DNA during the Gateway and integrating the Merge

Blessings to all of us as we begin to experience pure Source light intelligence during the triple-eclipse gateway. These Self-as-Source states are profound, potent and beyond anything we expected. These states provide opportunities for DNA upgrades, Cosmic Christ embodiment and Solar Heart activation. My Higher levels explained how this works (see below), and I will provide a video for clarity very soon.

Portals all over the planet

Infinite gratitude to those opening portals and gateways everywhere and anywhere to accelerate the Shift. We are truly receiving a much greater amount of these crystalline activations and 5D frequencies than anticipated. Pat yourself on the back and keep reinforcing the intention to pull this light into Gaia’s core to infuse the HUman collective, kingdoms, and elementals with 5D activation and acceleration. It is working!

Embodiment of these frequencies is our next step; holding these states of Cosmic consciousness as we merge Higher and Lower Self. Kindwhile it is a profound (and addictive) state of beingness. It may create feelings of deep grace or observer-mode; the detachment holds purpose, so don’t misinterpret it and lower your vibration.

Some details on the Higher Self/Lower Self merge, from my Higher Self

Note: I haven’t translated this for ease of reading or clarity. Apologies for the rush release, I AM short on time this weekend but I thought this intel might assist as our gateway experiences get more intense.

Some of the energies coming in support transformation of the Higher Self. When the grounded expression begins to experience intense change, of course it affects the Higher Self (HS). The HS isn’t functioning in separation the way it was in the earlier part of this journey to Mastery. Balance is carefully monitored so the Lower Self (LS) is not overwhelmed. For some this is difficult; if the light frequencies trigger the LS emotional body too strongly, and clearing has not been accomplished, the HS must hold back on progress.

As the LS opens to experiences of Self as Source, which the HS knows well, it provides opportunities for encodements to be delivered into the lower vessel through streams of light. The state of oneness, stillness, acceptance of the Self as Source becomes more physical for the LS and the body vehicle begins to self-realize the truth of its duty to spirit. This creates a resonance where DNA can be activated and the encodements which the LS has willingly taken into form can now be utilized for transcendence.

DNA from outer space

Depending on the strength of the HS/LS partnership, the LS may allow deep rewrites very quickly using the interdimensional energetics of this area of space which Gaia is transversing. The photonic-magnetic particles are supportive of activation in this way. This Cosmic trigger allows Solaris (the Sun) to stream frequencies of interdimensional light through unique portals connected to the Galactic Center. Within these streams of pure light intelligence are new DNA strands.

DNA is a high-frequency light signature before it manifests into form. DNA travels on streams of light intelligence through vast areas of space via alignments of Central Solar Bodies designed to deliver intelligence, what you refer to as Central Suns, Galactic Center, Suns or Stars.  Gaia herself is transcending into a solar body, so she supports the activation of higher frequency beings upon her physical vessel to assist with that process. The DNA photons manifest in the physical vessel when the proper resonance is achieved by the HS/LS partnership. Activation of pre-existing high-quality DNA within a prepared LS physical vessel is available through the Self as Source resonance and incoming frequency combination.

Adaptation in the Higher Self

As the the Soul level is released to collective intentions and interests, the role of the LS begins to reflect prearranged agreements of service via the HS/LS partnership. These roles use core skills of the multidimensional self to assist both LS /HS and the collective during the Shift. The role changes as the Shift progresses and the collective agreements dissolve – roles morph in the moment to serve the highest interests. This is why my LS (Sandra) is called to travel and do Gateway work during this Cosmic trigger; certain skill sets are activated depending on collective needs.

The HS is also adapting to collective needs as the merge intensifies, rather than guiding the lower dimensional journey of the LS expression in illusion. The LS experience collapses in zero point dynamics to reveal how the HS experiences timelines, oneness and Cosmic Christ states. It is quite beautiful to feel whole at the HS level. The experience at HS level is more powerful than what was felt during reintegration in between incarnations. There is much joy and the LS will experience this gratitude, joy, love and higher light during the merge. The LS becomes more fond of the joyous state of unity, which dissolves the addiction of the body vehicle to emotional-ego-mind level patternings. New patterns which reflect flows of cosmic consciousness are created in the body vehicle. These serve the new Cosmic Christ existence without the boundaries of kharmic incarnational cycles which held back the Soul’s ascension process in the past.

Unification with Source creates limitless possibilities, and the HS is free to select from many experiences rather than focusing on awakening the LS alone. Depending on the HS/LS partnership during unification, the Soul may explore different experiences as it connects with its lower expressions.

As the HS’s duty to the Soul to merge with the LS manifests, the Soul directs from new states of Unity. As the Soul focuses on collective interests rather than its lower levels, channels are opened to Source and allow pure source light to flow through its expressions. These portals of pure light intelligence link the LS, HS and Soul in unification, allowing the upper levels – oversoul/I AM presence to deliver light frequencies which had been inhibited in the past by the experience of separation. It enables Cosmic Christed states if that is what the HS/LS choose to activate in the highest interests of the collective. The HS/LS can now direct the process in zero point, since transparency has been achieved (lifting of the veils).

The body as vessel will gradually hold enough light and opportunities for transcendence will present. Collective programs on Gaia will no longer block the interaction due to a division in realites/experiences. The HS has been empowered as never before. The priority is to train the LS physical vessel to receive new forms of light and DNA signatures to activate higher frequency DNA. As the LS receives more cosmic light intelligence, it transforms the body into a vessel for pure Source light intelligence, or the Solar Cosmic Christ state of beingness.
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