Emotional Clearing techniques

"Activation" by Sandra Walter

Activation by Sandra Walter, on display at Paciugo in Chicago.

Solar flare activity can kick emotions into high gear. The bursts of activation energies coming through our galaxy and our beloved Sun are often misunderstood.

Change is what evolution is all about; conscious evolution is the choice to make it what you desire.

Rather than feeling scrambled by these (often misunderstood) new visitors, you can clear out your emotional closets and welcome the new guests from a calm, centered place.

In a previous post about emotions and creative flow, I reviewed the ways in which Emotional Clearing can open up your connection to the creative consciousness. Easy access to creative thinking is vital for artists, and the revelation of Emotional Clearing has been amazing to me.

There are many Emotional Clearing techniques out there. Some of them may seem esoteric at first, but since we are artists, average methods just won’t do. We’re not drones, we’re leaders!

Whether you’re on a path of spiritual awakening, feeling the twitchiness of solar activity, or just want to open up to your true creative spirit, Emotional Clearing will get the energetic and creative blocks out of your way once and for all. It takes some effort and upkeep, but is well worth the time.

Here are a few techniques I have self-tested and found very effective:

EFT (Emotional Freedom technique)

This method has been around for a while, and for good reason. It works! By tapping a series of pressure points and simultaneously vocalizing false beliefs or affirmations, all kinds of emotional baggage clears out of your system. It takes very little time, and can enhance affirmations, help you work through issues, make decisions, and it even works for chakra clearing. EFT is a great way to start Emotional Clearing, and a quick tune-up anytime of day. Two of my favorite resources online: Brad Yates – a great set of free EFT online videos and  Magnus at Tapping.com, also has a good collection of free videos.

Soul contracts

If the possibility of reincarnation resonates with you, or if you want to examine your relationship patterns from a higher perspective, Soul Contracts are a great way to clear deep emotional buildup. Here’s how it works. Everyone chooses their family members and relationships for a reason. From a soul perspective, you agreed to challenge each other with specific lessons before you were born into this lifetime. Your agreement with these people is a Soul Contract.

By examining what a specific person has provided for you to learn – the role they agreed to play just for you – you can discover the meaning of these relationships and recognize their importance in your spiritual evolution. You have provided something for them (don’t worry about figuring out what they need to learn – that is their path) and they have performed their part for your development. Once you see that they have done this for you, be grateful for their service. Gratitude for the lessons learned is a beautiful mindshift. When the contract is realized, these relationships turn to pure love in your heart.

Acknowledge in your heart what they have given you, and you can clear that lesson from your karma (and stop performing your role in the same manner). It takes some sleuthing and work. Write it out, talk it out with yourself.  Many revelations will unfold when the contract is identified. Often the lesson with parents will have been repeated in many relationships, so it’s good to start with the folks.

Don’t get hung up on the exact lesson if you can’t see the purpose just yet. Start with forgiveness and appreciation, and love the path. If you feel compelled to share this with the person you have a contract with, take a step back from that first impulse. Know they have their own lessons to learn, and have patience and consideration for their current journey. Shocking them or hurting them will only create more karma! Stay focused on yourself, your own evolution. Often the change in your heart will create a shift in the relationship for the better. The goal is to release yourself from perpetuating the same emotional cycles and lessons.

Guided Meditations

My favorite guided meditations are from Orin. Sanaya Roman has a lovely voice, and the mp3 downloads are only $7. I highly recommend Releasing doubts and fears. It’s no surprise this is in the “Creating Money” series – it’s truly about opening up to the bounty of the Universe.

Other sources

Google it! There are so many how-to methods out there from inner child work to vocal alchemy. It’s important to find a few that resonate with this point on your path. Try some of the free tools before you invest in a method or teacher. Do a little digging first.

The goal is to release ourselves from restraints of the past, and clear our energies so they may be focused on love, compassion and creativity!


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  1. These are great! Another really great technique is Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan. I highly recommend his book by the same name. Are you familiar with this? I practice it personally and professionally with amazing results. Truly good stuff!

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