Current Energy: Weeping for the dissolvement

In my last post I mentioned the energetic acceleration of the 23rd, and many of us on the Ascension path got hit right in the emotional level. Again we see how the macrocosm (shifts in the multiverse) affects the microcosm (our lives). Even after the incredibly profound moments I shared on my last radio broadcast, I had a intense crying session on Tuesday during a conversation with Source about what was occurring.

This week marked a further division between realities. As palpable as it has been already, another amplification to the separation between awaken and sleeping HUmans is in progress. This step feels a bit judgmental to me, but I received clarity from my Higher Levels that it isn’t a sorting out of good and bad. It is the natural discernment of a higher frequency.

An entire strata of the darkest of the dark now have no chance of clemency for their actions, simply because they waited too long.  Lines have been drawn in the sand, and it appears that those clinging to control and manipulation – even after ample requests to cease and desist – have chosen to go down with the ship. Or rather, go down with the Shift. Don’t bother to figure out who is on the list; this is happening at Higher Self and Soul level.

I found myself weeping for these dear brothers, because they are part of our HUman family regardless of their horrendous choices. They are beguiled beyond measure by the entities and deities of ego, mind and emotion. It’s a tragic state of beingness for them. Part of me wants everyone to feel what I am experiencing, wants everyone to share in the celebration of the divine return of all that we are. But that dissipated quickly as I comprehended Gaia’s ascension choices, and our conscious choice to assist her. At some point it had to be put up or shut up time, and that time is now.

We will experience the dissolvement of all lower vibrations not supported by Gaia as her frequency rises. This is an ongoing process and the darkest, densest energies go first. When it comes to souls – or the soulless – there is a great deal of rehab to be done at that level. Those who are loyal to dark agendas are participants in the HUman race, but they were given many opportunities to step into integrity and denied them all. Triality demands the highest interest of all concerned, and evolution makes the wisest choice when some refuse to do so.

You may have felt this division as self-judgment this week. Emotions kick into distress over doubts and fears which lurk in the subconscious. Many were weeping because the acceleration triggered decisions to be faced; old judgment/frustration issues that have to go now. The ancient metaphor of judgment day puts us face to face with our true Self. Integration of all of the Self means the wisdom of Unity consciousness must be heard and utilized internally in order to create external Unity. In some cases, the internal simply has to match the external vibration in order to stay here. If it doesn’t, evolution takes over.

I don’t see this as a slow crawl toward Unity anymore. The division is so blatant now between 3D (actually 4D now) illusion and the reality of 5D Oneness. For those on the Ascension path discovering the magnificence of crystalline consciousness and merging with the Higher Self, the wisdom of this separation is apparent. Heartbreaking at times, but from a higher perspective we can see the divinity in our diversity. We are all expressions of Source, and as Creator In-carnate we must take responsibility for what we create.

Things get to speed up now, and the tears leave as quickly as they came. Clearing out the dark corners of our own closets will make the process a lot easier, and enable us to be the calm, discerning and responsible wayshowers through the remains of an amazing and challenging 2012.


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

6 comments on “Current Energy: Weeping for the dissolvement

  1. I just want to let you know that I appreciate all you have done and are doing to guide us through the ascension process. I find your websites and posts a source of great comfort.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Annalise. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment; sometimes it’s hard to tell if the material/messages are complimenting the collective journey. Very glad to receive your support today and know the work is resonating with your path.

    Many blessings,

  3. Sandra, thanks so much for this message. I have been feeling a greater gap between Oneness and the lower vibrations, which is now more obvious and painful to witness.

    I am not surprised that the “Darkest of the Dark” are deciding to go down with the ship. I am most concerned, though, about the many souled beings who are still strongly influenced by the Dark. It IS heart-breaking to see them caught in the downward spiral of fear-based lower vibrations and unable to break free. My Higher Self assures me that they will continue to evolve spiritually once they pass over and will be given every opportunity to heal.

    I am so glad to read your words about things speeding up! We must all keep in mind that this ascent is not only planetary but affects the entire galaxy and more. We cannot afford to hold back the Light any longer.

  4. I agree with Annalise…I find your messages and writing to be a great comfort in these times of shifting energies and consciousness. I know I can come here and read the thoughts of another and KNOW they will resonnate with me. I feel less alone in my journey after reading or listening to you, Sandra. Thank you for all that you do. You’re so brave and such an inspiration for me to live each day more authentic than the last.

    Much love to you,

  5. Gratitude, Thelma. I started to see this as “shaving off” the bottom of the density. The darkest who refuse to surrender to change or clemency go, then it continues for the next darkest, next darkest, etc. Not sure how quickly that will happen, but from a frequency point of view, that reality won’t be supported so it’s going.

    We can always speed this whole process up by ascending our own frequency, but it does mean all of this that hiding has to end. The moment everyone who is awake and ascending steps out of the shadows, we’ll have a worldwide shift. It’s the fear of speaking up that keeps the collective in this endless loop of nonsense.

    I do think the put up or shut up aspect is affecting the awakened. Crystalline consciousness cannot be fully activated in someone who is hiding or waiting for the external to change. As always, it’s about all of us, and that means the galactic tribe as well. Eventually we won’t have the choices we have now to change and evolution will take over.

    Much love,

  6. Thank you, Shannon. I was talking with a friend last night who asked me how long I could keep doing this (he can’t get his mind around giving everything up for service work). I told him I would continue until it isn’t supported anymore, or until there’s a drastic change in my journey. Meanwhile, I’m dedicated to walking folks through this amazing time with as much clarity as possible!

    In love and light,

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