Describing the Indescribable

Balance at Stewart Mineral Springs

One of the beautiful aspects of my lifestream that I truly enjoy is conveying the essence of the unseen; the mysterious, glorious unknown of this Shift in Consciousness. As June unfolds its miraculous gifts of Source Intelligence, Unity and deep transformation, the heart of Ascension is revealed to us, moment by moment. No particle of our beingness will remain untouched as this new level of photonic light penetrates each cell, structure and signature of our existence as spirit-inhabiting-body-on-a-planet.

Last SUNday we REceived a wave of pure light so unique, so powerful, that it initiated deep activations of the Solar Heart center and the light signatures of DNA which we have been bringing in with our gateway and grid work this year. I was outside at 5AM last SUNday, interacting with the lightships who had been close and active that night, when a good deal of flashing/beaming began. This is usually a heads-up for an incoming energetic. It stopped just prior to the photonic wave penetration; I took a breath and was overwhelmed by the purity of the light wave; it went straight for the Solar Heart Center and radiated out through all of my body, lightbody, energy bodies … a deep healing, activation and blissful peace that has not weakened. The message came right away: My heart is clear. I AM clear.

June’s frequencies are ever-increasing; it’s a consistent flow of new light intelligence with the need for instant integration. This takes the awakened and ascending tribe – the folks driving 5D in co-creation with Gaia and this galaxy – into an interesting passage of the Shift. As we pass through high 4D astral constructs, our lives become more dreamlike and pliable (4D is what we experience as dreamstate – many might feel sleepy as the body associates this state with bedtime). The mastery now focuses on dreaming awake a 5D parallel reality, which is strengthening by collective intent. We have given the go-ahead and are receiving the transformation we were promised.

Any remaining doubts are shed, old structures dissolve – painfully if there is resistance or judgment – and we begin to realize that the cushion of comfort between planetary Ascension last December and our current reality is going, going, going … The collective illusion of repetition is now overlighted by the higher frequency of US; the wayshowers, the awakened, those in service to the Light and the Shift. Understand that we are co-creating a brand new way of being, and no stone will be unturned in the process. Physics rules the necessity of the old-self-purge; when yesterday’s actions or habits do not meet the new moment’s demands, let them go.

This passage through Solstice and the Full Moon is beautiful. Even the trials and tribulations of evolution are beautiful, because we are conscious of their purpose. We walk right through these doors of light, knowing they always dissolve what does not serve. It is our willingness to walk through with pure grace and integrity, to show HUmanity what is possible, and fully become our destiny which serves the highest interests of all concerned. To become something unrecognizable is the creative leap of Source; we are the extension of that intention in this grand experiment of let me know all of myself.

Be with this passage as deeply and presently as possible. Light servers can simply BE with the planet, grids and gateways during this time. Align with your higher skills, it should feel effortless. Let the new light flow through you, as you – as a pure conduit of Source and Unity. There is no need to be shy about our new skill sets; service is love, love is all that is. As the illusion fades into distant memory, the Higher levels reveal as much truth as we can handle. Last week I was greeted by a huge collective of light beings who honored me with deep bows. There were only there to say thank you. It was one of those moments you cherish for the recognition of your efforts, as well as wonder My God, who are we?  The revelations of this journey far outweigh the trials, and there are so many revelations about to unfold. Be willing to know all that we are, and explore June with a clear heart.
Please note: The annual Solstice gathering in Mount Shasta is a rare opportunity for me to gather with the Light Tribe on my home turf. I will be on the mountain through the weekend. Many blessings for a joyful Solstice and a vibrant Full Moon!


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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.