So that happened …

solar flareHello dear readers. Thank you for checking in on my blog today.

I have a large amount of information to share with this tribe. As many of you know, I’ve been on a spiritual quest this year. My awakening took a few sharp turns this Fall, culminating in the infamous “dark night of the soul” which lasted more than few nights and days. Rough, but necessary. All part of the transformation. Everything has changed for me. Everything.

I think creative minds practicing higher consciousness could benefit from my lessons earned. The material is … um … “unusual” to say the least. This will be an important step in my progress as a lightworker, friend, and co-creator of our future.

Since I absolutely must complete my next painting installation by next week, I will probably begin these posts on Monday. We can all sympathize with living a 24 hour day in 16 hours lately. I can’t imagine what it will be like when the magnetosphere gets really thin next year. Time is already zipping by.

Have a wonderful week, take care of your creative health, and remember to buy art as holiday gifts rather than donate to artless corporations.

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In Love & Light,



2 comments on “So that happened …

  1. yes, i have been through a personal dark night of the soul myself. it’s been a lifelong of searching, actually. i would be quiet in my own way, have an awareness but never really tell much, because so many out there are jealous, less-thinking types, and evil who will blindly follow the path without even asking why. i realise that i have been a survivalist but i really don’t want to now. hope the near future, 2012-2018 makes the changes that will relieve us the right to be free truly without the fear that threatens existence n throttles real life.

    the main thing i guess is courage, the ability to live even though no one may love u or support you. and being so truthful that you never let one lie escape your mouth, your body or your life.

  2. I did a “seed fear” clearing – a guided method – that helped me understand why I had been so secretive about my inner knowledge for so long. It also helped me understand why I had felt something different throughout my life; a knowing. While I’m still clearing out the emotion of betrayal and sadness for humanity as a whole, and the memories of ancient manipulations by dark forces, I am joyful for the days ahead of us. I’m deeply grateful to be awake and alert and re-acquainting myself with who I AM.

    The dark night of the soul is rough, but beautiful. It’s all so beautiful. All is well!

    In love & light,

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