Egoic restructuring and writing vs radio

Yesterday’s radio broadcast on the dissolvement of egoic density was a very good show. The last three broadcasts were sequential, covering how and why Source created fear and love, and the present rewriting of what has been created. I covered the death of the lower egoic structures and how it loosens the deities’ grip on the survival levels.

It’s a difficult time for some; if you are unaware of the intention behind the current energies it can feel quite confusing.  Some go straight into fear and panic. Old habits surface to hold the lower levels back in the suffering paradigm rather than evolving, ascending. Some become obsessed with dark external agendas when the lower levels think they are threatened with extinction.

I’ll mention again how interesting it is to see what the wayshowers are choosing to express this month. Egoic restructuring affects people in very different ways. There is a level of responsibility emerging this month; a challenge to rise to the vibration of what is ahead for the ascension timeline. The unknown is brilliant, but it takes an evolved ego/mind/emotional state to sustain that level of trust in both oneself and HUmanity.

Over and over again we see the ongoing battle over HUman consciousness and the choice of love versus fear; ascend or be crushed by the dense madness of your own making. Learning to surrender to the NEW energetics is key, and I addressed that in Thursday’s broadcast. Freedom is the new safety, and freedom cannot be gained if you continue to lock yourself up in an old paradigm.

Writing vs Speaking – codes and tools

It’s always interesting to see what comes through for these broadcasts, and I enjoy the option of speaking rather than typing up an article each week. Good for the throat chakra, and I’m beginning to feel when codes are coming through in my spoken words, which is a nice awareness. No worries about “getting encoded” with these articles or broadcasts; benevolent light encodements are not compulsory or intrusive, they are there for your higher levels to take or leave depending on your path and state of consciousness. I cannot say the same about television or media encoding – that’s quite a different intention and method.

BlogTalkRadio has been a good tool for connecting with a wider audience, and it only costs $40 a month for the hour-long show option. People have been slowly spreading the word about the broadcast and this site, and I am glad the content resonates as we move into these rapid changes.

This site will most likely share more of my poetic/metaphoric expressions in the near future as my articles begin to appear in publications. Most magazines want exclusive content, which means I cannot post those pieces here. I’ll have a few ebooks available in June, be sure you’re on the newsletter list to get those announcements. The radio broadcasts will share the updates, light intel and awakening guidance each week. If anyone wants to volunteer to do transcripts, please contact me.

Mount Shasta Eclipse

The big cross-country drive starts tomorrow, and I’ll arrive in Mt. Shasta on Thursday, May 17. If you are visiting for the 26,000 year Pleaidian Solar Eclipse event, drop me a line when you get to town! Don’t forget your solar viewing glasses and a crystal to hold the new energetics. Everyone ask the elementals for clear skies on May 20.

NASA map of the eclipse path: MAP
Ascension Integration: On-demand show replay

Be sure to stay calm, conscious and focused during these May activations; there is a lot here to work with if you can surrender to it. There won’t be a broadcast next Wednesday as I AM traveling, but I look forward to sharing a recap of the eclipse experience with you on May 23! Many blessings for a peaceful week.

This mission runs on love, light and gratitude donations.


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