Area One: How I neutralized the New World Order

10,000 year old pyramid-eye glows under blacklight.

10,000 + year old 13-step pyramid from Klaus Dona's presentation. The eye glows under blacklight. Look familiar?

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We must discern that INFORMATION is not KNOWLEDGE. My intent here is to share with you the things that allowed me to experience a level of freedom that I know (yes, know) everyone is entitled to as a human being and creator of their own reality.

Last year if you asked me who the Illuminati were, I would have regurgitated some kind of DaVinci Code secret society premise. Today I do not repeat any information that I haven’t investigated myself. Everything has shifted in my dealing with news, media, government, military, finances, politics and my health – because of my awareness of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati was officially established in 1776, but their roots go back through the Masons, ancient Europe, the Vatican, Israel, Egypt, and perhaps before that, depending on how much ancient history you can handle. The modern-day version is an organization of 13 families with bloodlines that have never been compromised due to their commitment to a master plan to control the global population. Theorists state that the “end game” of these (3,000-year-old?) efforts culminate in some unbearable atrocities against humanity, happening right now, all in the name of a “New World Order.” It seems astonishingly cruel, unless you realize that most – if not all – of the wars and mass murders committed in the last 3000 or so years have been the manipulations of this core bloodline.

It sounds unbelievable. Until you do the research. There are endless amounts of documentation on who actually runs our world. Many high-level whistleblowers have died after revealing their inner workings. When you delve deep into their manipulations, the world appears to be controlled at every level by these men at the top of the pyramid.

Every aspect of the human life; your education, food, health care, ancient history, government, news, entertainment, wars, marketing, work day, taxes, religion, social priorities, money, housing, products, information, transportation, banks, good vs evil, holidays, air, water and soil have been manipulated to the condition in which we exist today. Our true history and free will have been blocked for millennia. Plus, they have completely distracted most of us into arguing about fictional nonsense (things they create to control people) like politics, religion and TV while they carry out their private agenda. While the world populace rushes about to earn and spend money for them, they have been systematically shutting down your ability to think, resist, explore life, be healthy, or realize your power.

When I discovered that the structure of my life had not been my choice at all, but the manipulations of this group, I was angry. As a creative person, I knew there was something missing in the story of humanity. The math didn’t seem to work. Why were we living the way we were? Why weren’t there more choices in life? Why were we giving away our power to corporations and politicians? Governments didn’t stand for anything I knew to be the truth; they were hypocrites who said “God Bless” and murdered people in other nations for profit.

Mind control and satanic rituals are not what I expected to find while Googling “globalization.” As far-fetched as some of the Illuminati plans seem (alien invasions, the rebuilding of Jerusalem for the second coming of whatever they decide to put up there, nuclear false flags, holographic gods) the reality is they control our money and most of our information. People don’t think twice if it’s on the TV news. The problem-reaction-solution formula works over and over again, because people are trained to accept, obey and give their power to others.

After months of exposure to the New World Order attempts at depopulation, the next big war, and the true reason for oil spills and terrorists, I have emerged more empowered than ever before.

David Icke, longtime truth seeker and researcher, has a simple metaphor for the present situation: the Illuminati are already in a box (have boundaries) due to their need for control. All they have to do is keep you in a smaller box. If you take away all of the boundaries, judgments and separations you have been bamboozled into thinking really exist, you can break out of the box.

I wanted to write about this for weeks, but the big brother box had me intimidated. Oddly enough, the whole Illuminati/New World Order/Secret government/Dark manipulation is freely discussed in metaphysical circles. It comforted me, to see that the initial shock wears off and becomes somewhat of a non-issue. You cannot neutralize evil with hate or anger. You have to walk away, refuse to buy into their agenda, and not repeat the pattern of polarity (right-wrong, good-bad) out of habit. Understand that they have also been manipulated into thinking this is a good plan. Imagine being a Rockefeller or a Rothschild – how could you possibly get out if you wanted to end the madness?

I went from blood-boiling days of cursing the chemtrail planes overhead and weeping over the defiled Earth, to a profound realization: control and manipulation is the dark’s reality, and supporting it with tears or protest only strengthens its existence. Doom begets doom.

We are the eternal essence of source; facets of the true creator of the universe, not the gods of doom who threaten, restrict, punish and destroy. Freedom comes from acting out of compassion and forgiveness, two divine skills that the dark cannot engage.

While the end game of the New World Order fights for its survival, with the Illuminati thrashing like a cornered wildcat – be calm and neutral. Evil burns itself out eventually, but there is no need to waste your days watching it burn. Haven’t they taken enough of our time?

By all means, be aware of the manipulations. Don’t believe everything you read, see, or hear – especially if it on the Illuminati reality box (TV). Question motives. Ask why that ad, that story, that product is getting so much attention. Listen when your intuition says something is up. Spread awareness, not fear.

Once the veil is lifted, clarity can be restored. We have a grand opportunity to build life the way we want to. So what if they take our money, homes, and conveniences? So what! We are much stronger than that. We aren’t children who collapse if you take our toys. They think force and intimidation will prevail over humanity. They aren’t expecting us to stop playing their game, assemble, and start building a future without them.

There are millions of people working to correct this imbalance and de-activate the Illuminati game. No need to focus on revenge. Just don’t feed it any more energy or money.

In the meantime, take some precautions to protect your health, put some food and water on the shelf, and get on with creating the reality you desire.


Reference links for newcomers to this subject

I’m only posting one video link as an overview of current events (1900s-present). There are thousands on this subject and it gets disheartening to see the expanse of their control. Unfortunately most of the videos are nerve-rattling, but I suppose it needs to be strong given our conditioning for fear-based media. Google has taken the full-length version of Wake up Call down at the moment, but here is the documentary on YouTube. Definitely NOT safe for work. Watch at home without the kiddies. Do some critical thinking.

Wake Up Call: New World Order Documentary

A fun read on the history of the Illuminati from governments & banking systems, back through the Masons, Egypt, Sumeria and the Annunaki. Impossible? Nothing can be written off at this point.

Ruled by Secrecy by Jim Marrs

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Stick with me this week, there’s a beautiful conclusion, I promise.

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3 comments on “Area One: How I neutralized the New World Order

  1. If you are willing; Dig much deeper my dear Sandra, possibly back as far as 309,000 yrs (as we measure the illusion of time) to a point in our history of the “fall” in the Garden of our Eden on planet earth.

    There is much, much more to the NWO story than most are willing to consider.


  2. Thank you, Travis! I’m discussing “the fall” on Thursday with some information received from millions of years back in the timeline. It seems to me – and I’m going on my intuition here – that the Illuminati/NWO are a by-product of endless manipulation with humankind; an opportunity seized. Since there is little time to “convince” people of these manipulations, it may be best to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want, and prepare our spiritual and creative selves to be the best “calm in the storm” that we can be. I do appreciate the collection of material on your site. I’ve been thinking about the absence of the internet – either by solar storm or manipulation – and how important the next year will be for connecting information. I do hope people don’t get obsessed with watching things crumble or waiting for huge events to “prove’ everything, you know? I’m very excited for the next age – the new paradigm – as it is whatever we choose it to be. Perhaps this is why 5 has always been my favorite number 😉

  3. The problem that can arise from the whole NWO obsession is that as a group we can create a master victim complex. This is basic law of attraction stuff. We have the leadership and government that matches our collective consciousness. Raise the vibration of our collective consciousness and we will have leadership of a higher vibration.

    It really is the cell with the door that isn’t locked. The illuminati have only closed the door on the cell. They don’t have the ability to lock it. It’s up to us to wake up and remember who we are and notice that the door isn’t locked and walk out.

    It’s like how an authentic Guru works. The Guru gives direction and guides everything the initiate does. Eventually the initiate awakens and says Guru ji, I don’t need your guidance anymore and the Guru responds “at last”.

    Nice article by the way 🙂

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