The Solstice Gathering on Mount Shasta

Blessings dear family of light! Last week I attended a week-long gathering of lightworkers and wayshowers up on Mount Shasta. Camping on the sacred mountain is beautiful in itself, but merging into a collective of lightservers was simply brilliant. So. Much. Happened.

I have a lot to share from the event and the transformative month of June. Please join me on Ascension Integration Radio this Wednesday at 4pmPDT/7pmEDT for a powerful discussion of activations, Star brethren and the brave, love-filled collective creating the New Paradigm right here, right now.

Upcoming Online Event: An Ascension heads-up, please …

One of the most potent steps on this invisible staircase of Ascension is merging with the Higher Self. I welcomed this in a few weeks ago and the process has been astounding. It feels simultaneously miraculous, ancient, new and natural. Most importantly, it completely integrates all aspects of the galactic self; all levels, layers and dimensions of Source-as-HUman. This is available right now to those who are ready to learn the truth of who they are and why they are here.

No. More. Waiting. Or. Wavering.

Is it challenging? Of course. Nothing in a journey of Mastery comes easy, especially when walking between worlds. But for the first time in this long path, the challenges are superficial; you see what is occurring in your lifestream and make choices out of divine wisdom and light intelligence rather than lower-level survival, fear or duality. Operating from integrity and unconditional love becomes second nature; there is no questioning of motive or intent. Emotions are witnessed, but they have no power. Feeling becomes divine knowledge; wisdom connects us to all-that-is.

For the first time in thousands of years, we are free of the polarity game and denser constructs of planetary existence. But you have to be willing to to take the step, because everything in your life will change. Clarity can be just as challenging as confusion until its directness is fully integrated. Fortunately, manifestation is running in hyper-speed now. This applies to lessons as well as integration, and it also applies to the amplified power of thought. Responsibility for the Self and all of its magical creations is vital.

Merging with the Higher Self is available, and I’ll be guiding you through this process online Saturday, July 7th at 1pmPDT.

Register for this online event HERE.

Note: Replays of the event are only available if you register prior to the event.



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