Old paradigm busters: achieving true freedom!

Goddess Cosmos by Sandra Walter from the Midwinter Mosaic show at Paciugo in Chicago

Goddess Cosmos by Sandra Walter from the Midwinter Mosaic show at Paciugo in Chicago

Freedom of thought is one of the many gifts of the Shift, but freeing the mind takes practice!

As we shift to the new paradigm of unity, compassion and heightened creative thinking, we must walk away from the old methods which manipulated our days. At first it is a process of elimination; getting rid of certain activities which trigger old-paradigm thinking. Shifting the ways in which we deal with time, polarization and money is a good first step. Improving daily habits through meditation, diet, movement, and other ascension modalities also help to support the new paradigm. However, if we recreate old ways or old thinking, it continues to exist within our reality.

It’s 2011, the old paradigm is already gone

Do you know this on a deep level? We are well into the Shift. Polarity, judgment and separation have already dissipated. The only thing that keeps these things circulating in our lives is the collective of minds recreating it out of habit and fear of change.

Sometimes people need to hear that the Shift has already started

To these dear doubters, it is time to release your fear of stepping out into the new world. You will not hear this on the TV or read it in the mainstream news – not blatantly at least. Something huge happens and you get distracted with politics or negative reports. Clinging to your fear and old habits will keep you distracted from engaging in the new.

Fear of the new comes in many forms

Repetitive patterns of behavior: doing the same thing every week (work, schedule, tasks, repetitive social engagements) are excellent ways to stay in the old paradigm. If a habit or behavior causes the same results as it did 10 years ago, give it up. The industrial age is over, you are most likely not a machine and shouldn’t treat yourself as such.

Reinforcing politics, religion and media/entertainment chatter

Clinging to right vs wrong, my side vs our side, my methods vs your method, or any kind of pushing, fighting, or complaining is old paradigm. You keep them alive for your reality by continuing to practice them. They are already gone, you have to choose to stop recreating them out of habit.

This is a hard habit to break, eh? Religion will probably be the most difficult of these manipulations to kick, simply because it exerted the most control over people. Let it go, folks, the nightmare is over. If you want freedom, at the very least awaken to the possibility that all is not as it seems. Refuse to fight for something until you know the truth – until you have connected with your inner knowledge (and we all can do this). Disconnection isn’t an ego choice, although it may save you some embarrassment. This is a choice of self-empowerment. Blind faith has proven to be just that – blind to the truth of who you really are.

Even in the Shift/Ascension community there are still people who push for their method over another. There are many different ways to experience ascension and the Shift. It’s 2011, and there is no time left to quarrel over what will get you to where. Share and explore opinions, then choose what is best for your soul. Do the work and stay open to change, which seems to be occurring daily now. All is in flux, our collective future depends on what we are choosing to create right now.

There is no need to be right

Anytime you decide to make your opinion right and another opinion wrong, you are recreating the polarity paradigm. There is no need to be right. People create whatever reality they desire, they choose their own path. Neutralize your need to impose your will or opinion on another. Making one way right and anther wrong got us all into the manipulation game of the last age. We played that game for thousands of years. Enough, already!

Create the highest vibration possible

This is the essence of compassion; working together to create the highest vibration we can, without sacrificing your path to the will of another. Authenticity is abundant in the new paradigm because it doesn’t matter what others think – because they don’t judge you, your behavior, your clothes, your choices. No titles, no need to control. Help the collective as best you can by discovering what your true mission is: the thing you do best for humanity. Love and compassion are the norm in the new paradigm because people just “get ” it. What helps the world and what damages it is understood, without debate. Stay open to new ideas and co-create what feels positive.

Old paradigm busters!

Try this. Take something that fires up your old-school polarity and flip it around. Flip everything you thought was bad and pretend it’s revealed that it was actually good. Take something you thought was good and make it evil. Write it as a breaking news headline. Try it, it’s fun!


  • Chemtrails are a massive 30-year effort to guarantee our DNA activation during the shift!
  • The Illuminati reveals huge surprise: global wealth-share, environmental clean-up and optimum health for everyone!
  • Apologetic extraterrestrials admit to playing god and establishing religions as a prank on humans!
  • Thousands of people drop dead and join birds, fish on the new Earth!
  • Market crash fabricated again in effort to end greed!
  • Solar flares crush power grid: corporate dictatorship ends, scientists reveal instant free energy plan!

By observing what we have “decided” in our minds is good and bad, and then turning it completely around, we allow ourselves to have a laugh at our polarity. It also reveals the importance of non-attachment to outcome or habits: the expectations we set create our reality. If we believe something (remember Linda Goodman’s saying- the word believe contains “live” and “lie”- live a lie) then we create that in our reality.  If you believe something is good or bad, it will be – for you. Enough minds thinking the same thoughts and you have a little group creating that reality.

Manifestation is at a new high

We can create whatever we want. We always could, we just gave our power away to false authorities. During the intense energies of the Shift (that’s NOW), creation is even easier. Know that your thoughts, intentions and habits create your experience. Think doom and gloom, and you’ll get it – especially now when fears run rampant in unawakened minds. You reinforce their reality if you push your agenda, or watch their news, or don’t speak your truth. The Shift isn’t easy, why make it harder? Walk away from the old paradigm. Neutralize the emotional reactions and attachments. Think from love, peace, compassion, unity and you’ll strengthen the new paradigm in your life.

Write three headlines that reverse your triggers

Go ahead, write three headlines that turn your judgments around. How would it feel if they were true? Experience how these revelations would free your mind. What if you discover they ARE true? Or what if the decisions/actions of others don’t affect your reality at all, and aren’t something to be fought?

Discernment is the new paradigm. Choose what works for you (and let others make their own choices), stay open to drastic change (chaos is cleansing), and seek the truth from within (own your mind and heart).