Olympian games: discernment under pressure

There is a channeling which surfaced last week on Cosmic Vision News and Steve Beckow’s site which reports that an ET landing will occur during the Olympics next Saturday August 4. It’s a long conversation, but the basic idea is that the planet has to be cleaned up in time for her ascension to the fifth dimension, the Queen and “other world leaders” have agreed to disclosure in exchange for clemency, and a showy first appearance of ET ships will occur over the Olympics in London on August 4. The speed at which this channeling flew around the awakened community was staggering, along with the polarity which accompanies huge claims such as this.

For clarity, I wanted to respond to the many emails and messages asking for my opinion.

The idea of first contact somewhat aligns with two events/intel for me: 1. My personal ET contact 2 weeks ago (ongoing) and 2. My message regarding the line in the sand drawn this week for the darkest of the dark. You can read the post and listen to my radio show on both of those topics if you’re interested.

The Australian channel who backed up the CVN report was the first time I’ve heard any kind of push for a full-on 5D shift in December. I’ve been talking about that for a while as a definite possibility for some, but not everyone all at once. She also mentions my intel about the 3D shadow, that 4D is already here. It’s always nice to get little confirmations on bits of the process. 4D is basically the astral realm – Low 4D is that funky space of dreamtime and crazy beings you get to experience on Ayawaska. But it’s still a vibrational layer that we experience on our way to 5D, even with the astral collapse. The high 4D level is where many of us who have activated unity/crystalline consciousness already resonate. 5D – the Higher Self level – has already began to incarnate into the physical for some embracing the Ascension path of service.

Turning off the Interference

The idea of “turning off” the frequencies which the dark use to keep folks perceiving a 3D reality is a welcome effort. The Ascending already feel disconnected from society, since our perception is in 4D/5D. The shadow of 3D which the general population is still experiencing makes no sense at all. It looks like a movie, a rouse of nonsense. Communication between these realities has become very difficult, let alone the invisibility factor that some of us experience when out and about.

If the interference were shut down, people would be able to think clearly and begin to realize the truth. This step would be beneficial in my opinion. While there will always be fallout from ascension due to levels of consciousness and ability to adapt, there are many wayshowers available to take on the task of guiding people through a complete shift in their reality. Will it be chaotic? Of course, can you imagine going through your awakening in a day? The adjustments to the body, mind, ego and emotions that we have been diligently working on would suddenly confront the masses. However, they wouldn’t have the resistance and credibility issues that we had to deal with. If everyone feels it, it becomes safe to work on ascension on a global scale.

With evolution in jump time, there is a point where you’re thrown on the beach with legs. Those who refuse to adapt to walking, retreat to familiar waters and drown. For a disconnected HUman confronted with their own choices in a clear way, it could mean madness. Or stress to the point of disease. Even if the general frequency is at high 4D, there is a big learning curve when it comes to dropping religion, duality and separation. Living in a state of unity, love and compassionate service takes training, and 5 months feels incredibly short considering the amount of time we’ve spent in the dark.

Bringing everyone up to speed feels like an overwhelming task, but we’ve had many say that the last part of 2012 would be so fast and chaotic that nothing else would matter. I’m still concerned about waking the collective too harshly and its effect on Gaia, but it’s about time for everyone – even the awakened – to stop hitting the snooze. As usual, our journey parallels hers; experiencing the final stages of ascension with a lot of chaos around us seems like a fitting challenge for Mastery of one’s consciousness.

The Off-World Hero Scenario

I have to admit that even if this occurs and it’s genuine, I’m a bit disappointed that HUmanity could not figure this out for ourselves. The plan includes cleaning up all of the horrendous damage we’ve done to the planet, and waking up HUmanity just in time. Whatever Gaia needs to make this window, so be it.

From the HUman experiment of forgetting all that you are and slowly coming back to your true self, it would be a little sad that not everyone made the deadline. But it’s not about us right now and I understand that. Eventually someone has to say, “Game over. How did you do?” When I look around at the masses still fighting about politics, relationships, religion, countries, neighbors – all of this density – I still would like them to have the opportunity to learn unity consciousness without a big “shazam.” Why? Because it’s so magnificent to REmember yourself! The AHA moments are worth the thousands of years of amnesia. The revelations within and sudden sensations of “Oh my gosh, I GOT THERE!” is worth the heartache. It’s even worth the long-ass battle here. So it’s with a sigh that I say, “Whatever needs to be done, go ahead and give ’em the shazam.”

Discernment to ensure this plan is genuine

While it is fun to consider the advantages/disadvantages of a showy ET landing on TV, I’m neutral on giving it power. Even with my own interactions I’m still neutral about what is or isn’t happening. I’m taking in the experience, discarding the rest until applicable.

Why I’m not bouncing all over the place over a rescue scenario:

– Rescue scenarios make me twitchy. Why the fast and furious scramble to the finish line? Why has the agenda of a false landing scenario been discussed for ages, and yet no one is discussing a possible “last grab for consciousness” agenda? Seems like it would be easy to convert the Alien war agenda and turn it into Alien rescue with happy people walking right onto ships in order to “help out.” Just a consideration.

– If Gaia has already made the split and manifested her 5D Self, why would there be a rush to clean up the lower expression? I thought Gaia was providing a lower expression for HUmanity to move through the Shift and eventually catch up/unify into 5D. Perhaps that is the reason for the cleanup – get everyone operating at least in 4D before part of the population disappears onto 5D Gaia.

– Let a tuned-in gal know what is going on. Why the big decision out of nowhere? Who is making these decisions? My spider senses are tingling on this one – especially after such a profound encounter for me personally. I do hope this empathic sadness I feel today isn’t about anything malevolent floating around. My personal interaction had a completely different vibe to it, but my journey may be about something less dramatic. I’m not sure what a liaison’s responsibilities are.

What will we do to help out if it is genuine?

The fact that I’ve had frequent lightship interaction in the last month, and have been presented with “dimensional liaison” since February has me considering that some level of landing is about to occur. We’ve heard about it for a long time, and the sense of rapid change with these constant accelerations is definitely pushing the envelope now. If my interactions were not so profound, I might disregard the whole idea. My personal exchanges have been in a state of mutual respect, honor and absolute unity consciousness. Malevolence at this stage seems to be generated only by HUmans on this planet.

Discernment and Neutrality

I am well past the point of getting on any bandwagons that have nothing to do with me. The next steps in this journey, regardless of landing, are about fine-tuning the discernment and neutrality levels. That includes clearing any emotions of fear, meditating for peace, activating our heart portals, and making ourselves fully available to our Higher levels. If the ETs land then so be it, what can I do to help. If the ETs are an attempt to deceive then so be it, what can I do to minimize damage. If the ETs don’t land and my service begins to include liaison work then so be it, let me know what is needed.

After so much engagement with this end game, it’s a question of service for me. How can I help? What are folks going to need to get them through this (inevitable) transition to unity? Ascension guidance has not been a popular, nor lucrative, role in this culture of judgment, even among lightworkers. And it doesn’t matter one bit. Even if it takes years for folks to learn to love themselves, each other and unify, I’m still going to help as best I can.

Thank Source I learned the freedom of unity consciousness! I’m so in love with all of our expressions in this amazing metaphor of life on a planet. Bring on the challenges or the glory, because I know I AM.

This mission runs on love, light and your donations. If my work assists your journey, send some support my way.

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2 comments on “Olympian games: discernment under pressure

  1. “5 months feels incredibly short considering the amount of time we’ve spent in the dark.”
    You are so right here, Sandra, even the people around me I thought were starting to get awakened, slowed down lately and turn backwards, or it is just my impression.

    However, overall, I think that the words are becoming thin air, there has been so much information and misinformation going around since last August, when I hear such an announcement of mega proportions and glamour, I discard it automatically before I have a chance to THINK about it.

    And it’s much better this way. You’ve been very brave asking how can you do to help, reminding everyone of the true service-to-others paradigm, all this shift should be about!
    Love and Light!

  2. It’s amazing that just when a huge part of the ascension tribe has activated their crystalline consciousness, that others have dropped out either through frustration or lack of faith. That’s why my work is about integration – not just watching the shift but keeping up with what is available and being willing to keep moving forward.

    The beauty of this new level of consciousness is the perspective of unconditional love and gratitude. No matter what occurs in the external, the freedom is there. Constant, infinite and incredibly powerful. In my journey, I only want to work with beings who are in the same – or higher – level of consciousness. Seems like it took longer than many of the short-cuts, but I’m so grateful to be experiencing this beautiful state of beingness.

    Many blessings,

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