Clearing, Mass maneuvers and the absence of drama

Adjustments to the emotional levels

As we incarnate our Higher Levels and clear the blocks, emotions and nonsense which do not serve us any longer, we go through a period of detachment. The body and mind need to readjust to a life without drama or the habitual reactionary state. It can be perceived as disinterest or lack of enthusiasm, as the mind/ego/emotion complex begins to transform itself into a supportive structure.

In the meantime, it may create sensations of loss or listlessness. There is a kind of mourning phase as we let the old reality go. It doesn’t last long, but I personally tend to get it every time an amplification occurs. Sometimes an hour or a day goes by in that state of Hmmm, so that’s over. Now what?  This is a normal stage of the process which can be accelerated by amplifying the crystalline structures. As always, it’s a matter of choice and direction as to how long you wish these phases of the process to linger.

Eventually the re-wiring of the lower levels lead you to the freedom phase, which brings joy and exploration of the new. It does take some integration as the old habits and perceptions drop away.

REmember that feeling and emotion are different things – emotions control or manipulate the lifestream, whereas feelings are heart-based knowledge of the Self. Your Self-love and connection to Source will become so strong and so clear that the bored detachment phase will dissipate.

My occasional blues are dissolved by creative or spiritual activity. I like to mix it up when my Higher levels are blase about regular activities. The tribal/native activities have been very good for me this month – getting out in nature, chanting, singing, banging on a drum, making sacred art out of sticks, stones, anything of the Earth.

I noticed that when drama occurred in a recent gathering, I was completely detached from the emotional reactions of others. I felt into what they were experiencing on a soul level. While I can’t participate in emotional drama anymore, I AM present (presence) as a wayshower to embrace them, be kind and talk them off the polarity ledge if needed in a calm and neutral way. It’s about being the unconditional love presence, all the time.

My crystalline consciousness got a huge acceleration this month, so I’m really feeling that Essene-type wisdom of freedom from the external push and pull. In this world but not of it.

The mass arrest/mass landing construct

As for the arrests/landings, they subtly began in late May. Please don’t expect to hear about it right away. The media – and many of the white-hat types – are still very controlled by service-to-self agendas.

I won’t get into the Drake construct, because it has nothing to do with the ascension process. Regardless of the splintering polarity surrounding the mass arrest scenario, I still wish Bill Wood peace after being freed from jail last week. I also send love to David Wilcock for posting his authentic I haven’t heard anything about what Drake is talking about from any of my sources, but that doesn’t make him dark article this week.

I get many questions about the mass arrest/mass landing constructs, as well as Obama being/not being a lightworker. My first response is, What does it have to do with your journey?

It seems that many people are still associating destruction of the old timeline/paradigm with the birth of the new one. If you’re still caught in the old paradigm domino affect – waiting for one thing to happen to trigger another – let’s shatter that perspective right here and now.

Linear events vs. Timespace Spirals

Linear time was a side-effect of density; a 3D illusion. Technically it’s not supported by Gaia’s frequency anymore, but we have huge collective agreements operating on the planet that keep the illusion running.

Linear time has been toyed with to the extreme, and collectively HUmanity still tends to create things in a linear fashion: cause and effect. One thing has to happen in order for another to occur. Let’s just abandon all of these old perceptions, shall we?

Time is a flexible, pliable, deeply multidimensional playground. As we step into our Mastery after this lengthy sleepwalk, we get to experiment with pure creation along many spiraling timelines. The terminology is better served by timespace or time continuum, but let’s use timeline here for clarity.

In the past, we unconsciously jumped personal timelines as we made choices about how our journey would unfold. We were unfocused and at the mercy of the collective consciousness for a long time. Now that we are consciously choosing major timelines (the 5 or 6 major timelines of ascension or destruction), and individual timelines (choices in the lifestream to create desirable outcomes), we are able to create with the vast possibility of the Universal state of consciousness.

Collective balance

For the mental state of the collective, these revelations may come softly and slowly at first. A frightened collective harms the ascension process of Gaia; we saw this with 9/11 when our 3D to 5D Ascension timeline was derailed into a dimensional split with 4D slowly shifting to 5D. Just as with our own process, it’s about balance. Blasting ourselves with high frequency or brand new information can cause more harm than good to a consciousness unprepared for high revelations.

That said, we’re in a much higher level of awakening than we were in 2001; the paradox of creating mass events to derail the ascension path is that the dark created a worldwide wake-up which revealed just how far the dark would go to prevent ascension. Gratitude for the chaos, lovelies. Well done.

A financial collapse/turnaround has already occurred, can you sense that? We also have beautiful interaction with our star brethren. We’re already there. Breathe into your ascended Self and take a look at what is happening on the ascension timeline.

For those who are embodying the next state of consciousness, it really doesn’t matter. When I witnessed the biggest lightship I have seen up close (in this journey) in June, I felt pure love and genuine mutual respect. Many on the ascension path are holding a high enough vibration and enough neutrality to interact with higher vibrational brethren. I certainly wouldn’t wait to hear about it on TV (does that still exist?) or youtube.

If it does get revealed to the general populace, so be it. If it doesn’t, so what? It isn’t the first time that things are occurring in my lifestream which most folks are not experiencing. It does not matter to me what the external wants to play with, because my internal wisdom is burning brighter than that external projector. That external movie is interesting to watch, but it isn’t my truth.

Anxiety-peddlers like to keep folks on guard, on edge, wanting hoping wishing for something outside of themselves to wake up the masses. It would be great if everyone pretended like that was never going to occur. What would people do instead? Begin to change things or give up?

In this whirlwind of change named Summer 2012, it’s best to create whatever you desire. Fortunately with Emotional clearing and the activation of crystalline consciousness, we get to be neutral as changes unfold. We create the New for the highest interests of all, and prepare a lovely new paradigm for others to walk into whenever they are ready.

This mission runs on love, light and gratitude. If you find my work helpful to your journey, consider thanking me with a donation.

End note:  As for Obama, step into your Mastery and take a look at November. He’s still President in a frequency demanding integrity. Don’t waste one moment on election polarity. Get on with your life and your ascension.

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  1. good piece … timelines and conscious choice are the bells that rang for me in the first reading.

  2. Such a strong experience of division for me at the moment. I wrote about it last year, but as these things unfold they always hold little surprises for me. A welcome challenge. I’m fascinated by the presence of Higher Self stepping into the physical. Such gratitude for the a deeply creative REturn of love.

    In light,

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