August Newsletter: Mastery, Revelations, Updates …

Stepping into Mastery

I AM full of joy and gratitude for the transition which many of us have made this Summer. Crystalline consciousness activations are popping up all over, and I love the gorgeous emails saying, “I MADE IT! I AM HERE!” This stage is so beautiful to me, and this new frequency of LOVE is incredible. Your life will never be the same.

As we step into Mastery level, the challenges present in acute forms specific to our path. I AM creating a Mastery level event to guide those ready and willing to embrace life as a pure conduit of the Self as Source; the highest expression which we may attain during the Shift. This level of consciousness can be profound, and the magnificence of the divine HUman is revealed in a consistent way. I hope to complete these materials by mid-August.

Recent Revelations

On my last radio broadcast I shared my recent ET encounter and a very profound experience. Listen to The Unknown and First Contact.

The previous show on Purity and the End of War discussed preparations for the final 5 months of 2012 and ending the war within.

The Ascension Integration radio broadcast will return on August 15th.

New Articles available

Olympic games: discernment under pressure discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the recent hubbub saying there will be an ET landing on August 4th during the Olympics.

A Message of Gratitude is a heartfelt appreciation for the current phase of Ascension and the clients/followers who are experiencing this.

Weeping for the Dissolvement talks about the sadness some of us feel as the darkest of brother HUmanity loses their chance at clemency.

Upcoming Accelerations and Possibilities predicts the effects of the July 23rd acceleration and how to keep up with the speed of the Shift.

Replay of Merging with the Higher Self

The replay of the online event Merging with the Higher Self is still available. If you missed this 2 hour presentation, I invite you to watch the video replay which allows you to experience the event on your own schedule. I AM honored to share the technicalities of the current phase of the Ascension process: Incarnating your Higher Self into the physical body.

Please REGISTER HERE for instant access to the replay – $12.21 via Paypal. (Check here to see if your computer has the proper version of Flash installed.)

Losing Wayshowers: a few words on support

I’m hearing about many good wayshowers who are unable to continue their work due to lack of financial support. It is challenging to teach empowerment in a culture geared toward limitation or “everything should be free.” We’re still operating within a monetary system that is pretty much stacked against this kind of work. We cut more and more out of our lives in order to keep doing what we are called to do, but there comes a point when the energy exchange just isn’t there.

Personally I’ll keep providing my services as long as possible, and branching out whenever support allows. If you find my work helpful to your journey, consider thanking me with a donation of any size. Or book a private session with me, or purchase the latest online event if you feel you need more in the exchange. Thank you.


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Shift the paradigm forward

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