Multidimensional creativity

multiartThe experience of multidimensionality has greatly influenced my life and creativity. Delving into the unknown revealed a vast interconnected and creative expression; the complexity of the Self is astounding.  Integrating the awareness of simultaneous existences is an ongoing pursuit. The frequency of my Higher Self expressed in my art forms is now creating my life in alignment with my multidimensional Self.

The Creator State of consciousness which has led many an artist to the doors of Source, is revealing its multidimensional applications as we move through the Shift. As our consciousness expands to meet the new frequency, our art forms will have to evolve as well. Writing, painting, photography, music, performance, etc. have been instruments to express higher consciousness in 3D; they are limiting forms attempting to encompass limitlessness. With the apocalypse (lifting of the veils) upon us, our instrument now becomes our multidimensional Self. Art used to express through us, now we move into a complete embodiment of Source as Self. In this Creator State, we move from the illusionary world of presentation to beingness; from “As if I am” to “I am.”

This ability to create our true selves affects our art in two ways: 1. higher levels of expression are available to us, and 2. more people are going to understand and connect with multidimensional expressions. Complexity and depth have been explored; the abstract is stimulating, and I admire authentic artists who do it well.  Expression was linear and formulaic during duality, but in triality our consciousness is attuned to the synchronistic powers of creation. We see more in everything as we know more of ourselves. Genuine expressions connecting with the reaches of our new awareness are the new art. We’ve always had creatives who could expand our reality, and multimedia pieces have been fun. Pushing the limits of a limitless consciousness is the new creative challenge. This is the huge payoff for creative minds; the Shift is about creativity because we are embodying the ultimate artist of Source. This isn’t homogenization into oneness, this is each of us discovering our unique and authentic expression of Self.

With the population opening up to love and unity, we have a new unified audience to interact with. Vibration = vibration. They are not touched by re-creations of what used to be.  The art has to evolve, it has to match unity consciousness and the demands of oneness. We have a gap right now between what we learned and what we have discovered. The “walking between worlds” phenomenon applies to careers, relationships and creativity. Last year’s expression isn’t going to fit any better than the robotic day-job or the unawakened friends. This is where multidimensional expressions – creations which reflect who we truly are – can fill in the gap. Even if you cannot figure out how to express yourself just yet, or what your new art looks like, begin to experiment with the unique creation of yourself. Honor your creation right where you are. You’ll be surprised at how quickly authenticity finds resonance in others.

As more multidimensional awakenings occur, the creative force penetrates the collective consciousness. This delivers pure creation right into our lifestream, and awakens a level of creative activity that is much needed on the planet. It stimulates the knowing of unity consciousness beyond this realm of limitation. This divine knowing of Self assists us in realizing that we are the art we’ve been yearning to create.

When we embrace the pure flow of the Creator State expressing as our Self, the creative consciousness welcomes us to the multidimensional gateway of unconditional love. Bathed in the frequency of universal harmony, we express the infinite wisdom and joy known as Creator.

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