. This is beautifully insightful and exactly what I am experiencing as a Wayshower who has been clearing others and herself for years, but now has begun to finally have the courage to reveal who she really is to the world! Thank you.

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