Clearing: getting out of the darkness

clearingThe current phase of clearing is giving many lightworkers and awakened souls a difficult time. I explained why this is happening in my Return of the Christ article, and I’ll expand on it here.

Photonic light is a very refined, beautiful substance. It’s high frequency penetrates every particle of our being with its evolutionary mission: to change our cellular structure and activate crystalline codes within our DNA. As our planet and Sun move through the photon belt and approach an alignment with the galactic center later this year, the availability of photonic light is at a maximum. Our dear Sun is broadcasting this light into Mother Earth, activating and speeding up the ascension process for everyone and everything on, in and around the planet. Ascension is a change in frequency, and while that means many changes in elemental, mineral, animal, plant, oceanic and dimensional realms, the changes in the HUman structure are about to become very apparent to everyone.

Those who were awakened and conscious of the activations available last year anchored a significant amount of photonic light within their physical and lightbody levels.This allowed for a large amount of crystalline/Christed light to be welcomed easily into the cellular structure, an important evolutionary step. You might sense it as peace, calm and divine stillness. But the frequency of this new light is so fine, so high of a vibration, that it pushes out anything that does not resonate with its presence. Higher frequency always raises lower frequency. Always. This new light is breaking apart all lower vibrations, literally vibrating at such a high rate that anything which does not match its frequency is being released – shaken out of the cells and particles – through all levels and dimensions of the 3D/lower 4D projection of the Self.

The photonic light cleans out the closets for more crystalline light to move in. Lower frequencies are raised to our consciousness for a last look on the way out. Soul contracts, kharmic agreements, fears, egoic constraints and emotions rise to the surface, where they are presented to your consciousness for review. It is easy to get stuck here if you don’t understand what is going on. Know that these old emotions, beliefs and habits are not part of you – they never were the true you – they were a survival mechanism and side effect of the 3D experience. But 3D is over, and the dimensional split is underway.

How long is this phase?

However long you cling to emotions, memories, egoic and mind-level habits is how long the clearing out phase will last. For eons the mind, ego and emotional levels have been doing their best to keep us safe. Our journeys here became more and more finite, more constricted as survival on the planet became difficult for many of us. Especially for those with spiritual journeys that did not end well – being assisted off the planet for speaking or living your divine truth – this clearing phase can feel endless.

All of those beliefs, restrictions, and habitual hiding of our light are now coming up to be dissolved in the ascension process. Why? Because they do not serve a return to our true nature. False beliefs, manipulations, conflicts, anything which did not align with unconditional love is on its way out. The longer you ruminate in those old beliefs of who you were, the longer you identify with the past as your truth, the more difficult this phase will become. From the eclipse last December through May this year, we have alignments assisting the awakened to “put up or shut up” when it comes to walking the talk of the New Paradigm.

For those of us aware of past journeys here, we may get hit with kharmic or galactic drama that is quite uncomfortable. I was completely locked up for a week in December with past life grief, guilt and worthiness issues. It was a horrible place to be, but I knew if I survived it that I would be able to truly help people when/if it showed up for them. If you are going through this and feel like there is no escape from it, book an hour with me and I’ll get you out of there. We are very blessed to communicate with the higher realms, but it can still feel very lonely to have more contact with the unseen than the seen. Clearing is an opportunity, not a curse. Know you are creating this in order to step into your Mastery and be of service.

It grows in intensity

This clearing will continue until the lower frequency is either consciously released, or creates such dis-ease through vibrational mis-match that is destroys the body vehicle. It sounds cruel, but we have a major evolutionary leap in progress. There’s no bargaining for passage, either you match the new frequency or you don’t. The same frequency is breaking apart manipulation, greed, deceit and conceit all over the planet. All paths are honored in this process, free will is respected. This isn’t about judgment, it is about choice. We all choose our personal experience of the Shift.

Why lightworkers and awakened ones first?

The intensity of this phase for many who have that higher light quotient in their cells is very purposeful. This window is an opportunity to prepare us to serve both humanity and the planet. By understanding the process, going through it, and letting the old vibrations go, we are then ready to move forward in service. The demands of changing the beliefs and habits of millenia will make many people fearful. But you cannot assist others in releasing the old paradigm and raising their vibration until you do it yourself. The sooner you get through this clearing, the sooner you can assist others.

Releasing the past

The past is an illusion to begin with; the past-present-future dynamic was a matrix for 3D experience. We have to accept the fact that it’s over. Identifying with what was is over. Everything you have done; all journeys, all memories, all beliefs, contracts, agreements and structures you created during your time on this planet are now being dissolved. The grief some of you are feeling is your identification with the past – the loss of who you were. The thing is, it wasn’t you to begin with. It is just experience, a soul exploration, a Source experiment in “What if I forgot who I AM.”

While the illusion felt very real, you can sense that it’s done. The experiment is over, all of this is dissolving as the astral planes collapse and the illusion of time-space disappears into unity consciousness. Yes, the higher dimensions still have parameters which act as placeholders for a certain kind of experience. But as a race awakening from the lowest possible density you can experience, the oneness of unity consciousness feels like heaven attained. Not that 3D has been hell, it’s just been a wild trip through amnesia. Hell is the inability to love yourself unconditionally and step into the freedom of the higher vibration.

Tools to release and ease the pain

The main causes of distress in this phase are using suffering as safety, and the refusal to love oneself unconditionally. You may be tempted to stay in the discomfort of emotions, where the mind and ego feel comfortable with recreating old painful habits. You might replay past emotions, events or scenarios as a safety mechanism because to live without them is a threat to the lower vibrations of the mind, ego and emotional levels. Those structures have become so integrated into your identity that you believe them to be the truth. They are not, they are simply side effects of your journeys here. They are constructs – easily and heavily manipulated by outside forces – that have nothing to do with who you truly are.

The lower levels are fighting for survival. The unknown ahead – the new paradigm which is completely foreign to these old lower structures – is terrifying to the lower levels. They recreate fears in order to prevent you from opening up the great unknown. The new light is frightening to these habitual beliefs of ours, because they must surrender their control of the situation. And you might be convinced that it is safer to wait, to hold onto your suffering and confusion until something familiar comes along to show you it is safe to proceed. That is not going to happen.

Freedom is the new safety

Your safety now resides in the freedom of letting go. There is no safety is clinging to the old paradigm as it decays. This is a dimensional shift. We know how frequency works. Higher frequency always wins. Safety is releasing all that is not your divine self. Freedom is knowing you are an infinite being about to experience a glorious change. The. past. does. not. matter.

Everything is being rewritten to serve the New Paradigm

It’s strange to see so much separation occurring in our personal lives as we move into unity, isn’t it? Ironic, but needed. Remember that zero point time amplifies everything you have going on internally.  The experience of a dimensional shift is fascinating. Stay fascinated, amused, amazed and centered as we move through this clearing phase. Do the work right now; release each emotion, memory and challenge as they come up for a last pass. If you need help, book a session with me.  There are ways to get out of this phase with minimal damage to the spirit and psyche. Get some clarity, there is no need to go through this alone.

Much love and light to the brave ones seeing this challenge as Mastery.

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