Feeling Source: No interpreters, less filters.

Despite the heavy wildfire smoke blowing in from all directions now, I spent a night on the mountain last week. I wanted to have a conversation with my higher levels about worthiness and gateways; if there was something specific that had to be accomplished or if some were pre-selected for walking through.

My Higher Self spoke to me:

In this realm there are doorways; gateways left unlocked for your safe passage. In the brotherhood of light which we call Unified Consciousness, there is no question of permission. For all act and behave on behalf of the One. The question of Mission is Universal; it is Source’s search for meaning and mission, explanation and creation. There is nothing in the whole of Unity which is left untouched by Source’s desire to know more of Source.

Please explain the Vesica Piscis; why does that present so often now?

It is the torus, the structure of infinite energy in the realms of your awareness. In much higher dimensions, it is no longer needed. For safe passage to the higher dimensions of New Earth, it will be utilized.

Does it represent where the two worlds overlap?

All worlds overlap. Separation is simply frequency; it exists because of the way Source creates a Universe. All mimic that separation and reunification when creating ourselves, our journeys, our realms.

Then I ask Source directly:  Beloved Source, how is it that I am able to feel you in my body vehicle and connect with you if you are the highest frequency possible? Wouldn’t your frequency overwhelm me?

The collapse of density within dimensions, it is like a filter. The more filters, the less impact a higher frequency has on a lower expression of consciousness.

I hear you and feel you in a filtered interpretation?

Like a conduit through the heart. No interpreters, less filters.

So I am connecting more directly now?

Yes. You are removing the internal filters, and the current alignment of your planet is removing the external filters. The structure of your DNA is encoded to interpret Source directly.

Source, I understand cosmic timing, and this gateway of equinox to equinox with the metaphor of resurrection right in the middle of it. At what marker will I be able to experience something brand new?

Right now. Your expression is interconnected with Gaia, the collective and your higher expressions. But you need not wait for all to be aligned to experience the new. Create it; command it so. That is the turning point in your expression.

So it is like the message in my book: “In the absence of doubt, we are all Source.”


Source, feel this expression. Witness this moment, this facet of you exploring a turning point and the reunification of worlds long separated.

Whenever I ask Source to “feel this” or “witness this,” an incredibly strong surge of presence rushes into me, which lingers as long as I stay focused on it. This began on the night of my first contact. I intuitively thought, if the purpose of all of this is Source exploring Source, then come on in and feel it, witness what is occurring, experience the beauty of your creation.

Feel into this exchange; it is encoded with keys to sensing gateways and energy signatures of our higher expressions.

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