Hey Venus: Part One – Decision time

A quick thank you to the transmutation teams

Blessings to every lightworker/wayshower/lightserver/healer taking one for the team this week as we readjust in the aftermath of the Solar eclipse. Welcome, REturn of the divine feminine; way to blast the heck out of the masculine density and transmute it through many a gridworker. Ouch, my aching right side. Would one of the starseeds playing with healing technology please send me something 100x stronger than epsom salts? I’m working with Shasta and Gaia’s base-chakra portal is starting to dilate!

Hey, Venus Transit

The June 4th Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse paired with the June 5th Venus Transit provide a timeline-jumping window. The grids are getting a REalignment during the first week of June to make the jump to the ascension timeline less of a leap across the canyon. Take the bridge. It may be evident to a lot of folks that the old stories are o-v-e-r. Whether they end with “and then I woke up”, “they all lived happily ever after” or “to be continued” is entirely up to you.

While we have support for the inevitable ascension process of HUmanity because the New Earth already exists, the Shift is Sifting the metaphoric wheat from the chaff. (Apologies to those with gluten allergies.) For clarity, here are some characteristics of both:


  • Integrity, discernment, neutrality
  • Living from the heart: Self-Love, compassion, harmony, creativity
  • Honoring, respecting, assisting HUmanity, the kingdoms and elementals
  • Dispelling the illusion of fear from all endeavors
  • Taking action on creating the new paradigm


  • Control or manipulation of others
  • Living from the lower Mind: Refusal to change until forced to change, righteousness and judgment, payback scenarios
  • Disingenuous practices and behaviors, secrecy
  • Service to Self: sex/power/greed/money/materialism/disempowerment of others/hierarchy
  • Egoic lizard-brain fear structures: murder, war, conflict, inability to adapt to unity
  • Loyalty to dark agendas, soul group contracts or bloodlines of distorted/parasitic constructs

These choices are pushed to the forefront in both the individual microcosm and global macrocosm this month. Ironic to see separation as we move into Unity consciousness, but things have to break apart so we shake out what we don’t want integrated into the New before we unify. Much like the magnetic adjustments in the planet right now, everything gets expanded to release the density, then realigned to accommodate the future outcome. 

Luggage limits for the journey

Sub-conscious density, egoic habits, emotional baggage, disingenuous behavior and procrastination will keep many in the long, painful waiting line of the Shift. If you are willing to drop all of that excess weight/wait, you can get out of that (time)line and jump to the higher vibration now. But you must be willing to surrender the old paradigm and walk the talk of the new.

Freedom is the new Safety

As the veils lift, you realize this is not new. Freedom from all of the disempowering structures is where our safety has always been. The freedom of knowing your Self as Source is infinite power. The difference between now and past in-carnations is that we aren’t being assisted off the planet for speaking our truth or taking action, at least not as frequently or as easily as in the past.

If you are truly frightened of being killed for speaking out or speaking up – take a look at that belief. Who exactly has planted that fear in you? Who are you afraid of? If you are infinite consciousness, why would you enslave yourself in fear of survival? Doesn’t that sound like a program, a construct, a distortion of the truth? Why do you allow that to dominate your lifestream? Why are a few of you drifting off topic with the limited freedom of speech in some countries issue? Focus, people, focus.

Inaction is the worst case scenario

Will the big bad They separate you from your body vehicle for starting a community action group, talking about the Shift, or creating new products, services or activities to empower people and honor the planet? Are you truly going to be killed for taking that group to the town or city council meeting and requesting a chemtrail no-fly zone in your area? Or talking to your local store manager about non-GMO or local food supplies? Or starting that awakened parents group that betters the education, health and empowerment of our children? Or starting a local free energy solution team? Worst case scenario: what if you know better, still do nothing and find you, your family and community a victim of your own inaction? If you are afraid of retribution, poverty or death for creating something from integrity, I suggest trying the old safety in numbers theory until you’re confident enough to be authentic on your own.

If you are absolutely crazy-paranoid about Them and their psychopathic agendas to the point of immobility, then: A.) stop watching those damned fear-mongering videos and visiting those fear-trigger blogs and chat groups, because you’re unknowingly feeding that vibration and that’s exactly what They want, or B.) accept that you have already surrendered your consciousness and congratulate yourself on blowing a perfectly good incarnation during the Shift. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Open a bottle of bourbon, sit back and thoroughly enjoy the armageddon show. If nothing awful happens, thank a lightworker.

If you decide to approach change with conflict, such as fighting for freedom (oxymoron) or protesting policies and policymakers (rather than creating alternatives in a clear, honest, open energetic of love – which is a light intelligence, not a lofty ideal) and you get assisted off the planet for being a troublemaker, it’s probably not the first time you’ve created this kind of journey. Congrats on leaving with your throat chakra open!

Oh Venus, Make my wish come true

Hiding, dimming down, waiting for someone else to go first, or dreaming and wishing for a better life rather than participating in its creation has kept us in this serpent-eating-its-own-tail cycle of stagnation. (Yeah, that’s not infinity, folks – but it did feel like forever, didn’t it?)

For the first time in thousands of years we have light intelligence at the quantum level providing an opportunity to REactivate our true divine selves and leave these collapsing illusions for a higher frequency existence. It’s an opportunity; a proposal to your free will to choose what you would like to experience.

It is your divine birthright to REalign with Source and crystalline consciousness. The choice to exercise that right is entirely up to you, Kachina. Take the mask off so you can see your way across the bridge.


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.