Creating the New Service

heartEach of us has an energy signature; a unique vibration which identifies who we are in the Universal community. This signature resonates with the soul, the higher dimensional you. It carries information about your expression, all that you have experienced in many different dimensions and galaxies. This special vibration that is you – the true you  – is what prompts intuition, inspiration and the desire to express something unique. It is the resonance of your Godself; the expression of Source that has manifested as you in a myriad of ways, including your current expression of being in a form-body on Gaia.

The Shift witnesses many changes. It sees us aligning with our soul signature, and the desire to take on our role in this grand evolution of Gaia and HUmanity. Your true energy signature is raising your vibration to express a renewed, expanded and divine self. This union of higher and lower levels prompts us to create new businesses, new services and new creative ventures that match what we are becoming. These creations are manifested through the heart, for the highest good of all concerned. If you’re sensing new possibilities, or have a desire to facilitate change, your vibration is keeping up with the Shift. This is the time to start something new. So how do we do this?

Co-creation in the stillness

Realize you are not alone in this feeling. If you sense something new is about to occur, take a few breaths and feel into it. These endeavors are manifesting in a new vibration of consciousness; they won’t be rushed, forced or even understood until the moment they present.

Meanwhile, it can be helpful to hold space for their manifestation with a few like-hearted co-creators. Take notes, exchange ideas and share intuitions. If you already know what you want to create, be sure it involves a few others. The isolated metaphysician/lightworker/healer/teacher phase is coming to a close. Co-creation allows for diversity rather than the soon-to-be-extinct structure of leader-follower. The desire to be everything to everyone has been replaced by the desire to co-create experiences that are beyond the familiar.

Forget the boxes

It will not look like the old paradigm. These new creations will not bow to a business plan, or a 5 year plan, or the structures we have been utilizing for so. very. long. This about pliable expressions. Recognize when you attempt to put a new paradigm idea in an old paradigm construct. It feels wrong, doesn’t it? During this time of change, our creations need to reflect the present vibration and be flexible enough to morph into something new at any moment.

Traditional ways are beyond stale, and many are clutching for the next thing that everyone will respond to. In this period of fluctuating timelines when many different versions of reality are being experienced, it will be extremely difficult to find a common denominator. As often as we hear the terms “no separation” and “unity” we also see evidence of a division of worlds occurring. Those who have integrated a higher level of light are disinterested in, if not suspicious of, anything that looks like old paradigm. Like vibrations will find each other. Authenticity will seek out authenticity, and this means that our creations must resonate with our genuine energy signature in order to serve both our soul and others.

I don’t think this division of realities will last for years, but it is quite apparent that 2012 is steeped in that experience. So be it.

Grounding and opening to expansion

Light grounding – the act of writing down an idea or taking some physical action toward an intention – is very helpful in anchoring these new creations into this realm. There’s another piece to this new paradigm alignment, though: The unknown.

The feeling, the sensation of something about to unfold, is palpable for many. It has nothing to do with the collective anxiety. This is about service; facilitation of the new paradigm in an indefinable form. From the stillness of the unknown, we open these intentions to expand beyond the structures of last year, last month, last week, last hour. Be with the feeling of the unknown. Let it find and connect similar energies.

Surprising phenomenon

As we move into an amplified state of our own energy signature, the divine unknown begins to reveal our own secrets to us. The freedom of unveiling our true self, as both a collective and individual expression, may create unrecognizable results. Many of us have had mind-bending, truth-busting moments. As our reality becomes more flexible, the desire for experience will be a priority. Not from a competitive stance; the enlightenment marathon ended last year (no one won … and some are still running). This is a collective exploration of us; the phenomenon of a race recovering from dimensional amnesia and rediscovering boundlessness.

Holding space, keeping faith

This stillness has expansion woven into it. Pay attention, take the moments to feel into it. The subtler energies of next are seeping into the fabric, slowly. We are in a space of knowing now. Breathe into the love available here; look no further than this emerging unconditional self-love for proof of the Shift.

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6 comments on “Creating the New Service

  1. Hi Sandra,
    This is what I channelled on 11th January, 2012
    “Just let it unfold at its own pace.”
    “Meet every opportunity with love — folding it in your arms lovingly. Don’t fear them [the opportunities]: they are a gift sent to help you achieve your true potential. Do not sit idly by in contemplation but seize them, grasp them with both hands and hold onto them. Do not fear, do not fret: only love them for what they can do for you to advance your spiritual journey towards enlightenment* and bliss.”

    * To be filled and fulfilled with crystalline light/ ‘Christed’ light consciousness. (My interpretation.)

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Nice development of the topics distributed evenly at each post, I like the structure and the flow of it!

    However, my biggest surprise and pleasure was to discover this particular one, as the cleansing process and getting through to subconscious is reducing its manifestation, though i am still tired at times.

    But the most necessary becomes thirst for experience, after this several months of being in a cocoon and hiding from people, I wanna show myself to the world and start some action, endeavor, service – it would be much more useful than to sit at home and watch nicely put enlightenment videos, which are not life.

    Life is life 😉 so I feel like giving birth to something deep inside of me, very powerful and very consistent. For the first time in long last I am not afraid of other reaction – I know others so well by now, I feel they are an open book and they need something new as well.

    Finally, the idea has to be rooted deep inside mother Earth in order to get manifested and I am very curious to find out what is it going to be. In search for those co-creator fellow – I felt the same it’s not good doing it alone!

  3. Blessings, Mio,

    Yes, the image I used for Anticipating the 2012 transformation was purposeful: the emergence we have sensed for so long is upon us. We’re a little sun-blind after being in the transforming cocoon of 2011, that first sight of our true selves takes some adjustment. We outgrew the chrysalis, it has withered behind us, there is no going back. Being one of the first to explore the new wings is fun; thank you for recognizing that there is no waiting for the others to emerge before you fly.

    The draw to service is strong – even when we cannot see what it is. That is unifying with your Higher Levels; the trust, the knowing of the unknown. Manifesting with Gaia is a noble enterprise; many are here to support her ascension. Perhaps your tie to her will present a few co-creators to assist the process!

    In love and light,

  4. Just feeling all this as well. I can’t articulate it as yet, but definitely feeling a pull onward, inward, upward that I have never felt before.

  5. Hello Sandra,
    I am just in the beginning stages of my awakening (although I’ve been exploring the emergence for a few years) and following my new direction in the light of the changes that are presenting, I’ve begun to understand my calling to service. I have stated my intention and will now follow the path chosen to become a guide for those passing from this existence to the next as a hospice worker. I’ve spent the last year mostly in isolation only working part time to maintain a mundane lifestyle that has been unsatisfying at best but even if I should be working as a volunteer I know this is one of the reasons I’m here. As far as the co-operative emergence, there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be working with those who share my deep desire to attend the passing of others and who honor their journey. Thanks for your wonderful writings. Peace.

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