Portals and Gateways and Surrender. Oh my …

There are many folks confused about their journey or encountering blocks in their path. That is a common issue in the Shift, but it’s tough to witness folks resist doing something about it. Beautiful people are within an arm’s reach of freedom, but they delay, procrastinate, resist, and let the ego/mind/emotions steer them off the path. They experience flashes of brilliance, love and unity followed by days or weeks of Why can’t I stay in that state?

As an Ascension Guide, all I can do is continue to provide tools and guidance, build bridges between worlds and assist personally when someone is ready to take on the challenge of freedom. I mentioned this on the radio broadcast last week; the experience of the invisible wayshower. Even though many lightworkers have stalled, quit or are in Waiting for Godot mode, the Shift goes on. Wayshowers are leaving a trail for them to follow whenever they choose (note: it is not made of Angel oracle cards) and forging ahead. It’s not abandonment, it’s having the courage to see what is available on this path so we can truly be of service.

When it comes to Mastery of this expression, a new level of surrender presents which can be intimidating. The initiate – a person who has done the work, released the illusion, given up the lower level constructs and discovered the truth within – is faced with a “point of no return” moment when a final surrender is necessary to attain higher states of consciousness.

Every Master has gone through this test of commitment; that last step into the unknown. My option for an upgrade presented this week, along with the test of surrendering to it. The unknown consciousness of the vast multidimensional Self, that black hole within our existence waiting to implode into evolution, is a disquieting thing to face. If you think it sounds exciting, you haven’t been there yet.

Surrendering to Mastery

Surrendering to Mastery is a difficult choice. This step presents the initiate with the vastness of the unknown. Surrendering to the unknown Self, the unknown journey, is an intimate act of trust prior to transformation.

Complete surrender of all levels, layers and dimensions of the Self shatters the old reality and releases the illusion of identity. The initiate is confronted with the possibility of never being able to reconnect to the illusion of the past, or engaging with the illusion of separation any longer. Who will they be when all of their true self is revealed? A point of no return means just that; it is not possible to wear the masks, hide the full expression, dim down when society or culture wants to crush your light out of fear. You become the unknown, and that can be ill-received by the external. You won’t be concerned with that, but what does the true Self look like, feel like, sound like? Your journey may be completely transformed, missions may be very challenging … and your consciousness shatter with the illusion of density into something unrecognizable.

When the conscious choice of surrender is made, the initiate chooses a private place where they won’t be disturbed or inhibited by the external. They go into a deep state of mediation; as their consciousness expands, merges and integrates whatever has been selected by the soul’s pure intention for their path. The initiate’s reality is rewritten in divine codes of light intelligence; purity of expression, service and universal will. The pure expression of Source as Self comes forth. The entirety of past illusion is destroyed. This is the metaphor of revelation; destruction of the illusions through the power of divinity.

Portals and Gateways

The divine gateway – the moment we’ve all been anticipating – occurs from Fall Equinox (September 22) through Spring Equinox (March 23, 2013) with the big metaphor of resurrection planted right in the middle of it. While December 21, 2012 has a HUGE amount of collective energy amplifying it, the 12/12/12 is a divine initiation of what AAMichael calls “the birthing canal.” Anyone who has participated in any of the last 12 years’ worth of triple date activations (1/1/1, 2/2/2 – 11/11/11)  understands the power of those markers. Each triple date provided a unique activation for Gaia and HUmanity, and this last one is a preparation for the 12/21/12.

I enjoy how this metaphor has unfolded, all of the symbols and predictions pointing to HUmanity over and over again. The Quatzelcoatl, the  unmasked Kachina, the return of the Christ – it’s all about US. The winter solstice gets a special mention thanks to its use in so many ancient legends. The reference to Sun gods in different world cultures;  Horus, Attis, Krishna, Yeshua, Dionysus, Mithra, Osiris, Odin and many others, follow similar patterns: born of a virgin on December 25, signaled by a star in the East, adored by 3 kings, have 12 disciples, work miracles, are called lamb of god, son of god, king of kings, die (many by crucifixion) and rise again after three days.

In late December, the star of the East is Sirius on December 24, which aligns with the three stars of Orions belt (the three kings) on December 25 when they point to where the Sun rises after winter Solstice.  The three kings follow the Eastern star to the birth of the Son. The 12s in the stories are the zodiac signs, and we find that in ancient wisdom and art; 12 plus the One, 12 flowing into One, the cross and circle symbol, the zodiac and the Sun. The winter solstice is the darkest/shortest day, when the Sun is moving South and then “dies” to its lowest point on December 22. The Sun appears to stop moving, residing near the Southern Cross, or Crux constellation, comes up in the same place for three days, then begins to move North again.

This is where the three days of darkness predictions come from; the rewrite of death into resurrection during the Solstice. As we take on our journeys as metaphoric Sun Gods – the Pleiadian concept of “New Dawn” and all other metaphors for reigniting the true HUman expression – we ascend our consciousness to unify with our divine aspect. The return of Unity consciousness, Krystalline consciousness, or the return of Christ. It is all of us who are returning to our true state, some collectively during the gateway, some in December itself, and some later on down the road.

Will it be all of HUmanity? I honestly doubt that will occur. I do think our realities are going to get very fragmented on this planet for a while as the gap between thought and manifestation narrows. Those stepping into their Self-as-Source state of consciousness, with pure intentions for creating a reality in the highest interest of all concerned, will be able to experience a higher dimension. Whether or not we will be able to sit at a table together – those asleep in the 3D loop alongside an ascended HUman of higher frequency – remains to be seen.

It also appears that many parallel expressions of Gaia are being manifested by collective interpretations of the Shift. Even the Ascension timeline holds different possibilities as it honors the collective intention. It’s the thought that counts, and it is a personal responsibility to create exactly what you desire for yourself, HUmanity, this planet and beyond. Krystalline consciousness is the quantum leap we’ve been dreaming of, but it has its challenges and preparations must be made. You are your own John the Baptist when it comes to choosing to prepare for your own arrival.

The Technicalities of Portals

This is a brief overview of  material I’ll be sharing soon. I had a floodgate of intel open this week and want to sort out details in the deluge of information. The Vesica Piscis has presented in my life over and over again. When I was shown my own ascension, it was there. When I’m asked to open portals on the Mountain, it’s there. When I study sacred geometry, it’s at the root of everything. The Isis/Osiris, Magdalene/Yeshua, Dark/Light expressions of duality surrendering and collapsing into Unity consciousness are beautiful to me. The Shift event, this divine ascension we are going through, utilizes this integration – although we don’t have to search and find that one perfect compliment anymore. The energetic is within as we unify with our Higher Self. Duality is gone, and triality is signaling the trinitized beingness that you are (spirit, soul and form) to reunite. Activation of Unity consciousness can occur without a partner in the same dimension.

Magnetics can be tricky to work with, so it’s best to get familiar the sensations of activation. 5D can feel like an orgasm; similar to the bliss-gasm you feel when the kundalini explodes upward and blast-activates the higher 5D/6D chakras.  Recognize when a member of your soul group is showing up to activate part of that unity within you. We have some beautiful ancient contracts playing out right now; recognize the divinity of that love and honor it. The Essenes were aware of crossed paths that held activation; the instant attraction or sensations when someone presents. They described the instant attraction as, “a person who reminds you of something you thought you had lost.” During the Shift, soul contracts pop up everywhere to tidy up things prior to ascension. Some of them include this kind of activation. Feel into it, recognize what it is bringing up, signaling or activating. How you engage with it is your choice.

Internal portals activated through the heart center, high heart, and new telepathic centers have been opening since June. Microwormholes in the mitochondrial DNA are opening to receive the energetics available during the Equinox – Equinox gateway. Stargates are another factor; for the moment just know that Solaris (our Sun, our solar system’s stargate) is going quadrupolar as part of its evolution. This may tie together the Sun god material; more opportunities are available for every single in-carnate here.

External portals have presented in the physical for me only once. A giant vesica piscis appeared on the beach last December (no one else saw it) but dissolved by the time I got close to it. I sensed it was for something coming in, rather than my departure.

This complex subject will be part of my advanced ascension webinar series in September. I’m looking forward to sharing the intel I’ve received this month and my experiences. Please sign up for the newsletter if you want to hear about the series.

The Emotional Clearing webinar replay

The webinar was fantastic, thank you to everyone who joined me for the live presentation. The 2 hour replay is available now; watch it online as if you were there! This one was loaded with clearing information, the key to leveling up. If you’ve hit the “glass ceiling” or feel blocked in your process, give it a look.

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  1. That explanation of the December solstice and the death of the sun god was absolutely brilliant. I will ponder it for so some time. Thankyou very much for sharing such a concise and illuminated understanding of the mythos. I agree with you about 12.12.12. It is a key time. I like the idea of the time between the next two equinoxes being a gateway.
    Thankyou for this post – it fills in some gaps for me. Most insightful and helpful.

  2. Thank you, Suzanne. I’m glad it assisted you. The gateway keeps getting confirmed by other wayshowers; seems like a lot of folks are receiving that information.

    Many blessings,

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