Alcyone, Solaris and Gaia: the eclipse on May 20

Blessings from Mount Shasta! The energy here is amplified and intense, not only due to the high number of lightworkers who were called here this weekend, but also because the 26,000 year alignment of Earth, Moon, Sun and Alycone, the giant star/central sun of the Pleiades, is upon us on Sunday, May 20. The eclipse will occur here from 5pm-7pm, with the peak at around 6:30pmPST. Please connect with this collective intention to anchor the new light within our planet, solar light, kingdoms, elementals and every HUman heart willing to receive it. Get quiet, open your cells and crystalline structures, invoke the light and surrender to this new vibration. It will most likely feel like a dimensional Shift amplification; the trinitized beingness state (spirit, soul, form) is about to end for many.

Don’t “try” to do anything with yourself during this time. Set the intention to anchor heightened states of ascension in the highest good of all concerned into the collective and hold space for the consciousness involved in this alignment. Abandon any preconceived notions of what may or may not occur; surrender to larger possibilities. Our stories are being deleted so that we may unify with pure consciousness; REmember this is galactic evolution which in turn transforms our truths on every level.

Lightwork during the eclipse: the desire to get on with it already can be remedied in a weekend if you tap in and anchor that energy right in zero point during the eclipse. No more wavering, waiting or irresponsible say one thing, do another excuses. Your heart is getting a jump in its expansive magnetic power – use it to serve Gaia and HUmanity. Fire the grid with the intention of surrendering to Source for the highest good of all concerned.

Several light intel messages (note: “downloads” is too trendy a term for me – it has lost its impact) have presented since I arrived in Shasta. Here we go:

The dissolvement of the denser levels of ego (sex/power/greed/survival/fame/service to self/self-hatred/hidden agendas) through the first weeks of May has been purposeful. Masks off, Kachina; we have arrived at the moment of surrender which we have created. We desired new, new, new and we are receiving it right now. Forget everything you thought you knew about this journey and let it be rewritten.

The heart center is taking on new geometric codes to expand into the 5D chakra system; codes which are getting activated between now and the Venus transit in early June. This is already happening; pay attention if you’re getting the nod from the higher levels to let it occur. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Abandon the “working” meditations and anything to do with outdated modalities and the 3D 7-chakra system. If you cannot meditate, then be still and breathe into this expansion of the heart. This is the new dawn, the solar light within that has been talked about for decades. It feels like a final scattering of the self, because it is. If you’re ready to let go, so be it. If you are not, that is fine of course. No judgment – just please don’t expect anything external to activate the internal without your intention to surrender your old state of identity.

Galactic book-burning: The kharmic, akashic and soul levels are being cleared, deleted from the unified memory. That is difficult for many to hear and understand – the stories of our lives, personality and purpose – both individually and globally – are being dissolved. Why? Because the collective memory of HUmanity, the shadow of lower dimensional expression known as 3D, does not exist anymore. This is where things get strange while different dimensional timelines interact with each other. More on that later.

The good news: For those with a high amount of photonic/crystalline activation, interaction with lower dimensional expressions becomes a non-issue. For those who have cleared and transcended the guilt and egoic desire to save everyone (or be seen as a savior), clemency or payback issues (for dark agendas), and the personality constructs of judgment (both self and others), you may be sensing the call to a new expression. Absorption into oneness the new truth of oneness which is quite different than what was anticipated – creates a state of walking in two worlds (or more) which dispels any notion of judgment on the shadow of 3D as it collapses from the collective memory. It also anchors a type of “untouchable” vibration that many of us have sensed but have been unsure about its effectiveness in difficult situations. It appears that will be a non-issue as well.

The bad news, if you use that term: As I have mentioned before, I don’t think it will be comfortable for those playing in the 3D/low 4D constructs as they break apart, especially with financial transitions. Survival levels are leaving, either by ascension (raising of frequency to realize what is really going on) or destruction (self-implosion via the mind, fear of losing the physical self or possessions). As uncaring as it sounds, it is none of my business what others choose to experience during the Shift. I honor all choices and realize that the collapse of linear time, astral planes and akashic deletion affects each person in different ways.

Guidance and facilitation: Many wayshowers are leaving their collective works and discoveries behind this year – like a bread crumb trail for those who will follow later – because we know the old story is coming to a close. I’m about to take all of my past writing and seal it up in an ebook like a time capsule. The division gets wider and wider, even in facilitation, because anything familiar seems nonsensical to recreate and teach others. New conversations are in zero point, and you will sense when others are not there yet. There is no more stepping down your light to interact. Consistent higher level expression is here.

I see this in the expressions of guidance right here in Shasta; there are those who understand where we are going (the ascended Universe) and those who are lost in repetitive truths from a time fading into nonexistence. Some repeat a teaching like a mantra, as if regurgitating the same truth will make it real again. The lightworkers and wayshowers I resonate with here are the ones saying very little this weekend; the sense of something unexpected, unpredicted and the absolute necessity to surrender to it as it unfolds moment to moment is palpable. These are the brethren whom I most enjoy, especially when spoken conversation turns into pauses where telepathic, feeling communication takes over (usually accompanied by the vibrational giggles).

The fear associated with the unknown – the great scattering of oneself into the higher realms of expression – is dispersed by the Creator state of being. Source wants the new – this is why we express it here. Creator is exploring beyond the “and then we merge with our higher self and the golden age begins.” It’s as if Source itself is changing, birthing a new level of expression beyond what any in-carnate mind can comprehend.

This is not a possibility that all can embrace, and does not resonate with everyone reading this article. For some it is ascension-as-usual: tell me what to do, when it’s all going to happen, what is the latest trick for expanding my consciousness. For others who sense the beyond-sense emergence of pure consciousness, this journey may get very interesting in the next few weeks. I can see it in the folks visiting this marvelous sacred place right now; some auras glow with the transcendence, some hold the fear of survival or worthiness, some are threatened by the challenge of surrender. Just a note: merging into oneness with all that is feels way cooler than worrying about creating or attending the perfect workshop.

There are experiences available to be activated – stargate portals, microwormholes within the cellular and crystalline structures, clear contact with our star families and the universal HUman state which makes the channel-conduit relationship obsolete. In truth it already is obsolete; the moment we began to experience our multidimensional self we transcended that construct.

These leaps will never be experienced by everyone all at once, so let’s let that go, please. The egoic density break-up includes envy, desire, jealousy or threat of one-upmanship. Be fascinated with what is being revealed, even if you can’t feel it yet. These explorations into possibility are collective, even if it appears to be selective. Collective intentions for freedom manifest in individuals. Have gratitude for these new experiences popping up in unexpected or unfamiliar people, and if you see your heart’s glow reflected in another’s work, for Source’s sake support them however you can.

HUmanity loves to be comfortable in the familiar, and for that very reason all of our comfort levels are being challenged. Everything we used to love has been taken away, crushed, destroyed or turned upside down in order for us to learn self-love and embrace the unknown. Now that we understand self-love, it’s time to transcend that state as well. It can be frustrating when old cures for discomfort don’t comfort us. Reliable becomes unavailable. Our needs changed so drastically that it seems we will break apart without any way to return to our identity. And that is the point; there will be no identity to return to, no story to retell, no book that can be referenced for a cause-and-effect timeline which does not exist any longer. The purest states of love bring us out of the illusion of identity – and that includes the stories and restraints on the ascended masters, angelic and galactic expressions. They too are evolving and transcending the boundaries of identity. Ask an Archangel what they are evolving into, or a guide or master of light. Everything is changing to serve the new creation; the command of Source to create something new.

Lightwork during the eclipse: Acceleration of the Shift and the desire to get on with it already can be remedied in a weekend if you tap in and plant that energy right in zero point during the eclipse. No more wavering, waiting or irresponsible say one thing, do another excuses. Your heart is getting a jump in its expansive magnetic power – use it to serve Gaia and HUmanity. Fire the grid with the intention of surrendering to Source for the highest good of all concerned.

Alcyone, Solaris and Gaia: This alignment creates changes in Solaris (the Sun) and Gaia (Earth) related to magnetic poles – the end of North/South two-pole systems. The Sun is making a jump in its progression to (at least) 4 poles; a preparatory step for alignment with Galactic center in a few months. Gaia may be creating even more than that. The possibility of multiple poles brings up many questions about the future, which is another great reason to surrender to what is occurring right now. Alcyone provides activation of deeply embedded codes, especially in Pleiadian-based DNA expressions. The Pleiades are a huge part of our history, and as that gets rewritten they play a role in the end of the story as well. Alcyone, Solaris and Gaia are co-creating their ascension according to an ever-expanding divine plan. What they create this weekend establishes a new system in which we experience existence here. It’s beautiful to behold; listen in on the exchanges between them right now. Such love and celebration paired with the technicalities of balancing massive amounts of electromagnetic and photonic energies. Feel into what this does for Alcyone: the alignment works both ways. Open your heart with gratitude for their transformation, they are our brethren. For the highest good of all concerned, so it is.

I’m off to play with this sacred mountain and the many gathered here in light. Many blessings for a beautiful eclipse.

This mission runs on love, light and gratitude donations.


Sandra Walter is an Author, Ascension Counselor, Life Coach CPC, Lightworker, Clairaudient and Claircognizant guide, Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Medulla-Pineal Activation Practitioner. Sandra assists people internationally through private sessions, articles and books focused on the Shift in Consciousness, and a poetic and conscious Twitter stream.

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9 comments on “Alcyone, Solaris and Gaia: the eclipse on May 20

  1. Thanks Sandra for sharing this. Really awesome insights, and I’m looking forward to however things pan out. Keeping an open heart and open mind….

  2. Ah, Sandra! Thanks for your wonderful work, putting so perfectly into words that which many of us are feeling, but not able to express so eloquently . . .
    Loads of love and appreciation to you!!

  3. Welcome to our home at the foot of this great Mountain, there truly is much energy in this area and you’re coming here is truly a gift. I look forward to all your articles, may you have many wonderful adventures…..Blessings of Love

  4. Blessings, Terry! Let’s get together when you are in town, it’s always fun to connect in person oxoxox

  5. Gratitude, Frances! I hope you enjoy today’s broadcast about the eclipse. Much love to you as well!

  6. Loved hearing about your detailed description of Mt Shasta, the solar eclipse and your personal experiences there. For me, hearing first hand success stories from a real person is far more impactful than any channeled message. So I really appreciate you sharing your personal achievements with all of us. Best wishes for finding your new home!

  7. Thank you, it feels good to be the “boots on the ground” up here. The mystery has got to become more transparent as we move through the Shift, especially with so many of us experiencing new skills, experiences and direct contact with the higher realms. My goal is to share and teach so that it becomes “normal” for all of us. So much strength in Unity!

  8. Hi Sandra,

    Fascinating article and amazingly thought-provoking. The annular eclipse certainly ‘stirred up’ a lot of things in me which I was able to manage, thanks in part to your ‘stream of Creator consciousness’ enlightenment in your articles and radio shows. Blessings for your service to those who are struggling to make sense of the ‘newness’.

    Could you offer any more information about the ‘deletion of Akashic records’. I thought that they would never be destroyed as they form a part of our on-going cycle of reincarnation here on Gaia. How do souls now anchor their experiences or is this no longer needed? This isn’t the same as Kharma, of course, which I fully understand has been ‘abolished’ since it no longer serves our (collective) higher purpose.

    Lots of love and light,


  9. Blessings Chris,

    May seems to be training for June – good thing we are mastering the integration/balance process with these energies (or at least treating them as “normal” now.)

    The Akashic deletion appears to be part of the rewrite of our experiences here. The Soul level experiment will come to an end eventually; Galactic time is still too complex for me to translate into linear years. Due to fragmentation of parallel timelines, creations made without the use of Source light, and alterations in geometries which are now being corrected to align with the new paradigm and higher dimensional expressions, the records are getting the same treatment as the rest of the galaxy. A purge of denser, distorted creations. Source “absorbs” or calls back into itself explorations and experiences which have served their purpose; the great exhale/inhale cycle of creation. Apparently the crossover of energies from one Universe to another was more troublesome than anticipated, so the extremities of darkness are getting purged from this Universe. Time for something new.

    In my observations, it seems HUmans have quite a bit of bravado on some higher levels, so Unity consciousness might be better served if all of this experimentation and repetitive descended behavior gets the delete key. Source-in-carnate form (HUman) seems to need a disconnect from what has occurred here if it is ever to evolve into something brighter than it once was. As long as Akashic is around, something will be trying to access, interpret, or recreate it. It appears we are done with the past and the identity associated with it. Lessons stick, but the details get washed away.

    In love and light,

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