Upcoming online event: Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing – opening your DNA and Subconscious to the Ascension process

REPLAY NO LONGER AVAILABLE – now part of The Ascension eCourse

Emotional deities, entities and constructs create beliefs which stay trapped in your subconscious. This keeps the carbon-based structure of your DNA locked in density (3D/low 4D).

Judgment, repressed emotion, hurt, anger, blame, shame, jealousy, resentment and other low-level emotions prevent the crystalline structures in our body from activating and opening to Ascension codes, harmonics and photonic frequencies of evolution.

This vibrational mis-match (dense carbon next to crystalline trying to hold a higher frequency) and the stress on the organs which assist in processing emotion (liver, heart, pancreas) cause dis-ease and egoic/mental constructs which slow or block the Ascension process altogether.

This is the time to take FULL responsibility for your well-being as the Shift accelerations continue to amplify.

  • Learn how to clear your Emotional levels properly: this is not about burning imaginary letters to your Dad or asking your guides to handle it for you. This is not a mental exercise; it is the nitty-gritty work we all must do to raise our consciousness.
  • Uncover the Soul contracts which you prearranged in order to learn the final lessons of your incarnational journeys here.
  • Identify the recurring Emotional blocks which keep you from moving forward
  • Clear the baggage for good. Enough of the emotional roller coaster, repetitive habits, beliefs, and relationships. It isn’t the true you, learn how to let. it. go.
  • Train your “clearing muscles” to strengthen the neural pathways which support a healthy, neutral state of beingness.
  • Achieve the higher 5D state of consciousness which impacts the Ascension of Gaia and HUmanity.

I will provide the whys, hows and specifics on processing the deep-rooted beliefs, fears and constructs which limit the Ascension experience. I’ll get into the technical aspects of DNA activation, psyche and lower level entities/deities/constructs of emotion.

Then we’ll move into the steps of the clearing process, and folks may ask questions along the way. I’ll have everyone work through some of the hard questions on paper (light grounding) during the webinar. If we have time and someone wants to volunteer to discuss their specific issue/block, that would be great. I’ll be offering specific examples from my own lifestream so people understand how this works, and how we transmute these lower energies up and out for good.

No matter what level of awakening you have achieved, your repressed emotions/subconscious can create a “glass ceiling” on the Ascension process. There are certain lessons we pre-agreed to attempt to learn in this lifetime. If we can realize the lesson and integrate it, we may increase our vibratory levels and raise our consciousness to a higher frequency. This allows for DNA activation and restoration of our true divine nature. If we resist or avoid the emotional clearing process, we get more of the same circumstances, relationship issues and challenges until the lesson is learned and energetically transmuted.

Join me for this powerful and vital step in the Ascension Process.


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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.