May perspective: Alignments and Jump Time

There is a lot available to stir up the awakened this month. The grand sorting out of paradigms continues, however the amplification our choices get a cosmic blast in May. The energy scatters us – quite purposefully – to dispel egoic density and prepare those ready for a surge of fifth dimensional frequency. Let’s take a look.

Wesak and the Full Moon May 5 -6

The full moon this month on May 5/6 (depending on your location on the globe) is the closest the moon will get to Earth this year. Some call it a “supermoon” and it’s a high time for rituals of all kinds. Wesak celebrates Buddha, and the ascended master energies are amplified during this time. Group meditations bring in the beginnings of diamond light consciousness – a high frequency which accelerates some and prepares others. Other rituals involving the full moon I’m not going to talk about here. Let me state that old habits die hard in those determined to control others.

Ego’s responsibility changes: the 5/5/5

Have you seen 555 lately? May 5, 2012 (5/5/2+0+1+2=5) marks a planetary decision to release the egoic density constructs that have kept so many in fear, service-to-self and the greed/money/sex/power matrix. Last ditch efforts to lower the collective vibration in the media, government, etc. should be treated with laughter and sympathy. It’s like watching a 10-year-old bully get cornered by those who have forgiven and love him. The bully is in tears, thrashing out, acting tough as if he’s still a threat, and completely melting down. Poor fool, you can’t cover your face with your fists forever. We see you and all is well. Come play ascension with us. Since you have all of our lunch money, the organic frozen fruit bars are on you.

Please take this to heart as the density shakes itself loose from the collective cling this week. This is a step in the Shift that should not be avoided. A release of egoic density is about to occur. Don’t treat it as if it  has nothing to do with you. This isn’t about the “bad guys” anymore. Let me write that again in case you’re scanning this: it isn’t about the “bad guys” anymore.

Get over the payback scenario

Everything I’ve been sharing here and on the radio show about clearing, coming out and being authentic is going to be tested. It’s a test of your inner compass.  The genuine self is attempting to emerge, and the alignments are taking command of that primary mission.

This means that judgments of others; what they have done, are doing, might do, or what group, class, or race they belong to in this lifestream, are coming apart. The fury I witness on social media about dark agendas, identifying with a race or group, and the necessity for punishment is just as dark as the agendas they judge. The lower ego concept of separation is FALSE. Oneness is all there is, all there ever was, and the game of Us vs. Them is OVER.

The ego is evolving into a supportive energetic that takes care of the true self rather than the survival self. Listen to your higher guidance and work with it as the denser ego is relieved of its duties.

REmember your first and foremost purpose in this lifestream is to wake up to who you are. For some, the judgment of others and the idea of the dark “getting away with murder” is a huge block to their ability to ascend with the frequency shifts. Expecting punishment for crimes against HUmanity, or worldwide revelations about what has occurred on this planet is a futile thought-form. The bulk of HUmanity may never know what happened here (until they leave the planet). The Shift is not about blame, judgment, guilt or payback. Get over it. Clemency is abundant and dark ones are quickly snapping out of the spell and creating assistance for the new paradigm. Does that surprise you? Still judging their integrity? That’s a mirror, lovely one. Everything is changing to support ascension. The question raised this month is: Are you assisting, now that you have awakened?

May 8 -12: cosmic support available

Get out there and network, new creations are getting some cosmic love. The division between waiting for things to change and creating the change should be obvious by now. Time to choose realities. Jump off the fence before you agree to someone else to pulling you down.

May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse

For me this is a beautiful alignment, mainly because of the Pleiadian connection. Earth, Moon, Sun and Alcyone line up near Mount Shasta on the 20th. Annular eclipses happen when the moon is furthest from us, and the Sun creates a ring effect (annulus) around the moon.

An uber-blast of energetic shift is expected as this alignment occurs with Alcyone. The Pleiadians have more genetic material on the planet than any other race, and are deeply connected with the Mayan prophecies of the evolution of consciousness.  Many groups are gathering in Mt. Shasta, and I recommend tapping into that energy during the eclipse. The events in Shasta will bring hundreds of lightworkers and intentioners forth to anchor this frequency. I sense it will be profound; in a way it feels like what was expected for the 11/11/11 is going to arrive.

Please keep your heart intentions focused on love, light, freedom, compassion and peace for everyone and everything on the planet this month. The Shift has been dependent upon the collective consciousness up until now, but I sense that many decisions are being made to amplify Timeline One – the ascension of HUmanity and the Planet – regardless of the collective HUman vote. This means duality will get a kick in the pants shortly after the eclipse, so no pouting as the old paradigm crumbles under our feet. I’ll discuss this on my radio show this week.

The rollercoaster drop

Even thought the alignments show a heck of a lot of change occurring in May, let’s REmember to stay present as best we can. The integration of a blast of fine photonic light can be challenging. Fifth dimensional light is intolerant of density when our intention is to ascend. That isn’t judgment, it’s evolution.

If the rollercoaster ride of May is fun, so be it. If it jostles the body and spirit, realize it is temporary. If the ride ends for some, know they can always get back in line to ride again. If an unexpected drop sends us plunging into the unknown, don’t bother clinging to the safety bar. There won’t be one. Raise your hands and feel the weightlessness.

To know and not do is to not know at all

Many have had issues with the idea of mission.  Let me be clear that many Teachers, Leaders, Wayshowers and public-facing Lightworkers are receiving a change in mission right now. How we deal with it is individual choice; for some it is too hard to figure out how to make these new paradigm missions pay the bills. For others, it challenges the ego: They expect certain things from me, if I change everything they won’t recognize me, they’ll abandon me, won’t come to the workshop, I’ll lose my following, etc. When the message and mission begin to break apart and morph into something new, you either trust it and jump, or continue as you were until there aren’t enough people to resonate with the work anymore.

For me personally, the new message and mission is a bit out-there for most of my existing subscribers. I did not want to channel because I knew it was on the way out of the paradigm. Plus there are many channels who are very good at it. Some have already admitted that these entities are higher aspects of themselves, and I commend them for being authentic about it. I faced that challenge in 99, and wrote about it in The Creator State.

As I tapped into multidimensional consciousness last year, the messages from my higher self, or higher levels, became more and more metaphoric. Metaphor is the language of light; this is why channels, writers, artists and poets use it; metaphor stirs the profound within us – the deeper knowing of the mystery of life. In higher dimensions, metaphor includes geometries, colors, harmonics, tones and symbols that are both complex and simple at the same time.

Currently a certain range of my metaphor is expressed through my I AM messages, I reply sequences, Gratitude streams and articles here and on Twitter. But there’s much more material coming in than I am able to get down, even with the hour-long radio show. That is frustrating. The private sessions that I love began to reveal new ideas for reaching more people. I’d like to do some webinars or calls on what is helpful right now in this moment, but the means and opportunities have not presented. Classic marketing eludes me completely.

Then a brand new energetic presented, a co-creation opportunity that is new and (very) different. I still can’t explain it just yet, the timing has to be right. It appears that the new mission is about to abandon the old way of expressing myself. Traditional methods don’t fit, so the dichotomy ensues: assist people by using something familiar (web site, twitter, workshop) while the new light coming in aches for the brand new event, the remarkable experience, the unbelievable. Producing the unbelievable still meets a good deal of resistance and resentment in the awakening ranks – but not everyone. That sense of “Why are we still doing this, look at what is coming in!” is so palpable for me, and yet I struggle with how to get off the ascension guidance train and just ASCEND with it. What about the service to as many as possible aspect? Is this elitism?

I did some timeline work on this. There seems to have been some stagnation on the wayshower front; there are many looking for the NEXT and finding no clarity on direction. Familiar methods seem ancient. All that’s been said and re-said feels like a time warp. Some of us see that a jump has to be made –  a few need to do what the last wave did and race ahead, opening doors so that others may walk through. It doesn’t appear to be a method, it’s more like the role of liaison to the new dimension.

If I’m one of them, so be it. If I’m helping others to do it, so be it. Either way, jumping into the unknown is essential. My higher ego – that beautiful support of the knowing of self – is ready to come online fully and completely with the cosmic boost this month. The mind whines about money, shelter, cross-country drive preparations and do this/do that nonsense. It really has been a pain in the butt. I asked it to kindly step into the soundproof booth and closed and locked the door. The emotional levels cry for support for this step, and it’s tantrums have not been helpful. I placed the inner child in its crib to play with the orbs.

Whatever your higher self presents you with this month, I wish you all the strength and wisdom you need to embrace it. Many blessings for your journey.


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Lightworker alert: I will be traveling cross-country in early May to my new adventures in Mt. Shasta. If you live along Route 80 in the US and want to put me up for a night, please send me an email. It would be fantastic to talk ascension in person and share our paths.

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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

6 comments on “May perspective: Alignments and Jump Time

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Great article. While I’m not at the “level” of multidimensional contact with my self per se, yet I’ve always recognized that the only guidance that works for me clearly comes from that part of me. Usually while I’m gardening, daydreaming, or in the early AM. I truly love reading some “channels” and find some extremely in tune with my life, emotions, ups, downs etc. Friendly supporting voices on a journey like my own, and the insights often serve to keep me in this game of ascension.
    But like you say, the sense of something so new, so different and so game changing …it’s where I’m looking. Dunno how it will look…dunno if I’m a part of it even. Sometimes I don’t feel it will ever materialize. And the head worries about the bills, the emotions run amuck some days. Some days, the disappointments of this world dilute the joys way too much. But I never give up trying to both seek and surrender (lol how dualistic!!!)
    Looking forward to hearing about your next phase, sounds exciting!

  2. Hi Niki,
    Thank you! The channels can feel like a security blanket at times. That perception of the brand new is like a gentle tug on the blanket – we know we have to let it go and learn to tap into our own skills. But the blankey is so comfy! It’s fun when you get to the point where engaging in old habits that used to comfort feels like visiting the past. It just doesn’t fit anymore. Then we get to speed up our process; let go of the old, accept the new, integrate, amplify as things are presented.

    A huge amount of trust/surrender is needed while ascending this invisible staircase. Sometimes it’s best not to look down 😉

    In love and light,

  3. I like the way you think, push the boundaries and make me think. I resonate with the jumping and think we need to focus on this jump for ourselves and not concern ourselves with those who are still focused on the old paradigm. Perhaps our role is that of tangible proof that this really is real, its happening right now, because it seems a lot of lightworkers are stuck in waiting mode, not realizing there is something they need to be doing to make this happen. Maybe its like being a human tuning fork.

    Best wishes for your journey!

  4. Even though expecting revelations is a futile thought, I am still expecting them :-).
    Have a great and safe road trip Sandra. Namaste.

  5. My question is – what about the children? – Especially the very young ones. Are they already equipped with everything necessary to ascend? Or maybe it is up to their parents to help them in the process? If yes, do you have any suggestion what is that needs to be done? I have a 7-year old boy and 3-year old girl. My younger one – Maya, was born full of love and light. My son is also very spiritual, but I think he has already accumulated some fears (or maybe I am wrong..). How can I help him, or does he even need any help. Maybe I am the one who needs help, and they came here to help me…?

  6. Blessings, Kasia,

    All children under 7 have the crystalline structure, they are born with it. How it is activated or utilized is up to the individual and the family monad they chose. Crystals are little ascension amplifiers. Teach them love and respect for everything and they’ll shine it right back to you. They’ll have an easy time of ascension; it’s the old paradigm structures which create mis-matched emotions and vibrations in them. Pre-agreements are always about assistance, so there is a nice mutual exchange of helping one another, although the kids carry the new paradigm right within their hearts. I find teaching them to take deep breaths when they get jittery or too sensitive is very helpful for crystal kids, as is nature, nature, nature.

    In light,

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