Summer Solstice 2012: The Dream Unfolds

We’ve often heard the intention of Source expressed as a dream; our Universe as Tao. Everything that we experience is the answer to Source’s question, “Let me know more of myself.”

The dream unfolds as Sound, Light, Geometries, Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems, Planets and beings of every imaginable expression exploring every imaginable endeavor. Supernovas burst. New forms of creation emerge. Galaxies amplify. A small planet in the Milky Way galaxy shifts to a higher dimension. A group of beings rediscover themselves after an experiment in spiritual amnesia. All of it disperses and reunites as the Universe dreams of itself; the dreamer within the dream of Source.

If you’ve done my expansion exercise to connect to Source level, you might be able to tap into the dreamer aspect of this incredible journey. Feel into yourself as Source, dreaming yourself awake just enough to take control of the dream’s path. Breathe as Source in this lucid, amazing, beautiful dream of creation. It feels like Source has changed the truth of the dream.

A few years ago I published a novel entitled The Creator State. It was a story I had copyrighted in 2001, after 3 years of clairaudient daily messages from my Pleiadian-Arcturian brethren. The story follows a group of artists (performers, musicians, painters, filmmakers, writers) who begin to encounter vast realms of consciousness while creating. They call it the “Creator State” because it feels like being one with all-that-is. The phenomenon spreads worldwide, linking thousands of creative artists. The creator of the group decides that she and whomever is available could take on a bold experiment in quantum physics. An attempt to shift the global consciousness to a more harmonious level by tapping into their Creator State simultaneously is planned, with the intention of raising the collective. The experiment unites thousands on the Summer Solstice, and – as you can guess – the story ends well.

Let me note that I did not know about the Shift movement until after the novel was published. I barely knew what to do when the messages of 99 which spoke of fallen towers and rebuilding HUman hearts began to come true. And yet here we are at the week before Summer Solstice, when I’ll be gathering with a live group up on Mount Shasta – and thousands of others around the planet – to intentionally raise the consciousness of HUmanity.  My dream – Source’s answers – unfold in such beautiful ways sometimes. Metaphor is the language of light, as well as the language of life.

Solstice week: June 19 – 25, 2012

Why the whole week? Because the beloved Metatron via James Tyberonn says so. Tyb has brought in massive amounts of information from Metatron on the crystalline grid as well as countless other topics. If you’ve participated in any of the activations in the last decade with Tyb, you know that something unusual occurs on the dates he emphasizes. As the Shift steamrolls into December, the energies of these markers is extremely amplified.

Granted, there is a lot of intention and thought form poured into the collective consciousness during these markers which makes them even more effective. Even if you are Guardian-polarized about Metatron, take a look at what is occurring here. It’s June 2012. Thousands are gathering to feel the grid activate a new level of unconditional love and bring it into their hearts. With six months to go, I see no harm in energizing intentions for bringing more light into the collective consciousness.

Opening to the new level of light

Metatron and Germaine are reporting that a Council of Angelics, ETs and Ascended Masters are meeting from June 19 – 25 to activate the Crystal of OM beneath Mount Shasta. The Crystals of the crystalline grid are Atlantean constructs which were anchored deep in the planet just before that second moon exploded into the Atlantic and took the rest of Atlantis off the map. (Atlantis, Atlantic, are you getting this?) During Solstice week, an energetic wave of unconditional love will blast through the crystalline grid from Mount Shasta. Any awakened ones in the vicinity get to feel it first hand; others get to experience it by tapping into the grid with their consciousness.

The Timeline Gap

As with any of these activations now, a level of light (light quotient) is necessary to accept this into one’s beingness. Timeline jumps were made between the eclipse and the Venus Transit which make the dream completely different – even more so than before – for ascending HUmans.

I’m having an intense experience this week walking between these worlds. My lifestream follows one Timeline and watches another:

  • Light intel has been bombarding my consciousness with new information.
  • People from all over the world are arriving in Shasta with expectations and agendas.
  • When I’m on the mountain, I sing native songs and make geometric patterns out of stones and branches. Something to do with portals.
  • I’m opening the group gathering on the mountain next week.
  • Members of my star family have arrived.
  • My tent’s zipper is broken and must be fixed.
  • Pre-activation energies are shaking things up in the collective consciousness. I can feel it, but haven’t seen mainstream anything in weeks.
  • Military helicopters flew over Shasta again today – a week prior to a marker, just like the eclipse and Venus transit.
  • A friend is coming to town and I’m driving her to Tahoe this weekend.
  • Jeshua presented to me today; it felt like when he visited me as a child.
  • I have an hour alone in the pyramid here on Wednesday morning.
  • There is still snow on the ground where we are camping next week.
  • I’m experiencing a level of love and light and gratitude that I have never felt before.
  • People keep asking me about awakening and they don’t know I’m an ascension counselor.
  • Light beings are zipping around my room as I write this.
  • I want to do another webinar and an easy online tool presented.
  • I received light intel about my ascension and the dimensional split.
  • I would love to prepare everyone for what I see coming in.
  • My telepathic skills are amplifying.
  • I’m sleepy because part of me is in the “5D liaison” preparation I requested.

I’m leaving one dream for another; the new lucid dream is fantastical. Clear and vibrant. The old dream fades: memories, agendas, personalities, encounters, experiences, all dissolving in the new light. What a strange and fascinating dream it was.

Please join me on Wednesday at 4pmPDT for the Ascension Integration Radio Broadcast.

I will be on Mount Shasta and unavailable from June 19- June 23. Have a beautiful Solstice!



About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Wow! My heart is filled with love and gratitude for you, your insights, and your journey. What a tremendous joy it must be for you as well to be reunited with some of your star family. I feel as if I’m absorbing the “incredibleness” of your experiences just by reading your written words! These are exciting, intense times. Energy is flowing, and flowing fast. I feel as if we can dream our wildest dreams and they will come to us instantly. I look forward to a world of peace and unconditional love…I feel it more everyday.

    Best wishes on your journey on the mountain. Thank you for everything that you do.

  2. I had never really heard of or thought about St. Germaine (whenever I saw a painting, I’d assumed it was Jules Verne) until just a bit before the eclipse. I was laying on my bed, went into a lucid state, looked over and saw the man laying next to me smiling, as if he’d popped out of a violet flame painting. No words, just smiling at me. Opened my eyes, and he was gone. Next day, I discovered Crimson Circle and Geoffrey Hoppe, and all sorts of other fascinating things.

    I love finding others experiencing these similar things, and being able to swap stories openly.

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