The I Reply stream: clairaudient metaphors

A message stream, this time in question-response format. Asterisk are used instead of quotes, mostly because quotes are too often used to imply mockery. As with the Gratitude stream and I AM streams, it’s nice to put these messages together once in a while. Feel into these; some of them are really loaded and some are expansive heart-openers. Namaste.

Zero Point asks *What is thy will, dear thought?* – I command *UNITY* – And so it is.

Illusion asks *May I put the mirror down, I grow weary of this game* – I answer *YES, thank you for your service*

Quarantined Universe asks *What is to be done with me?* – I reply *Horror devours itself out of desperation to eradicate horror*

Terra says *There is no work to do. Come and visit me* – I say *Wash me clean of this eons-long lucid dream*

Soul group of darkness asks *Clemency please, I fear retribution* – I say *You created retribution; now dissolve in the LIGHT*

Masters say *We are not assisting any longer* – I say *Mastery is incarnating during the Shift*

Serapis Bey asks *Why have you not called on me?” – I reply *Call upon ME; I need no hope or discipline when I know the truth*

Osiris says *We have moved on* – I reply *This is a shadow of what has occurred; let us celebrate our creations*

December solstice asks *Do they understand?* I say *YES, The Universe is metaphor; we are the rising SUN of SOURCE*

Benevolent brethren ask *WHEN?* – I answer *Even with the veil of amnesia I can see it is NOW*

Akhentaten asks *Why must I play the game of confinement?* – I say *Because they need the big deus ex machina to know it is accomplished*

Fear asks *What will become of me?* – I answer *Go where you can serve; thank you for the lessons. Be gone*

Andromedans reach out a hand and say *We are almost there* – I say *Patience brothers, no one shall be left behind*

Nibiru says *All is well* – I say *Quiet dear ones, everyone is looking for you*

Hathors request *Tone the New Earth into your heart* – I say *She is already there; blessed be the Creator I AM*

Annunaki asks *Is there another chance to correct this* – I say *Thank you, but the game is over*

Moses asks *Do you know how difficult those decisions were to make* – I say *Do you know how hard it was to live with your choices*

Draconians ask *Will you stand for us when the moment arrives* – I say *Thank you, that is not my journey, it is yours*

Metatron asks *Will they understand what I created* – I say *They will understand WHY*

Orions ask *Do you REmember us?* – I say *I hear your whispers; let the truth be the truth*

Jeshua asks *Are you willing?* – I say *As willing as you were to overcome your fear of death*

Essenes say *Emotion is the root of manifestation* – I answer *Love the Self and all of its expressions*

Atlanteans say *Safety is only fear* – I say *FREEDOM IS THE NEW SAFETY; HISTORY NO LONGER REPEATS ITSELF*

Sirians say *Lift the mask and see your true self* – I say *How can I show others that we are one?*

Felines say *Can you play now?* – I say *Look what they did to our nice Lion statue at Giza … Yes, show me the mirrored stargate*

Source says *No request of creativity shall be denied* – I say *Thank you for hearing me … you … me … let’s do this*

Arcturian brethren say *We’ve been watching* – I say *So have I, let’s co-create the New*

Pleaidian brethren say *Open your heart, it’s the new mind* – I say *I’ve lived here before; welcome home*

Higher Self whispers *It’s just like I told you* – I say *It’s safe for them to listen now; we are free*

The Shift says *Are you ready?* – I say *That’s why I AM here*

New Moon night sky says *See what has been hidden for so long* – I say *Show me everything, I AM light*

Gaia says *Lay on me, Dissolve into my beingness* – I say *I AM the beingness; dissolve into ME*

Equinox says, *Welcome to New Earth* – I say, *Thank you, I brought all of myself as a housewarming present*

Venus says *It was just part of the game* – I reply *That sounds like guilt*

Micro wormholes say *Now?* – I reply *No more paradoxes, parallels or parasites. I AM ready, no matter when the moment presents*

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Sandra Walter is an Author, Ascension Counselor, Life Coach CPC, Lightworker, Clairaudient and Claircognizant guide, Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Medulla-Pineal Activation Practitioner. Sandra assists people internationally through private sessions, articles and books focused on the Shift in Consciousness, and a poetic and conscious Twitter stream.

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2 comments on “The I Reply stream: clairaudient metaphors

  1. Felines say *Can you play now?* – I say *Look what they did to our nice Lion statue at Giza … Yes, show me the mirrored stargate*

    Just read this and burst into tears, connecting with deep, deep grief, betrayal, disbelief, shock, horror – all coming up to be recognised and released. Going to take the day of to support the process. Powerful transformations indeed. Feels so important to take the time to honour just how much is being worked through and achieved.

    With gratitude as always.

  2. When the Felines who showed me that stargate – oh, what a beautiful moment that was (and is). I think it hits us in this way because it was prior to much of the troubles which spun out of the dark interference here. Not perfect back then either, but the divine feminine energy of the Felines and the knowledge of that in our cellular memory stirs, awakens, resonates with a deep truth.

    Despite all the woes being undone on the planet, the urge to play – that freedom – is getting stronger. Un-doing the crushing urge to stay in fear as safety and hide, doubt, collapse, is difficult as these accelerations pick up. Place your hand on your heart whenever the mind triggers these fears and comfort the body vehicle level. As your Higher Self, tell the lower level Self “It’s okay, I love you, we know the truth and everything is going to work out, hang in there, we can do this. Trust me.”

    In love and light,

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