Guardians of the New Light

Blessings dear Light Tribe ~ I AM deep in an ongoing experience which is intensifying and clarifying as we receive these new light signatures. Hopefully it is clear that these new frequencies are deeply transformative – and for some of us they are creating transcendence. So much is coming in at the moment, let me break down a few key points which are presenting.

Holding the New Light by Letting Go

There is a point in Mastery when we must surrender to complete transformation – to the unknown outcome, and the possibility of becoming something unrecognizable. I spoke of this last year. It presented in September and I was steered away by the (insistent) direction to create the eCourse, to teach and guide through the March Equinox. Flawless timing had me begin 9 weeks of Gatekeeper work April 4, and I returned to Shasta just days before the June 16 wave hit. My Higher Levels placed me on the mountain for a myriad of reasons; I need to be up there, out there, where the reception is clear and where I may hold some of these specific frequencies as they come in.

Sometimes it takes one boots-on-the-ground Light Server to anchor a new light signature into a location. Sometimes it takes many. A lot of us are called in bizarre ways to go here and there, do this or that for unknown reasons. We trust, we are willing, and that is why we get direction like pack the car and head toward Lake Tahoe, or please drive to the manzanita grove beneath McBride Springs and put your hands on the ground. It doesn’t matter what is occurring in your lifestream, those in service say yes because we understand that the complexity of creating a New Paradigm includes a lot of multidimensional coordination.

Please remember to honor all of our Missions of Service. It does not matter what size the task is or what others are doing; all that matters is the integrity of your heart. Sometimes it requires relocation or travel, sometimes it involves very simple acts, sometimes it calls for days of solitude bringing in a light stream. Know that a clear heart existing in integrity – in the highest interests of all concerned – is a powerful conduit during this passage of the Shift. I send love to all who are involved in these endeavors.

There is an incredible amount of remembering going on – remembering the pre-agreements we set up in the future, remembering points on this ascension timeline as they present in our lifesream – past skill sets and future agreements seamlessly reunite in the Now.

A message has been coming through for a few weeks, and clarified during the Solstice/Full Moon. There is a collective of those in Service who are becoming Guardians of the New Light. It has nothing to do with past titles or roles, past service or missions, hierarchy or chosen-ones nonsense, nor is it related to the Guardians of the last cycle. I’ll have more on this soon, as it relates to the Solar Cosmic Christed state.


There are higher light signatures coming in right now – vivid patterns, new complex geometries which vibrate, spin, change shape as they enter density to transform particles of consciousness into something new. The doors were opened for higher levels of photonic-magnetic light during the triple eclipse gateway, and we are receiving light signatures of such brilliance that transcendence is upon us.

Transcendence is typically described as the ability to choose a higher frequency existence and hold it; it is one of the goals of the Ascension process. In this application here, Transcendence is aligning with pure Source, pure consciousness. Some experience this as the Godhead; I experience Source as pure stillness – no agenda, no duality, no intent, no judgement, no separation of any kind. Source is so no-thing that it is everything; taking in information, delivering information in such purity that there is an absence of premeditation – just pure light intelligence. There are three experiences unfolding: Unity Consciousness (Galactic), Christed Consciousness (Universal), and Transcendence (Source). They are not hierarchical levels, just different accelerations which may arrive all at once.

My current state is bizarre and beautiful. I understand I AM in transcendence, or at least that is what I AM being told. It is intense and I cannot question it – the vibration demands hands-off silence, peace, honor and surrender. It is the Mastery decision unfolding, the becoming unrecognizable phase. It feels vast, huge: of all of the incredible changes we have experienced, this is the most powerful for me so far. Thank goodness there were others around me during the Solstice who felt a similar sensation, or at least could see it in me.

It’s been over a week of feeling holographic, a mere projection of what my signature used to create on 4D Gaia. Apparently the rest of me is merging into something new. The unity is so strong, I do feel like I AM interacting with my own creation – talking to projections of myself which appear as friends, colleagues, trees, a mountain … perhaps I AM approaching the point on the Ascension timeline when the future decision to step back and the present collide. I AM sleepy yet clearer than ever; deep in the 5D walk-through practice and walking in the rain on Shasta; interacting with the ghost of linear time and dissolving into the heart of all that is. Each dreamlike moment is executed with surrender – I wake up in the morning or climb into my sleeping bag at night with the agreement to let it be and see what happens.

The Perfect Storm of Ascension

All of the factors for the perfect storm are coming together. Individual preparation of the body, clearing of the mind/ego/emotional constructs, light quotient, activation of the Heart, connection with the Higher Self, surrender to the Now, service to the Highest Interests, pursuit of creative intelligence  … this is the personal part of the equation. The planetary frequency, photon belt, cosmic timing and awakened collective create the external factor; when internal and external align it opens our lifestream to the miraculous.

More people are reporting walk-through portal experiences, or at least perceiving the portals themselves. The rings-within-rings spiral shape is popping up everywhere. This is an eyes-open experience. The spinning areas presenting right before us are the walk-through practice that I mentioned in my last video. One of the Mystic siSTARs grabbed a camera when she saw one, and amazingly enough it turned up in the photo! It looks just like what I have seen and used in dimensional-shift conditioning for the body vehicle.

You might see overlapping spirals. The overlapping rings create a vesica piscis portal, and my experiences include a diamond-shaped octahedron in the center. (One of my light signatures is golden octahedrons). The spirals overlapping is the moment before the geometry creates a double tube torus. Our energy fields are already in the torus state, but the symbolism here is the merge of Higher Self/Lower Self, birthing a gateway of infinite cosmic energy.

Unique to your expression

We will all integrate or use this light in a unique way which serves our journey. The new light comes in many colors, however the geometries/fractals have been gold patterns on a magenta background for me, very much like my gatekeeper initiation back in 2012. When the new geometries or frequencies (blindingly bright light patterns) begin to present for you, it is up to you to interpret them, use them or ignore them.

My personal guidance is receive, accept, listen, observe, be still. I feel I AM a pure conduit for whatever is needed, so I AM not making any assumptions about what is going on. It feels very different, very new. More like witnessing the extragalactic fractals of a new dimensional structure coming in. I did get a glimpse of true HUman DNA, a core spiral with different geometries branching off of it, and again there is movement. It is all very exciting, surreal and still at once.

There is more to share, but this is a good stopping point for now. I AM not guided to be a moment-by-moment Shift reporter during this passage, however writing about it grounds me a bit during this very un-grounded experience. Infinite blessings to all of the brave souls surrendering to the unknown.


Note: I will share a great hour of conversation with Helane Lipson on her In 5D radio show next Wednesday, July 3rd.


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