Contract for the Ego, Mind and Emotional Levels

Contract for the Ego, Mind and Emotional Levels

Contract for the Ego, Mind and Emotional Levels

The new paradigm – the great unknown – is terrifying to the denser levels which took over during the old paradigm. The ego, mind and emotions want to keep us safe, they want to survive. But they don’t have the skills to shift instantly into the new paradigm. If you desire a higher dimension with your body vehicle, you don’t want those denser energies running your lifestream or hiding in your subconscious, keeping your DNA stuck in carbon form.

From Retraining the Lower Levels:

The lower levels are like old paradigm salespeople suddenly dropped into a new paradigm office. Everything has changed around them, and they have no skill set for how to function, use the new tools, or move ahead. We aren’t going to fire them, they simply must be retrained to support the new agenda. The lower levels need direction or they’ll continue to reproduce what they have always done. They are trying to sell ink wells in a world that is moving into telepathy.

A fun and effective training method

This FREE pdf is a contract between you and your ego, mind, and emotional levels. It explains what the new agenda is, what they need to do, how to support where you are going, and that no more recreation of the old paradigm is acceptable. Print it.  Sign it. Post it up where you can see it. Make your lower levels honor the contract.

This is light grounding; anchoring a new idea in a physical way in this realm. When the mind wants to worry, or the ego wants to control, remind them of the contract and say, “Honor our contract. Let’s focus on the new reality, please. Thank you.”

Text of the Contract:

THIS CONTRACT establishes an agreement between the Ego, Mind and Emotional
Levels (“EME”) and Ascending HUman _____________________ (“AH”) relating to
the embodiment and full integration of the Higher Levels (Higher Self, Soul, Creator
Levels and Manifest Levels) and Lower Levels (Ego, Mind and Emotions) of the AH during
the Ascension Process. Both EME and AH will establish a mutually beneficial exchange on
the terms and conditions set forth in this contract entered into between EME and AH.


Both parties acknowledge that the integration of the Higher Levels with the Lower
Levels during the Ascension Process triggers a survival instinct in EME. AH recognizes
the constructs and habits which EME has learned and utilized were for the benefit of AH
in the past. Gratitude has been shown for the capabilities of EME in keeping AH safe in
the past. Both parties witness and agree that the Ascension Process calls for a change in
behavior and core beliefs for both AH and EME. These changes will be implemented
effective of the date of this contract. EME will take immediate direction from AH in
retraining and implementing new thoughts, actions, emotions and unconditional love to
support and accelerate the Ascension Process of AH.


In the highest interests of both parties, EME shall not interfere with the Ascension
Process of AH, including but not limited to the following:

1. EME shall not engage in repetitive behavior in order to feel “safe.”

2. EME shall not obsess about or revisit past events, moments, relationships,
incarnations, behaviors or any situation which occurred in the past. EME immediately
recognizes that “the past” is an illusion and has no effect on the present any longer.
EME shall not use any past event to create fear, distrust, doubt, emotional issues or
survival constructs.

3. EME shall refrain from worry, doubt, fear, preoccupation or survival scenario
associated with any future event, moment, relationship, career move, financial
concern or any situation which is perceived as “the future.”

4. EME recognizes that all incarnational and galactic contracts, agreements and lessons
are dissolved, null and void. EME shall not recreate fears, emotions, feelings or
habitual behaviors associated with any incarnational or galactic journey.

5. EME shall cease and desist any negative self-talk, self-doubt, worry, fear mechanisms,
survival mechanisms or structures which deflate the self-esteem or self-confidence
of AH. It is the right of AH to dismiss, correct or terminate any negative EME
behavior, thought, impulse or reaction.

6. EME will take direction from AH, without question, and respond in a supportive and
immediate way when asked to implement a new behavior, feeling, habit, creative
action, thought pattern or anything related to the New Paradigm, Ascension Process
or the Highest Good of Humanity, Gaia and AH.

7. EME will create a supportive and nurturing partnership with AH, demonstrating
patience, unconditional love, harmony, peace and compassion for AH at all times.

8. EME is encouraged to play, celebrate, explore and support the vibration of Fifth
Dimensional unconditional love.

9. EME recognizes that Ascension is inevitable, and agrees to immediately amplify and
accelerate its transformation into a Fifth Dimensional support system for AH.

TERM. The Term of this contract shall begin on the date signed and continue through
December 21, 2015. Upon completion, both parties agree to negotiate extensions or
renewal of this Term in good faith.

AMENDMENT. Any amendment, modification or waiver of any provision of this contract
shall be effective only if it is made in writing and signed by both parties.

GOVERNING LAW. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance
with Universal Law which commands the absolute Free Will of AH.

This contract is agreed upon and accepted this ____ day of ______, 2012.
Signed by: Ego, Mind and Emotional Levels __________________ Date ___________
Signed by: Ascending HUman ___________________________ Date ___________

See Retraining the Lower Levels for more ideas and methods.

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