Retraining the Lower Levels

nautilusThe first half of this year is about stepping into our Mastery. Because we are experiencing not knowing in the ego, mind and emotional levels and all-knowing on the higher levels, it creates a vibrational mis-match which may cause panic, anxiety and depression. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming, and we might resist the guidance of our Higher Self. The Clearing Phase is strengthening us by cleaning out the subconscious, dissolving old contracts, beliefs and agreements, and presenting us with the final steps needed to embrace our Mastery.

The term Mastery can amplify our spirit or intimidate it, depending on how we interpret our world. When things are going well, we feel powerful, loving and compassionate. When experiences in our lifestream appear to be difficult, our lower levels may attempt to take control out of habit. This is evolution, so there will be some flip-flopping until we learn that the lower levels have nothing to do with who we really are.

Our lower levels – the constructs of ego, emotions and mind – were created and anchored, by us, to protect our body vehicle. The mechanisms of logic (ie: don’t step off the cliff) and survival (ie: sometimes other humans might assist us off the planet) slowly made our incarnate journeys here more finite and constricted. We forgot who we were, our past lives, and our amazing gifts as members of the galactic community. The reinforcement of lower level fear constructs eventually made us vulnerable to manipulation. It is not difficult to interfere with a race experiencing spiritual amnesia, especially if that race has created habitual coping mechanisms along the way.

All of the structures we created to get by on this planet are now breaking apart. We see this happening on a global scale, where governmental, economic and social structures based on fear (greed, sexual distortions, control over others) are being shattered by the higher frequency of Unity Consciousness. The vibration which is revealing systems based on conceit and deceit is the same light which is bringing our beliefs and fearful habits up to the surface.

We must remember that these old challenges, disagreements, issues and emotions  are resurfacing to show us how far we have come. It is not about getting sucked back into the past; it is about witnessing the lessons, letting go of that which does not serve, and moving onto the new. A reunion with our Higher Self demands that we surrender all of the old paradigm. Evolution is taking care of the frequency shift, it is our responsibility to keep up if we want to witness the Shift.

Retraining the Mind, Emotional and Egoic Levels

The new paradigm – the great unknown – is terrifying to the denser levels which took over during the old paradigm. They want to keep us safe, they want to survive. But they don’t have the skills to shift instantly into the new paradigm.

The lower levels are like old paradigm salespeople suddenly dropped into a new paradigm office. Everything has changed around them, and they have no skill set for how to function, use the new tools, or move ahead. We aren’t going to fire them, they simply must be retrained to support the new agenda. Your Higher Self is guiding the training with compassion and understanding, but the lower levels need direction or they’ll continue to reproduce what they have always done. They are trying to sell ink wells in a world that is moving into telepathy.

A few training methods

Resistance is futile: When old emotions come up – the old reactions or remembered pains of years, days, hours past – recognize that is what you used to be. It is just a last look at what we have created in the past. It is not what you are any longer. Resisting the anger, frustration, hurt or fear will only keep it coming back. Express it out loud, embrace it with unconditional love, thank it for the lesson learned, and let it know that you no longer need it. Release it to Source, or just drop it altogether with a knowing smile of recognition at how much you have learned.

Releasing fears: Feel the fear, whatever it is. Let the fear get as big as the room, let it swirl with all of the ridiculous thoughts and beliefs that come with it, then use the high heart chakra to release it to Source, or the Sun, or whatever you trust will transmute it forever. You may feel a pulling sensation as it leaves you. Thank you, be gone.

New contract negotiations: Write a contract between you and your ego, mind, and emotional levels. Write it on paper, in pen. Explain what the new agenda is, what they need to do, how to support where you are going, and that no more recreation of the old paradigm is acceptable. Give them fun tasks or goals to work on. Sign it. Post it up where you can see it. Make them honor the contract. This is light grounding; anchoring a new idea in a physical way in this realm. When the mind wants to worry, or the ego wants to control, remind them of the contract. “Let’s focus on the new reality, please. Thank you.” Go HERE for a free printable contract!

Negative thought busting: Doubts and fears in thought form are toxic to the body vehicle. When you mind attempts to re-think or re-hash an issue, stop the thought in its tracks. Talk to your mind like the employee who needs retraining. “Come on, mind level. We’re not doing that anymore. Thank you.”  Ask it to focus on the new agenda.

Relationship changes: Losing friends, lovers, partners is causing a great deal of pain in the collective right now. Try not to get stuck in why, why, why.  Anything which doesn’t compliment where you are going is being removed, and sometimes that includes people. Don’t beat yourself up about these divisions; they reveal your true path. Get some quality new age help if you get stuck.

Laughter: Humans have been addicted to constantly thinking about the past and the future. As these clearings take away those limitations, we begin to operate in present time. Have a sense of humor as you go through this transition. You know this old baggage isn’t you. You know it’s leaving. Have fun with it, laugh at yourself for how crazy it was, how real it feels again, and be grateful you finally know better.

Boomerang effect: The amplification of our thoughts is making some of this experience intense for many. I don’t see it getting any better, the planet is changing and there isn’t any step-back plan in the works any longer. The more you focus on a thought, the more it will manifest. So watch where your attention goes. Take full responsibility for everything you have created, and move on.

It takes practice to retrain the lower levels, but there’s no avoiding it in 2012. If you acknowledge the amazing evolutionary step taking place here – and stop resisting the feelings along the way – you will move through these clearings with ease.


8 comments on “Retraining the Lower Levels

  1. Thanks for that brilliant post. It is so utterly timely and sheds light on my current issues I’m fully agreeing with you that telepathy is new way of communicating. It’s like you heard my thoughts and mental angst then posted your insights instantly!

  2. Telepathy indeed. Here I come to post a comment in response to this article and what do I find? ‘Sue’ has already posted – with almost exactly the same first sentence that I (also Sue) was going to use! So thank you, Sue, for being so in tune, and wishing you well on your journey.

    This relates so beautifully to so much of what we discussed in my recent session, Sandra. These past few days I’ve been forced to recognise the number of times I respond to an issue, any issue, with the thought “it doesn’t matter, it’s only me.” Well, it does matter, it really does and that sort of response is definitely no longer appropriate. Interesting times but oh so welcome.

    Sue (from Scotland)

  3. Blessings, Sue! So good to hear from you. This article is resonating with so many of us right now – it’s beautiful to know we are grasping these concepts and saying, “Yes!” right away. We know who we are, and can see the past losing its power. The tools I mention have been very helpful in my sessions, and for me personally as well. Unity is revealing itself everywhere; we are ONE!

    In love and light,

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks once again for yet another beautiful article. My room mate and I laughed out loud when I read her your line:

    ‘They are trying to sell ink wells in a world that is moving into telepathy.’

    So funny and very, very true. 😉

    2012 here we are!

    Love Kxox

  5. Kia Ora, Karyn! Glad you liked that metaphor – it cracks me up when the mind wants to recreate what it did years ago, as if it is still applicable. Rather than treating it like a child, or scolding it for bad behavior, we just need to give it the new agenda. Try the written contract idea, it makes it fun!

    Here we are, indeed! So exciting!

    In love and light,

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  7. Great article!
    This is extremely insightful and well presented.
    And it’s still timely in December 2012. In fact, I’m going to post it on facebook because it will help a lot of people.

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