The external world is a mirror of our internal world

Columbus Monkey discovering a new inner world

Many lightworkers have noted changes in animals during the Shift.

Peaceful encounters and connections happen in subtle – and not so subtle – synchronistic moments when we are in flow. As we deepen our multidimensional capabilities, take note:  animals and children react to our energy and the peaceful vortex we create around us. My ascension group has noted encounters with squirrels, deer, coyotes, crows and geese in the parks (and this is Chicago, I imagine it is marvelous in the country), as well as our beloved animals at the Zoo and domesticated pets. Animals are a good litmus test for our energy; a reminder to maintain the stillness within.

At times the chaos and problems we have created on Earth seem insurmountable. REmember the condition of the world is a mirror of our inner selves. We must forgive our inheritance of destruction, and restore our inner world, which allows the outside world to self-correct.