Anticipating the 2012 transformation

butterfly crysallisBlessings to all of us as we enter this highly energized year of 2012. The anticipation of personal and global transformation are heightened to a frenetic level right now, and it is important to disconnect from that collective anxiety as often as you can. Thought forms are zipping around, some in panic, some in dread, and some in the hope that a magical leap in awareness will occur this year. Be very clear on which thoughts belong to you, and which belong to the collective consciousness.

Recommendations for the big 2012

Make a gratitude list

2011 was packed with activations and awakened us to our true selves on many levels. Write down a list of everything you have learned, celebrated or discovered about yourself. It will ground those experiences and attract more goodness as you thank the Universe for what is occurring in your life. Even if circumstances seem troubling, be grateful you are awake!

Love the process

The challenges we face as we shift our consciousness are plentiful. If anyone still thinks that a global frequency shift will be quick and painless, it may become evident very soon that many adjustments are still needed. Love the process, even the perceived difficulties.

Vibration = vibration

Authenticity is key to speeding up our ascension process. Denying your true self or what you have learned will not serve any longer. If we want deception to end on this planet, we have to eliminate that vibration from ourselves. No. More. Hiding. Your. Light.

Seize any chance for stillness and simplicity

By all means enjoy yourself as we move through 2012. Stability in the midst of a huge magnetic rebalancing of the planet may be difficult. Take the time to meditate, to empty the mind of thoughts, and welcome in your Higher Self to take over.

Celebrate when things start to burn

We have got to learn to laugh at the economy, the politics, and the old paradigm’s struggle for survival. There is no need to stand still and watch it all burn. Don’t mourn the loss of these broken systems; don’t worry about what we’ll do or how we will get there. Set your intention to build the new paradigm which honors everyone on the planet, and take actions to create that structure before the old paradigm exhales its death rattle.

Support the New

Find a way to support any organization, person or group that is creating the new paradigm. Buy their products, send them a donation, or purchase a membership. If you don’t have money, offer your skills. Volunteer your services, ask then what they need. If you don’t have skills, send them a supportive email, or a glistening comment on their website, or post their event on your Facebook page, or retweet their Twitter updates. Bring up their work in a conversation, or refer others to them who would like their services or focus.

Folks creating the new paradigm don’t have the corporate backing or marketing dollars that conventional business take for granted. It is completely up to us to get the word out there, vote with our dollars, and spread this new light everywhere we can. If we want these folks to keep doing what they are doing, we have to stop thinking that everything new should be free. We’re not there yet, and we don’t want the dedicated folks creating the new to get burned out or discouraged by lack of support.

Predictions for 2012

Earth changes: If you’ve been reading me for a while, you understand that the doom scenario has been completely dismantled. That timeline has been broken apart, but we still have a dimensional split ahead of us. No one knows how that will unfold, or who is going first, or how much linear time will pass as it occurs. Everything is in-the-moment now, and our choices as master creators will be honored. Visualize and intend on a beautiful, clean, abundant planet with a loving and unified population. From a scientific point of view, there is bound to be wild weather and a few power outages as the magnetic field reaches its thinnest point in 2012. Does it matter if it gets bad? Of course not. Humanity always bonds during times of difficulty, because it is our natural state to unify. Spend your priceless creator thoughts on enjoying the journey, knowing we are on our way to a New Earth.

Economic Shifts: While I anticipate a tough struggle between failing economic/governmental systems and the awakened vibration on the planet, I cannot focus on it at all. Presidental speeches sound like a time warp – the same words regurgitated from 20+ years back. I can’t even see the point of an election or the fury at which some folks choose sides. It doesn’t match what is happening to our consciousness, it hasn’t for a long time. My only concern is assisting those who have awakened so we may create the next steps. We want to be sure that a foundation which supports everyone is built before this shadow of the old crumbles completely. From what I have read, there are countries just waiting for the US and EU to wake up or hit rock bottom, at which point they will be able to step in and assist with a fair and real monetary system which will make everyone more profitable. Do what you can to quell the fear of collapse, please. Your vibration affects all of us.

Dimensional weirdness: This began for many of us during 2011, myself included, and it is downright amazing. I fully expect this to get intense as 2012 unfolds. The experiences of being in many dimensions at once, seeing our other selves, contact with off-world races, and an increase in our psychic and intuitive abilities are bound to be amplified as we approach alignment with the galactic center. The challenge of experiencing a completely different reality than most of the population has already challenged us, and that will be amplified through the first half of 2012. Breathe, take care of yourself, and get help when you get frustrated.

Reality-busting: Phenomenon is already beginning to increase as the 3D /4D veils thin; the tones, colors, lights and vibrational patterns of other dimensions are emerging as our consciousness evolves. Remember they have always been there, it is our perception that is changing. Get comfortable with expanding your consciousness. Do a little role playing to prepare your nervous system for a jolt or two. Greet everything with love and light, and don’t forget to breathe deeply and consciously when new situations and visions present.

Deep self-examination and transformation: If you’re getting hit with this step in the ascension process, get to it. The new crystalline energies here will continue to expose everything disharmonious to the highest good of everyone – and yourself. The conflicts within will continue to present until they are faced, neutralized and released. It will get more and more uncomfortable until it gets your attention. These lower vibrations have to go; be sure to deal with them before they create disharmony in your body. Be gentle, but don’t avoid the inevitable.

Assistance with intentions for 2012

Setting your intentions for your personal journey with clarity, grace and empowerment is essential right now. If you need support with your awakening, please consider a session with me. My session rates will be going up mid-January, and I would love to connect with you in unconditional assistance.

I wish you all the light and love available as we enter this profound year of transformation. So be it!

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