Solar Cosmic Christ – the REturn of the Divine HUman

The frequency jumps in May are assisting the acceleration of the Shift as well as the deeper aspects of the Ascension process. A goal for many on the path is the embodiment of the Christed state of consciousness; the activation of the Solar Heart Center, the Cosmic Christ beingness.

A few details on this video: the diamond shape I mention is a octahedron at the center of a vesica piscis. The Vesica Piscis is a creator structure – a birthing place for creation. The octahedron is what many consider to be the building block structure of consciousness. The vesica piscis – tube torus – octahedron – flower of life – Fibonacci/golden ratio/phi spiral relationship has been prominent in my experiences of gateways, energy fields and the Solar Heart Center.

It is a graceful and powerful relationship which connects us to the Universal Self, the Divine HUman generating pure Cosmic Light. I see the Golden spiral radiating from this Solar Heart center in perfect resonance with all-that-is. Perfection at Zero Point, holding the true intentions of Source Light Intelligence.

This is the state which dissolves all suffering and lower-level illusion, and creates healing on a massive scale.

Many blessings to all who are pursuing this state of beingness in pure service to HUmanity, the kingdoms, the elementals and beloved Gaia.

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