Hey Venus: Part Two – Cosmic Alignments in the DNA

All in the Cosmic Timing

If you’ve been awake for a while, or involved in the Shift movement, you’ve probably heard enough This is the big moment predictions to last another Great cycle. And yet, here we are in June 2012, with Venus about to make its transit across the Sun, and all kinds of synchronicities are lining up to dissolve everything that was. I highly recommend some preparation, even if you have to take a day off (!) this week to do it. Seriously, give yourself whatever hour or hours you can manifest.

For clarity – because so many are asking the same question – no, not everyone is going to experience these events in the same way. Please don’t worry about other people’s journeys.  A dimensional division has been made and is separating experiences with a wider and wider gap every day now. You’ll attract and repel people, places, kingdoms and elementals as your vibration rises and falls and adjusts. The same occurs in the unawakened. Leave the lower mind-level concerns behind.

A quick review of next week:

  • Full Moon, partial lunar eclipse Monday June 4
  • Venus Transit – Venus passes between Earth and the Sun, crossing the firey South node (cleansing by fire) June 5.
  • Major planetary grid alignments Monday and Tuesday with an activation/anchoring through Mount Shasta, in preparation for Solstice when Shasta broadcasts the Unconditional Love frequency through the realigned grid systems.
  • That big pyramid-shaped coronal hole – the one depicted in ancient art – is coming around to face Earth for the third time next week (update: it has changed shape, still huge, and looks like it will be a day late of the transit).

Venus Transit of Solaris

At the core of this cleansing transit, with Venus passing by the South node of Solaris on June 5, is the eradication of deep distortions of love. It will begin to clear the collective consciousness of Venusian love energies; the dependency on the external to provide egoic, self-serving, self-gratifying sexual behavior. The distortions of love and sex on this planet are obvious, and have kept many in collective energetic shackles. The request to end miscreations and distortions on this planet apply to everything, and the sex-power-greed constructs have done significant damage to the HUman psyche. So they are getting burned out of the collective consciousness.

All of the horrific behavior on this planet is getting purged, and no one should sit back and think it won’t affect them because they aren’t a child molester, satanist, or porn patron. These constructs are collective, which means the vibration causes distortions on many levels. It manifests the need to control your girlfriend, cheating on your spouse, manipulative or competitive sexual behavior, addictions, obsessions and fantasies which keep people out of their divinity and locked in lower-level egoic miscreations of the demand for power over others. It even expresses as repression of love, fear of love, puritanical hierarchy, celibacy and isolation.

Clemency missions for some of the worst offenders showed me just how far from Source these constructs have taken us. But these constructs feed on collective agreement, and brother we have a LOT of this desire-me-or-else and money/sex disempowerment going on. The list of major and minor misinterpretations of love is long; Creator in-carnate has found endless ways to express degrees of darkness and distortion. REmember that this is about balancing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine; it is not about judgment. We’re just getting the closets cleaned out to create harmony.

Authenticity is authenticity, and all of the hidden agendas of the sex/power/greed/desire/control matrixes – even in your own lifestream – are on their way out. This doesn’t mean judging and abandoning relationships or sexual activity out of fear. It does mean evolution, and lifting the veils you have kept over your own heart.

Unity consciousness demands the elimination of service-to-self sexual expressions as much as any of the other service-to-self constructs. This is another step toward Self-love, divine love, unconditional love. For the awakened who have done the heart-examination/activations and clearing, it’s an opportunity to anchor into the ascension timeline. The more the merrier, so please put all level and layers of your heart in the right place as we go into June.

Just as with May’s egoic density purge, the effects on our lifestreams may be surprising. Sometimes it seems there is no end to the veils and masks, but it’s humorous now. That’s an authentic perspective on identity. Thank goodness we have learned how to release and integrate – now we just have to do it a LOT faster.

Also, please don’t blame Venus or think that Venusians are perverted or malevolent. This is ancient history getting cleared out of this Solar system. Planets represent different metaphors and tales in our history, and we’re getting back to the divine, pure expression of other planets as well as our own. Plus Venusian technology, like Tesla’s work, will probably be very helpful for 4D Earth.

Quadrupolar Solaris

The magnetic field at the North Pole of the Sun started reversing last year. But here’s the catch: the South Pole maintained a positive polarity. Solaris is moving into a four-pole magnetic structure with two more poles near its equator. This happened before, but it’s interesting that this stabilized around the eclipse. More changes on the way. With the increased photonic activity last month, it appears our beloved stargate is changing. I sense the quadrupolar activity is not the final step for Solaris, but a progression as we pass through the photon belt/galactic center alignment.

Micro wormholes: portals to Ascension

As above, so below. Everything is opening up, cleansing, balancing, preparing. Our portal to ascension – that’s 5D for those taking the big leap – is embedded in our cellular structure. And it’s time to rise and shine. All of these steps up the invisible staircase of ascension are leading to an alignment of vibrations between you – lower dimensional you reading this article – and Higher Self you in 5D (receiving this article’s encodements). Marriage of the Higher and Lower, the great Merkaba metaphor, the divine template activation, the multidimensional convergence; whatever you choose to identify with, the big timeline jump is occurring.

This is where it gets geeky.

Micro wormoles exist in the DNA of our cells that receive codes, information and light intelligence from our Higher Levels. The cosmic trigger of these galactic alignments, along with Gaia’s increase in frequency and our conscious activation of the ascension process has been activating these wormholes.  As these micro portals open up and expand, taking in more light, codes, harmonics and Source/Zero Point consciousness, it assists our cellular vibration to ascend – or increase in frequency – to match the vibration of our fifth dimensional Self.

This is why so many of us are able to experience dimensional travel right now, right in the core of our being. We are expanding our consciousness to meet the resonance of our higher expressions. When these micro wormholes activate a strong enough connection to maintain the higher frequency, a dimensional shift occurs. We shift from the denser carbon form to a less dense carbon/silica (crystalline) lightbody form. Wormholes in the Universe are related to intergalactic travel, time travel and communication. The galactic center seems to be stimulating these portals, similar to a micro wormhole switchboard connecting one party (Gaia and us) with another (Source and the rest of the Universe).

DNA bi-location surprised some scientists in the lab, but the metaphysical tribe has both witnessed and experienced bi-location of the Self, bi-location of others in the physical realm and endless flip-flopping with parallel realities/timelines. With linear time collapsing and the spirals of major timelines separating, it’s time to open up those micro wormholes and hold that higher frequency. As always, it is a personal choice to choose an ascension timeline. Every major timeline has its challenges. It can be just as difficult to experience suffering as it is to witness it and maintain a higher vibration.

Clearing for the Venus Transit

In the interest of raising the collective frequency, I’m hosting an online webinar on Saturday, June 2 as a preparation for June’s transformative energies. The 2 hour webinar will teach expansion of the cellular structure, releasing fears/blockages/emotional habits, and aligning with pure intent for the highest good. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive the invitation.

If you would like a private session with me this week, please visit the Sessions page.

The Ascension Integration radio broadcast from Mount Shasta is Wednesday at 4pmPT. Join me!

Many blessings to Terri who has volunteered to transcribe the radio broadcasts. Thank you, Terri!

Side note: There are light beings playing in the room as I write this tonight. Sending you many twinkles and tones from Shasta oxoxox

This mission runs on love, light and gratitude donations. Mastery numbers appreciated!


Sandra Walter is an Author, Ascension Counselor, Life Coach CPC, Lightworker, Clairaudient and Claircognizant guide, Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Medulla-Pineal Activation Practitioner. Sandra assists people internationally through private sessions, articles and books focused on the Shift in Consciousness, and a poetic and conscious Twitter stream.

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4 comments on “Hey Venus: Part Two – Cosmic Alignments in the DNA

  1. *I highly recommend some preparation, even if you have to take a day off (!) this week to do it. Seriously, give yourself whatever hour or hours you can manifest.*

    I heard you! Already decided to spend today at home, grounding and releasing the wave of memory that was triggered by reading your *The I Reply stream: clairaudient metaphors* post.

    It’s all good but OMG sometimes this process absolutely takes no prisoners, albeit for the best possible reasons. Have been aware of huge resistance building all week. I know I’m being asked to jump but something in me absolutely doesn’t want to make the leap. Illogical when we are so close and have come so far, but feeling such fear and panic inside at the thought. Not going to let it stop me – will just keep releasing and working my way through and out.

    So looking forward to today’s broadcast 🙂

  2. Hi Sandra,
    As usual, very interesting and insightful article. I’m just curious though…can we expect these things to clear from us in different ways over the next few days (and past several days)? For instance, I’ve been experiencing tremendous fatigue during the day and sleep at night is almost like I’m dead — I hardly move and I wake up sore like I’d run a half-marathon the day before. Is it possible that much of this fear, greed, control, manipulation, etc. is clearing during nighttime rest/recharge? Or perhaps this is the interdimensional travel (though I’m not remembering dreams very well lately)? I typically struggle with fear but have felt surprisingly peaceful as of late. My biggest complaint really has been feeling tired and disinterested.

    If you feel like sharing, I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on how we’ll experience the next few days? Of course, understanding that everyone will experience things differently… 🙂

  3. Hi Shannon,

    There is a lot to be said for REST, sleep and the peace it brings. With all of these energetics speeding up, our bodies need to balance, rest, recharge a lot. Yoga and walking or circuit balancing are good for the soreness, since energy pools during lightwork (conscious or unconscious integration of light).

    I’ve had complete check-out nights, too. I know I need more sleep like that! Kundalini yoga seems to get the kinks out – try the free Yoga Today video on youtube for the basics. There is a lot of energy zipping through our bodies on many levels; be sure to move it around, dance for joy, move without control, and open up that heart for the new stuff oxoxox

    The way in which it affects you is individual – depends on so many factors. Join me on the radio show tonight or the webinar on Saturday for more…

    In love and light,

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