Equinox Light and the Approaching Star

Last weekend certainly turned in to a deep-clearing fest for many light servers, some in dream state, some consciously. This hit a peak on Monday 3/11 – a number I kept seeing last week. I spent three nights on the mountain, then New Moon eve and day. Last week I commanded that every last thing […]

Ascension Gateway – Spring Equinox 2013

New video on the intense energies, discernment and recommendations for the jump in frequency this month. I will be on A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic on Saturday, March 16 at 7pm. Looking forward to chatting with Lance! join us at www.afiresidechat.com Apologies for frowning into the bright SUNlight – it is a beautiful spot. […]

Mystic siSTARs ~ a new creation for a New Paradigm

I AM happy to announce a side project which has manifested as Mystic siSTARs. I cross paths with amazing women from all over Gaia who have activated the 5D vibration within. Our experiences are getting more profound. Many of us are bringing the unconditional love, grace and wisdom of 5D right into this reality, right […]

Three weeks until the Equinox

The Equinox used to be a glimpse of balance prior to shifting into something new. It was a metaphor for change; the days and nights getting shorter or longer, depending on your location on this gorgeous planet. It is not the habitual seasonal marker it used to be. As our consciousness expands within this divine […]

The Light Intelligence of Unconditional Love – Module 4 excerpt

The Ascension eCourse was completed in January 2013. This is an excerpt from Module 4, which I sense will be very helpful as we move through this intense Full Moon. All 25 hours of videos in HD, meditation mp3s, Q&A call recordings, pdfs and course materials are available for $333 by registering HERE. Note: I […]

Upcoming Co-created eCourses

Two topics have presented to me as rough patches on HUmanity’s route to Ascension: Recovering from Conspiracy, and Religion Rehab. Because they involve emotional attachments and a significant amount of beliefs, many people will be confused, angry or feel betrayed as certain revelations come to light. When someone is startled awake, they may create disharmony […]

A Note on Support and Wayshowers

Some hard-working wayshowers were verbally attacked this week by a few awakened-yet-polarized folks. This – like many other Old Paradigm things – surprise me when they pop up. I always think wow, is that still going on?  Division of realities, indeed. How odd it is to have endured decades of judgment from the unawakened, and […]

Ascension eCourse excerpt: The Body Consciousness

This is an excerpt from Module 2: The Body Consciousness. It covers the multidimensional aspects of being a HUman on Gaia at this time, how Source creates a Universe, and the basic stair-step structure of incarnating into form. Even if you are familiar with Ascension and how to expand your consciousness, it’s a good REminder […]

Parallel expressions in 5D

Sharing the similarities in my Higher expressions. We are all unique expressions of Source exploring Source; the discovery of a through-line in a few of my expressions that I AM able to access was fascinating to me. Side note: the baby spider made it safely back to town, he is now twice as big and […]