Dawn of the final wave

m9wToday, March 9, marks the dawn of the final wave of the Mayan calendar; the last step on the evolutionary pyramid that has tracked life and consciousness on Earth for the last 16.4 billion years. The beginning of the previous (eighth) wave of the Mayan calendar was on January 4, 1999. I remember that month quite vividly because it was the month I went clairaudient. My life has not been the same since.

During the last wave I discovered an entirely new way of being in this world. By seeking an explanation for my experiences as a performer and artist, I uncovered deep truths about the nature of consciousness and my own existence. Quite simply, I had to forgive and forget everything that didn’t support my path. Then I had to surrender to the unknown, and in doing so I discovered limitless knowledge.

This last step is a short one – just 8 months. When I imagine crunching all that has happened to my consciousness in the last 11 years into 8 months, I get dizzy. Even as a lightworker accepting daily upgrades and energy infusions, the concept of enough rapid development in the next eight months to prepare us all for a jump in evolution seems astounding.

Nevertheless, here we are on the verge of  shifting into a timeline-less existence. We are so very blessed to be here. It’s truly beautiful; a new kind of beauty and a remembered beauty all at once. These energies have me spontaneously weeping with  joy and gratitude. I am deeply grateful to be awake and full of love, light and enthusiasm for this journey.

May we unite this beautiful planet of ours, all of her creatures, peoples and hearts as one in harmony, peace, love, joy and compassion. Set this intention every day, and radiate harmony through the collective consciousness.