Current Ascension phase: Incarnating the Higher Self

On Saturday July 7, I presented an online event to share the dynamics of the current phase of the Ascension process: Incarnating your Higher Self into the physical. You can access the 2 hour video replay for $12.21 via this link. This event was loaded with information and celebrates the beginning of the Higher Self stepping […]

Clearing, Mass maneuvers and the absence of drama

Adjustments to the emotional levels As we incarnate our Higher Levels and clear the blocks, emotions and nonsense which do not serve us any longer, we go through a period of detachment. The body and mind need to readjust to a life without drama or the habitual reactionary state. It can be perceived as disinterest […]

The latest I AM collection

The “I AM” messages appear on my Twitter stream. The I AM message intention is to dissolve separation and end polarity; to REmind us that we are everything we perceive, that everything is Source. These poetic clairaudient expressions align the heart and mind, ignite remembrance and amplify Unity Consciousness. When they appear together like this, […]

The Solstice Gathering on Mount Shasta

Blessings dear family of light! Last week I attended a week-long gathering of lightworkers and wayshowers up on Mount Shasta. Camping on the sacred mountain is beautiful in itself, but merging into a collective of lightservers was simply brilliant. So. Much. Happened. I have a lot to share from the event and the transformative month […]

Creative Evolution Event: Merging with the Higher Self

Online event with Sandra Walter  Saturday, July 7, 2012 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT Merging with your Higher Self is a vital and beautiful step in the Ascension process. As we REunite all levels, layers and realities of ourselves into oneness, our Higher Self begins to incarnate right into our physicality. When this occurs, […]

Summer Solstice 2012: The Dream Unfolds

We’ve often heard the intention of Source expressed as a dream; our Universe as Tao. Everything that we experience is the answer to Source’s question, “Let me know more of myself.” The dream unfolds as Sound, Light, Geometries, Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems, Planets and beings of every imaginable expression exploring every imaginable endeavor. Supernovas […]

Webinar replay now available

Preparation for the Venus Transit and June Energies Note: if you signed up for the webinar, you already received the replay links via email. Check in with me if you did not receive them! Choices are pushed to the forefront in both the individual microcosm and global macrocosm in June. Things have to break apart, […]

Hey Venus: Part Two – Cosmic Alignments in the DNA

All in the Cosmic Timing If you’ve been awake for a while, or involved in the Shift movement, you’ve probably heard enough This is the big moment predictions to last another Great cycle. And yet, here we are in June 2012, with Venus about to make its transit across the Sun, and all kinds of […]

The I Reply stream: clairaudient metaphors

A message stream, this time in question-response format. Asterisk are used instead of quotes, mostly because quotes are too often used to imply mockery. As with the Gratitude stream and I AM streams, it’s nice to put these messages together once in a while. Feel into these; some of them are really loaded and some […]

Hey Venus: Part One – Decision time

A quick thank you to the transmutation teams Blessings to every lightworker/wayshower/lightserver/healer taking one for the team this week as we readjust in the aftermath of the Solar eclipse. Welcome, REturn of the divine feminine; way to blast the heck out of the masculine density and transmute it through many a gridworker. Ouch, my aching […]