Ascension Symptoms Update

flareJanuary has been rough on many awakened ones, and the solar flare activity gave us a preview of what this year’s integrations will be like. If you are having a tough time, know you are not alone in this experience.

Let’s remember that a dimensional shift is a rare circumstance.  Expecting a huge jump in evolution to be a painless pop into a new paradigm is absurd to me. How could it possibly be easy? We’re changing the structure of our entire way of being, our bodies and our lightbodies. Our planet is undergoing a massive balancing act in frequency, photonic light and magnetics. Our Sun is enduring huge activations as it approaches the galactic center. When the Sun and solar system reactions/adjustments become amplified, so do our symptoms. As above, so below.

In the interest of clarity (and sanity), here are some of the current challenges you may be experiencing.
As always, take full responsibility for your own well-being. Get to a doctor or healer if you are unclear on any symptom, ache or pain.

Low self-esteem: Releasing your old self while the new one emerges can be frustrating for the lower levels. It can affect your self-confidence. See my Retraining the lower levels suggestions to get out of the mind/ego/emotional traps. There is a new Free PDF of the Lower Level Contract for you to print and use.

Increase in vibrating body parts: Quivering, shaking or vibrating all over; heart center palpitations; anxiety or panic attack-type symptoms; intense tingling, throbbing, twitching. These sensations – like a current running through your body – have been increasing this month. Magnetics and radiation from the solar flares are doing their evolutionary thing. As the cells adjust to the new energies coming in, and our DNA/crystalline structure activates at a faster rate, the body needs to repattern the nervous system and energy flows. Your body and lightbody are forcing out old energetic structures. Recalibrating to match a new chakra system can create blockages, so be sure to release the unwanted energies through movement, bodywork, sound healing. Move, move, move it. Epsom salt baths also help. If your symptoms are painful, please take action before it gets worse. You need to open your nervous system and Chi/Ki/Ka flows throughout this process.

Inner compass confusion: This is the What the heck happened to my guidance? symptom. This is a recalibration issue. Even those who have been psychic for decades have had trouble getting their skills realigned. Sit tight. The next steps will present as you integrate your higher levels. Take micromovements toward a creative endeavor, gather the co-creative troops. Do anything different to open up to the new possibilites. They won’t find you in yesterday’s routine.

Lightworker burn-out: 2011 was a stellar year for lightservers. Between anchoring new light matrixes, shifting collective thought patterns, clemency missions and ensuring the dark timeline would never take hold, we had quite the busy year. Breathe. Simplify. Integrate the divine stillness.

Louder ringing in the ears: There is a lot of speculation about what this symptom means. As a clairaudient, I’m sensitive to sound already, but the tones, harmonics, and ringing have been consistently loud this past month. All day, all night, LOUD. I suspect it is part of the new communication system connecting the thymus/hypothalamus/vagus nerve in the upper chakras. I’m curious as to where this one is going. Currently it sounds like I have a lightship singing next to my head. (Maybe it’s the colorful flashing one we see at night, that would be fun.)

Feeling the collective anxiety:
Stressed out about what is going to happen this year? Disconnect from this as soon as possible. Neutrality is freedom. Freedom is your new safety. Avoid the “strange sounds heard around the globe” and similar fear-porn agendas. It’s the Shift, we are in for a lot of weirdness this year. Stay sovereign and amused.

Skull shape changes: Raised ridges, new bumps, grooves, growth/expansion of the skull bones (not soft tissue on the skull, but the bones themselves). Admittedly this is one of the freakier symptoms. Get it checked out, have a friend track the changes with you so you have backup when the doctors are baffled or have no idea what your skull used to feel like. This is not subtle or always-been-there ridges; it’s new and definite changes.

Intense emotion/revisiting old trials and tribulations:
This is the clearing phase, see my article about the effects of photonic and Christed light. Crying fits can dehydrate; drink lots of water. If you are exhausted, sleep.

Depression: I know this existence seems ridiculous at times, especially if you know who you really are, what has occurred on this planet, and you spend your days walking between worlds. But expecting it to be different, perfect or easier can lead to sadness. Our souls are directing us to love what is, right at this moment. And that includes ourselves. We like to think that everything has to be transformed in order to love ourselves, when it actually works the other way around. Judgment can destroy the balancing act going on in your body. It makes the process more difficult and very depressing if you continue to judge yourself, others or the outpicturing world. We need a stable biochemical/electromagnetic state to support the ascension process. Unconditional love is key; have some patience with your return to self-love. Know this is temporary. Do anything creative to shake the darkness. Book a session with me if you are on a ledge, I’ll talk you down.

Solar flare scramble: X class flares and radiation storms can create fatigue, anxiety and fluttering hearts. It’s radiation, folks. Of course you’re going to feel it! Forewarned is forearmed; do your cardio in between storms to keep your heart strong, eat your kelp and miso, and lay low when your body needs to integrate during the flares.


There are many amazing things happening right now. Heightened sensitivity, skills, manifesting abilities, synchronicities and the divine skill of knowing oneself are plentiful. We need less information from outside sources. Channelers are changing; some have stopped altogether, some realize that the voice they receive is themselves in a higher dimension. There’s a marked shift away from teacher/student, leader/follower scenarios and toward co-creative explorations of the new paradigm. Phenomenon are increasing (dimensional encounters) as well as uber-lucid interactive dreaming. Connection with higher dimensional expressions and star races are increasing. Some feel that something – a real paradigm-buster – is going to happen in the next month or so. If you feel guided to create change, now is a good time to get involved.

Please remember that you control your symptoms; they don’t control you. A sleepy day after the 3am wake up should be less difficult by now (it is your awakening after all … ) Yes, we have to live with symptoms for a while, but notice when pain is becoming habitual. Using suffering as safety (to avoid moving forward) is an old paradigm trick, let’s put that one to rest.

Do your best to support yourself, and others, through this transition. Stay fascinated with the process, it is truly amazing. Isn’t it better to be awake and see double/ triple digits all day, than to have no idea what is going on in the world? Yes, dear Masters, you know it is.

For more on symptoms, read last year’s series on Ascension Symptoms – a 4 part series.

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7 comments on “Ascension Symptoms Update

  1. Another really informative and timely post. I noticed you mentioned eating miso. I ate heaps of miso in 2011 then got worried because the only miso I can get here in Australia is from Japan. I became concerned that the water used to make it may have been exposed to the nuclear radiaton from Fukishima. Do you have any insight into this? I had been finding miso really gave me strength and would like to keep eating it. Thanks.

  2. Blessings, Sue,

    We have a Miso plant right here in the US (Asheville, NC) so I had not considered Miso from Japan. I admit I’ve been concerned about Japan’s food exports since the Fukishima disaster. I clear everything before I eat or drink it, but radiation is tough on the molecular structure. Best to investigate an alternative source for miso’s healing properties, or see if there is a nearby miso maker? Seems Australia would be large enough to have one; maybe this is a business idea 🙂 ?

    In love and light,

  3. Thanks Sandra. I don’t think there is an Australian miso maker. Not many people eat it over here. I’ll look in to it though. For now I’m having spirulina and maca powder as energy foods. I’m very interested in how you clear foods. Do you run an online workshop on that? I’ve meditated for decades and am really feeling the ascension process but am fairly clueless on how the finer details of directing energy for particular purposes.

  4. Thank you Sandra for your very insightful information. I really appreciate you sharing your own personal experiences, your knowledge and insights. I am a lightworker who am following your posts daily, and can relate to the shift and am very much in touch with the energies that are incoming. The most recent solar flare has definitely been felt and observed in my personal circles as well as my global understanding.

    Keep up the great work, continue sharing and spreading the good news as we look forward to a peaceful world, that is united in love, light and equality.


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