Transformation through knowledge

thesunnowI have always been fascinated by how we create our reality; the conscious and unconscious ways in which we interpret information. In the past few months, I have come across some information that met my standards for shocking.  Apparently I was overdue for a jaw-dropping life shake-up.

While doing some research for my next book and exploring different aspects of my spiritual growth, I kept coming across the same topics. My next book, Sister Moon, is about extraterrestrial intervention in global change and the restructuring of government. My spiritual growth has added the Lightworker title to my life mission. So what do aliens, the government, and lightwork have in common, causing them to be linked in search engines and books?

Before I get into this, understand that my intention is not to feed conspiracy theories, or distract you from your path, or frighten you into immobility. I don’t pretend to know everything – and we must discern that INFORMATION is not KNOWLEDGE. My intent here is to share with you the things that allowed me to experience a level of freedom that I know (yes, know) everyone is entitled to as a human being and creator of their own reality.

I understand that many people do not have the hours, weeks, or months that I have had to dig through the endless amounts of material on these subjects, and meditate upon their validity and application to our lives. So in effect, I have done some legwork for you. I offer it as a gift to your creative soul, who may have felt the longing as I have felt for something more, something bigger, something more real than this reality.

Another nice touch of getting all of this information in a week is that you won’t have to go through the roller-coaster ride of stomach-twirling rage, paradigm-crushing depression, and off-the-chart possibility insomnia over the course of months – you can enjoy the journey in a slice-a-day format and hopefully not get a belly ache by the end of it.

This information may, however, cause deep critical thinking and awareness. Personally, I am very grateful for that side-effect.

I will give my best insight on all of these topics as we go along. Remember you are not your fears. This information is not new to some, but as we practice detachment here, there is no need to debate, pick sides, tell me what’s what or any other outdated method of separation. We are on a journey here – together.

Here are the topics I will be touching on this week:

  • Area One: World manipulations, the Illuminati and conspiracy proposals
  • Area Two: 2011-2012 Sun, Earth and Solar System changes
  • Area Fifty One ( just kidding) Area Three: Extraterrestrials and Galactic Drama
  • Area Four: Ascension and the Lightbody

Next week I’ll share how it all fits together with creativity and our path as artists.

See you tomorrow, go create something amazing!